Best Shoes for Wide Feet Womens [2023 Reviews, Guide]

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Best Shoes for Wide Feet Womens:

No matter if we want to or not, many women have feet that are wide and require wider width shoes to fit. However, this often makes us unable to choose since shoes come in normal sizes.

But not anymore. Nowadays, women can enjoy everything with fashionable wide width choices which are safe for feet.

There are many reasons why women have broad feet. For some, it’s just genetics, and they’ve always required wide-width shoes.

However, life and ageing may lead to changes in feet, leading to many women looking for more comfortable footwear for broad feet.

With age comes the loss of elasticity in our tendons and ligaments, making our feet more wide and long. Weight gain may also cause this effect since pressure creates the fat pad on the lower part of the foot to expand.

Women’s feet tend to increase in size during pregnancy, which means they’ll need wider shoes due to hormone modifications or retention of fluid. Foot swelling can be caused by peripheral arterial disease, which becomes more frequent as we get older and diabetes.

Also, physical changes such as bunions and hammertoes are becoming more common with age and may require the purchase of wider footwear to accommodate the altered foot form.

Read on for suggestions on the best shoes for women with wide feet and shopping tips from podiatrists:

5 Best Running Shoes For Women With Wide Feet:

1. 1080 V10 Running Shoe

New Balance is at the top of the list of brands specialized in wide feet.

Their new Foam 1080v10 is versatile, light, breathable, and flexible. In addition, this elegant option comes with additional cushioning that wraps your foot from the heel to the toe.

Wide and X-wide versions are available sizes; this is an excellent option for long-distance training and shorter distances, gym exercises, and every day.

2. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 7 Shoes for Womens

The Clifton 7 kept several of the most popular characteristics of previous versions and further improved them, particularly in the full-compression EVA midsole and the comfortable and responsive ride.

It comes with HOKA’s MetaRocker technology that contributes to a smoother ride and reduces the “plantar force” (the amount of pressure between your feet with the floor), thereby reducing the chance of injuries.

This shoe has a modest drop of just 5 millimetres. It weighs 8.70 oz (men) or 7.1 oz (women). Additionally, it’s available in wide sizes (D for women and EE for males) to fit people with wider feet.

3. Topo Athletic Phantom 2

Similar to Altra, Topo Athletic is another brand with a great reputation for runners who need more room at the front of their footwear.

The most recent Topo top pick, Phantom 2, is the brand’s most comfortable, softest road shoe, sporting an entire length of Zipfoam midsole that one reviewer described as “fairly soft, but responsive and springy.”

The shoes’ spacious upper made of engineered mesh is breathable, comfortable and doesn’t entrap the feet of larger ones, though it could feel too tense for those with narrow feet. Additionally, the upper is made of recycled materials that comprise 30%.

4. Saucony Kinvara 12

The majority of the wider trainers available are made to be stability trainers. This is the reason why this Saucony Kinvara 12 is so distinctive.

Its lightweight and simple design are built to speed. It has supportive yet light features that let you move quickly and has a bit larger than normal toe box to provide extra comfort and stability.

The first thing that was noticed in this style lies in the upper. It’s made of mostly lightweight mesh that allows for increased mobility and flexibility, with synthetic overlays at the upper of the foot to provide greater locking.

The toe box is wide, which gives ample space that allows natural toe movement even if your feet aren’t the widest.

Running enthusiasts also love the 4mm drop, which gives an elevated foot perfect for speedy actions. The midsole is constructed with Saucony’s own PWRRUN foam that is light but still pliable and gives an additional spring to your steps.

If you’re looking to run faster without straining your feet, this model from Saucony is worth looking into! We love that it’s made of light materials that don’t make you feel heavy, and the PWRRUN foam cushioning inside the midsole adds a bit of bounce and support for your running.

5. ALTRA Women’s AL0A4VR2

The updated model incorporates the full Quantic midsole (excellent flexibility and shock absorption) and the FootPod outer sole (which maps the foot’s anatomy to ensure the best fit and mobility) you experienced in earlier versions. The result is a familiar, comfortable, and smooth ride.

The most important thing to note is that it’s an all-in-one shoe (shout to my midfoot and forefoot strikers!). It does, however, have a 28mm stack height, which provides sufficient cushioning beneath the foot.

Torin 4.5 Plush Torin (9.1 OZ for males, 7.4 oz for women) comes with Altra’s trademark FootShape technology that allows your feet to spread easily and comfortably, maximizing stability.

