10 Best UGG Waterproof Boots for Men and Women 2023

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About UGG Brand:

It all began in 1978 when an Australian surfer, Brian Smith, moved to Southern California. He had a dream. The Classic Boot was created from Brian Smith’s favorite material, sheepskin. UGG was a popular symbol of SoCal beach culture by the mid-1980s. It gained popularity through surf shops in San Diego and Santa Cruz. The fashion elite adopted the brand, then the entire world. It has since been able to design footwear, apparel, and accessories with an uncompromising attitude towards creativity, quality, and craftsmanship.

Ugg boots are made to provide warmth and comfort in cold environments. Ugg boots are distinguished by their sheepskin lining, which keeps your feet warm and comfortable.

The boots come with a premium suede exterior, which looks great and keeps your feet warm. UGG Waterproof Boots have high-quality synthetic or rubber soles that offer superior grip and traction on slippery or uneven surfaces.

TOP 10 Best UGG Waterproof Boots for Men and Women [2023 Reviewed]

1. UGG Women’s Classic Clear Mini Ankle Boot

The Classic Mini has a bold, fashion-forward design with a transparent upper surrounded by curly faux shearling.

The super-light sole offers enhanced cushioning and traction thanks to the one-piece injection process.

It is lined in a UGGpure wool blend and has a removable UGGpure innersole. This adds a cozy touch to anything from rain gear to ripped pants.

2. UGG Women’s Adirondack Boot III Boot [Best Winter Waterproof UGG Boots]

We have updated our bestseller to meet all your winter needs. It features a variety of high-tech benefits and a new fit that is specifically designed for movement.

The waterproof Adirondack III has an outsole that is flexible in freezing temperatures, extra warmth insulation, a cushioning sole, and a cold-weather rating of -32 oC. This stylish boot is ideal for the city or mountains.

3. UGG Women’s Chevonne Ankle Boot

We took inspiration from the traditional galosh, added a subtle heel, and trimmed it down to a 5″ shaft height for ease of entry and versatility in any outfit. For a comfortable wearing experience, the boot has soft and sleek exteriors.

This fully waterproof style was designed with the wet season in mind. It features PVC outsoles and uppers. The shaft is also neoprene with UGG logo details.

4. UGG Men’s Harkley Waterproof Boot

This waterproof chukka is stylish, rain or shine. The luxe off-duty look is enhanced by full-grain leather and a plush wool-lined interior.

Other UGG Waterproof Boots run one size smaller. The non-waterproof versions are recommended to order one size larger so that the fit is normal. These boots are fantastic, primarily since I work outside. They are expensive boots so I would recommend waterproof protection.

5. UGG Men’s Neumel Waterproof Boot

These shoes are very comfortable. Although they were a bit tight at first, Uggs are made to be snug. Because they stretch and compress a little, you will love the warmth.

Important: The insole can be removed slowly and carefully. Ugg sells separate insoles. Ugg will place a little adhesive on the heal. Pull slowly from the side. It’s similar to taking a sticker off. It won’t work if you pull too hard—quality boot.

6. UGG Women’s Classic Weather Short Snow Boot [Best Snow UGG Boots]

This updated Classic is waterproof and seam-sealed for the rainy season. It also features a White Spider Rubber outsole and waterproof leather upper. The luxurious UGGplush wool blend is lined. They add ultra-light cushioning to give it an ultra-soft feel. Wear it with puffer jackets, softshells, or light rainwear.

7. UGG Women’s Sienna Boot

These UGG Waterproof Boots are adorable. They fit a little looser than I expected, as Ugg boots from Australia tend to be a more snug fit.

However, the size is still consistent with American sizes. The sole (or bottom) of the boots has a wool lining. They are still comfortable enough to be worn without socks.

They are too loose for my feet, so I have to wear them with socks. These boots are made from rubber for waterproof and don’t bend when you walk. This is normal for rain boots.

8. UGG Women’s Classic Short Waterproof Snow Boot

These UGG Waterproof Boots are warm and comfortable. These boots were exactly what I needed this winter. They kept my feet warmer than my hiking boots, and I was hoping they would be a good choice. They are just too good to be true. You won’t regret it. Order a larger size – they are a bit small.

9. UGG Women’s Classic Zip Mini Ankle Boot

They have the classic look and feel of their Classic but with side-zip construction to make it easy to take them off. The waterproof leather upper helps keep the material’s richness and resists moisture.

The Classic Zip Mini Boot is lined in UGGplush wool blend and sheepskin. It also features a cushioned sole that provides a comfortable step. You can dress it up with cashmere and trousers or casually with jeans and plaid flannel.

10. UGG Women’s Greda Ankle Boot

The Greda duck boot is designed to withstand drizzles and light snow. Its durable construction provides city-ready protection against the elements and keeps your shoes looking longer.

The Spider Rubber outsole offers enhanced traction on both wet and dry surfaces. It is lined with a UGGplush wool blend, which provides softness and warmth. Wear it with lightweight jackets, softshells, or leather jackets.

How to Waterproof UGG Boots?

You will need to ensure that your Uggs are durable, even if you don’t buy one of the $30 Ugg knockoffs.

Ugg boots are durable and flexible. However, their insulating ability against water is a problem.

This is particularly true if you’ve bought regular Uggs. There is a way to make sure your Ugg boots are resistant to rain and snow damage. Here are some things to remember when waterproofing your Ugg boots at home.

Make sure you invest in a good waterproofing protector.

A waterproofing agent is the best way to ensure your Ugg boots are safe from rain, snow, and ice. A good waterproofing agent for Ugg boots will ensure they can withstand water and lasts longer than boots that are not waterproofed.