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5 Best Walking Shoes For Women With Wide Feet:

1. Orthopedic Walking Shoes – Diabetic Bunions Women’s Sneakers

If you have wide feet, shopping for sneakers is a major pain. For orthofeet, Stretchable sneakers are available in wide, standard, and extra-wide widths ranging from 5 to 12 (half sizes are also available!). Testers gave them the perfect comfort and cushioning score but didn’t evaluate the design as highly.

One tester wrote, “The most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn but aesthetically not my favourite.” According to Dr Metzl advises, prioritizing the comfort of your feet is crucial!

2. Women’s Hurricane 23 Wide Running Shoes

Although they look stylish and form-fitting, Saucony Hurricanes offer more than enough space for people who have wider feet.

The stretchy mesh upper lets users effortlessly slide their feet into the shoes throughout the day without feeling strained, while the design ensures that your feet are stable whether you’re running or walking.

On the other side of the shoes are the interesting accents such as the suede tongue, a vibrant pink lining, and reflective stitching. They are available in black and women’s full and half sizes from 5 to 12 in wide and standard sizes.

3. Orthopedic Walking Shoes-Diabetic Bunions Women’s Sneakers

Orthofeet Orthopedic footwear is among the most comfortable women’s orthopedic shoes due to their numerous support features.

In addition, they come with an ergonomic sole and anatomically designed arch support that promotes the correct position and alignment. They also come with cushioning for the heel and a stretchable upper.

They also have an additional foam cushion at the collar to ensure maximum comfort. As the best ladies’ walking boots, they are ideal to have on hand to help you get your daily walks. They are available in three sizes.

4. Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoe

Although these aren’t just the sole pair of Nikes available among this selection, they’re worth your time mostly because of their near-perfect 14,000+ reviews on Amazon.

It’s not easy for women who have large feet to locate comfortable, supportive, and fashionable shoes. This pair of sneakers from Revolution Wide 5 meets that need.

They have a soft, foamy midsole. They’re made of a lightweight knit fabric that wraps your feet in the most comfortable and breathable way.

You’ll get durable traction with a suppleness that feels like a very supportive sneaker. They’re an excellent choice for people who are on their feet for the entire day.

5. Best Breathable: TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes

Get rid of the spongy dry, stuffy, and wet feeling by wearing this pair of walking shoes from Tiosebon. It is made of breathable fabric that helps keep sweat away and bacteria that cause odor.

It is simple to remove and wear. The shoe features a highly elastic MD sole that offers an excellent grip and is resistant to slip. The tongue of this shoe is constructed of a soft knit that prevents grinding and irritation.

The cushioned, soft bottom is extremely soft and comes with a soft shock-absorbing jump, and the midsole offers a perfect bounce and durability.

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3 Best Workout Shoes For Women With Wide Feet:

1. ASICS Women’s Gt-2000 9

The most popular in our tests for running and walking, ASICS sneakers are a perfect overall shoe for workouts. The most popular running shoe is well-known for its stability and support throughout the entire run and can even improve users’ posture.

The sole with a high abrasion is extremely grippy for running and working outdoors. We love that it features knitted uppers to accommodate more feet and is comfortable and breathable.

It comes in 17 colors. This sleek sneaker is a trendy accessory to your wardrobe, with an impact during your training.

2. Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker

On our sneaker for walking testing, the podiatrists and testers were awed by this comfortable sneaker that is suitable for doing all kinds of exercises.

They provide the greatest freedom of movement thanks to the breath-taking knit upper that will also fit larger feet.

They were awed by the cushioning and overall comfy feeling of these shoes. Did we mention that these sneakers come with over 46,380 positive Amazon reviews and are among the most cost-effective models?

3. Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Trainer

Ryka develops shoes specifically for fitness classes that are popular for women. These sneakers for cross-training are ideal for studio classes like dancing, Zumba, and aerobics.

The outsole has a high-traction design to help you maintain your grip on pivot points, ensuring that every turn and twist is easy.

Anatomical insoles provide additional arch support and heel support to help prevent discomfort in the feet. With over 8,400 reviews of rave Amazon reviews, users praise the comfort of these; however, they suggest going up a half size to ensure a more comfortable fitting.

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5 Best Hiking Shoes For Women With Wide Feet:

Finding the perfect boot for your hiking needs isn’t always the easiest task, and it could take some trials and errors before you find the right fit. Feet are different for everyone, so there’s no standard for the most suitable footwear for feet with wide feet.

However, some boots have all the necessary features and, most important, they are wide enough to offer the comfort and support needed for walking.