When they buy them, most people won’t think about purchasing the waterproofing spray right next to their Uggs. The best way to ensure that your Ugg boots stay waterproof is to purchase the Uggs brand waterproofing Spray from the same place you bought the Uggs.

The waterproofing spray from Uggs ensures you have the right stuff and not any other waterproofing spray that could cause damage to your boots.

If you want to waterproof your Ugg boots, the Uggs branded waterproofing spray is the best choice.

However, you don’t have to purchase the waterproofing spray from the same brand as the footwear. Many footwear brands offer waterproofing sprays for boots. This means that customers often need to buy the waterproofing spray separately.

The waterproofing spray is also available from UGGS. This will protect the boots’ material. The Uggs brand is an expert in waterproofing boots so that you can get more bang for your bucks.

Apply the spray

You can order the Ugg waterproofing spray online if you have already bought your Ugg boots.

You need to ensure that the spray is applied correctly once you have received it.

Many people make the most common mistake when waterproofing their Uggs. They don’t follow all the instructions on the waterproofing spray.

Some people get so excited about getting outside to make snowmen and splash in the water that they forget to let the solution dry.

The spray cannot protect the boots from water and moisture. It would help if you let the waterproofing solution dry entirely on the boots to ensure it can work.

It could take between 2-24 hours. We know you’ll feel the need to run out and grab your Uggs as soon as you apply the spray. However, you will have to pay the price of new Uggs for being impatient.

Cleaning the UGGs

We mentioned that spraying Ugg boots with the spray will be permanent. Before you spray your boots, make sure they are clean. Otherwise, the boots will be a permanent fixture. Make sure to clean your Uggs before you apply the waterproofing spray.

You will need a suede brush, a cotton cloth, cold water, and a Suede cleaner to clean your boots.

What should you do?
  1. Get rid of dirt and debris.
  2. You will need to scrub the Uggs well to remove any dirt or debris stuck on the suede. This can take some time due to the high fiber content of suede.
  3. Use a damp cloth to clean the suede.
  4. Use a cotton cloth to soak in water. Then, gently wipe the suede. Before you begin wiping, make sure you squeeze out all the water.
  5. Use the Suede Cleaner
  6. Dip a sponge in cold water. Use the suede cleaner to clean the sponge.

Let Dry

After the cleaner is evenly spread on the suede you will need to let it dry for approximately 48 hours before applying waterproof spray.

Use the Waterproofing Spray

After you’ve cleaned your Uggs boots thoroughly and allowed them to dry for 48hrs, it is time to apply the Uggs waterproofing solution. This is the good news: it’s going to be easy. You will only need a suede brush and a waterproofing product, such as the Uggs brand waterproofing powder.

What should you do?

1. Make sure to brush your boots

You should clean the boots of any dirt or debris that might have been on the suede during drying. Use a simple suede brush to remove dirt and debris from the suede exterior.

2. Spray the Boots

Mix the solution in the bottle by shaking it vigorously. Spray evenly on the suede exterior of the boots.

3. Let the Boots Dry

You can make sure that your waterproofing efforts for your Ugg boots are not wasted by allowing the boots to dry for at most 48 hours. To check if the boots are dry, you can inspect them after 24 hours. It will take the suede waterproofing spray to dry depending on the weather and temperature inside your house.

Final Thought [UGG Waterproof Boots]

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your expensive Uggs go stale because you forgot to take them outside in the rain.

The good news is that Ugg boots can be waterproofed so they can be worn in snow, ice or rain without causing damage to the sheepskin.

You should also waterproof your Ugg boots because these boots are expensive. You don’t want your Ugg boots to be damaged by the rain, so waterproof them.

The tips above should be helpful for Ugg lovers who want to make their Uggs waterproof so they can withstand the rain.

FAQs about UGG Waterproof Boots:

Does Rain ruin Ugg Boots?

Uggs can be worn in rain or snow, but they are winter footwear. You can dry your Uggs thoroughly after they get wet. Then, follow the waterproofing and cleaning instructions. They could become damaged if they don’t get dry quickly.

Protect them from water damage by waterproofing them before wear and on an annual basis after that.
Are Ugg Boots able to withstand water stains?

To remove water stains from Ugg boots, a suede eraser is an option. Use medium to hard pressure to rub the mark. Then, use a suede brush to clean it up. This may take several attempts to remove the stain completely.

You can remove stains that are not yet removed by rubbing suede onto suede. Bend the other suede portion of the boot over and rub it against the watermark.

Are Waterproof Leather Ugg Boots Required?

When these boots are made, they are waterproofed. This waterproofing can wear down over time. As with all leather footwear, it is a good idea to be reconditioned and waterproofed from time to time.

What can I use to protect my Ugg Boots?

Protect your Ugg boots with the Ugg sheepskin protectant. Spray the boots according to the guide. This should be repeated every few months to keep the boots waterproof. Protect them by washing them after each use, particularly the soles, as well as maintaining the seams clean and tight.

How can I protect my Uggs from water?

Use a waterproofing spray or sheepskin protection spray to protect your Uggs. By not submerging your boots in water, you can also help. Avoid wearing them in heavy downpours and snowbanks higher than your ankle.

Are Scotchguard Uggs Possible?

Scotchgard Uggs can be used. Scotchgard Uggs can be used with any high-quality fabric protector. Scotchguard sprays the boots from 10 inches away. Allow them to dry naturally.

Is it possible to clean uggs with soap and water?

Uggs should not be washed with soap and water. You should treat them as you would any suede shoe—Buff out any stains. For stubborn spots, you can use an eraser. Ugg cleaner and conditioner can be used to clean your Ugg boots. Avoid getting your boots wet as this can cause damage to the material.

Where to buy stain and waterproofing spray for uggs?

You can find them on amazon.

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