1. Salomon X Ultra 4 Low GTX

The Salomon X Ultra 4 hiking shoes offer a great balance between weight and toughness. They are more agile and lighter than similar-looking footwear, and their style is like that of the trail runner, much like runners on trails.

They require virtually no break-in time and are comfortable enough to walk right from the box. The traction is far over average in the X Ultras. This makes the perfect choice for backpacking or day hikes on difficult terrain.

Naturally, we’re very fond of the X Ultras, and we recommend them to those who prefer shoes that feel like an ultra-trail runner and wear typical hiking shoes.

2. Columbia Women’s Crestwood Hiking Shoe

If you look at the Columbia women’s hiking shoes, you will consider them an innovative pair of shoes.

They’re light but strong enough to safeguard your feet from the impact of rocks or tree roots. They’re breathable and have high levels of waterproofness, which will ensure your feet are dry while walking through the rain.

The upper part of the shoe is made from Suede leather and webbing and mesh. The midsole has been designed using TECHLITE technology, which makes the shoes extremely light, providing customers with long-lasting cushioning and comfort.

These shoes’ Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber sole ensures excellent grip on all terrains for traction.

Combining these two features gives these classic shoes made by Columbia the ability to provide lasting comfort and the capacity to withstand any weather and terrain.

I chose these shoes to be on the top of the list because they are extremely comfortable they are true to size and sturdy enough to let you enjoy walking in tough weather. If you’re asking about the drawbacks of these hiking shoes, I’d love to encourage you to know because they are perfect.

I would say it’s something of luck that I found these shoes for hiking and also a huge thrill to own them. And why not when they’re waterproof, breathable, and breathable. Oh, I didn’t say that they’re elegant and come in various shades: white, black, blue, pink and black.

3. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The boots are constructed from 100% suede leather and mesh to ensure that breaking-in will not be required. The design and features transform the boots into extremely comfortable shoes, prepared to tackle the toughest hikes right from the first day. Its M Select Dry will block water from entering the shoe but allow water to drain away. Your feet are dry throughout the day.

It is possible to find the most comfortable shoe since the insole can be accessible. Toe caps are made of rubber protection and minimize the force on your feet when you climb or descend.

Toe boxes are large and provide the most comfortable fit for large feet. The arch shank made of nylon designed for maximum performance will give you support and ease of use during walking.

Your heel will remain in place and will take less force from your hike because it has a Merrell air cushion inside the heel. This feature is responsible for stability and shock absorption.

These boots are also equipped with 5mm long lugs which graze the ground, allowing you to move around and keep your balance throughout the various trails. They also have a Vibram Rubber sole on the boots that are durable and slip-resistant, which is great in making sure you are stable.

It is not often that looks are a decisive element when searching for high-quality hiking boots. However, they might be the key to securing the deal this time.

The subtle colors make an appealing contrast to the upper part of the boot, while the yellow Vibram brand on the side draws the eye.

The truth is that the popularity of these boots is a testimony to their reliability and comfortable, which is why you must take them on if you get the chance.

4. KEEN Women’s Hiking Boot

Targhee 2 is a tough and well-constructed all-leather hiking boot. It’s waterproof and features an air-tight leather liner. However, it’s only available in medium width.

But there is the majority of Keen boots are wide, and the round top in Targhee 2 means extra room to the front. If you’re unsure, it is best to test before purchasing.

However, we believe that you can’t make a mistake when wearing a pair of Keen hiking boots.

5. Oboz Bridger Mid B-Dry Hiking Boot

Oboz is a well-known brand. Oboz brand is well-known among those who hike for hours because this meticulously designed footwear is durable even in the toughest conditions.

Customers also appreciate that Oboz is a proponent of both health for humans and the health of the planet since they plant trees for each pair of footwear sold through their collaboration in conjunction with Trees for The Future charity.

If you’re looking for the right solid boots for you and not compromise comfort, then the wide-footed women’s Bridger mid BDry Hiking Boots could be perfect.

If you have broad feet, If you have wide feet, these Oboz booties will guarantee that your feet aren’t damaged at the point of the boot. They’re also constructed with the finest waterproof and breathable material, which keeps the nasty elements of soot to your feet.

The mesh-lined nylon inside the boot provides an exclusive breathability design. It is faster drying than the competition; they will not hinder you in flooded zones.

Additionally, arch support and the Bridger’s footbeds are important attractions for hikers walking all day.

Like the Appalachian Trail. If you are looking for tough, top-of-the-line, long-lasting, and comfortable wide-footed hiking shoes, you should give Oboz’s Mid-BDry hike shoes for women a serious look.

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2 Best Tennis Shoes For Women With Wide Feet:

1. Akk Womens Walking Tennis Shoes

These lightweight tennis shoes by Akk have a comfortable and breathable mesh upper that’ll keep our feet cool throughout the day.

The insole is constructed of memory foam, and it reduces the force of impact and reduces the stress on our back. They are easy to slip on and remove. A non-slip sole offers great grip, and the padding on the collar stops any grinding.

2. K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express-W

The K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt express-W is one of the women’s most fashionable tennis shoes. It offers great comfort and durability. Thanks to its lightweight, it offers a fresh and refreshing sensation while wearing it and helps you perform better on the court.

The upper section in the women’s K-Swiss Ultracourt Express-W Tennis Shoe is constructed from a combination of mesh and synthetic (Seamfree technology), which is extremely durable.

The uppers made of mesh are designed so that air can flow through, keeping your feet dry and comfortable for a prolonged period.

The sole of the shoe is constructed out of Aosta 7.0 rubber which adds to the durability and flexibility of the footwear. The strong grip on the shoe’s outer upper helps keep you from sliding when you’re moving fast.

The shoes feature an ankle collar with a cushioned design that gives the user comfort and stability. A further characteristic is the tough EVA liner that gives the responsive cushioning beneath the foot.

With these attributes, the K-Swiss Women’s Basketball Express-W provides excellent arch support to give an unnatural feel and provides players with the stability and support they require to play.

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3 Best Beach Shoes For Women With Wide Feet (Boating; Surfing; Kayaking; Water Aerobics)

1. WHITIN Women’s Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe

The WHITIN Women’s Minimalist is a really good choice for women. The upper comprises air mesh that permits good air circulation, and the sole is made of rubber which gives an excellent grip. Both are quick-drying, which is ideal for the water environment.

The WHITIN Women’s Minimalist sneakers are wide-fitting and have an arch-shaped design, and the lace-up method provides the most secure and comfortable fitting all day.

The toe box has been made to be larger to move your feet comfortably. The sole is non-elevated and zero-drop to allow a comfortable posture and a good balance.

The entire collection is great. But, as these shoes have pink hues and are appealing, it’s a challenge to pick clothes that match the shoes.

2. Astral Women’s Loyak Everyday Outdoor Minimalist Shoes

The astral Loyak is our top overall choice for being a stylish and flexible shoe that can be adapted to the aquatic lifestyle. Astral’s high-performance line of technological footwear is designed to stand up to constant water and soaking.

This lightweight, low-profile shoe is extremely flexible and can perform on land and water with excellent grip from water sports to river walks. This Flex-Grip outsole is sticky, high-friction rubber that sticks on any surface.

Drainage ports in the toe and heel prevent water from weighing down the shoe. The Loyak has a tough waterproof upper made of hydrophobic material with water-resistant laces, an air mesh vamp that is stretchy, and a tongue to provide airflow and snug-fitting.

Astral shoes offer a discreet, minimalist design with a cushioned footbed and moderate arch support. Its adjustable EVA foam midsole gives you the ideal balance of support and flexibility, allowing for the most comfortable and stable walking regardless of the terrain. The water shoe comes in various colors for sizes for women ranging from 6 to 11.

3. MURDESOT Womens Water Shoes

MURDESOT Women’s Water Shoes are stylish and have an attractive style. It’s feminine and neutral enough to fit every kind of occasion. This mesh upper is stretchable, breathable, and lightweight material for easy wearing.

It’s quick-drying and can be worn on to trip to the pool or the beach—the drainage holes in the sole aid in improving airflow and aid drainage.

MURDESOT Women’s Water Shoes have elastic straps that make it easier to tie and heel tabs that make it easier to remove and on. The only downside to these shoes is that they’re not the best for slip resistance.

It’s not the most appropriate pair of footwear for swimming events. However, when it comes to kayaking, this is the ideal pair.

3 Best Dress Shoes For Women With Wide Feet:

Javed advises that you ensure that your shoes have a minimum 1-inch heel counter. “This will ensure that the foot is in an elevated position which reduces the widening of the sole.” She also suggested looking for shoes that have an open toe box that will help in bringing more space on the outside part of the shoes:

1. Propet Women’s Zuri Dress Pumps

Propet is a specialist in comfy, supportive shoes that can be used to treat various health issues, which makes some of the top diabetic shoes such as. The Propet Zuri pumps for the dress are among Propet’s more formal styles; however, it has many attributes similar to its sneakers.

First of all, the heel comes in four sizes, which is unusual for a dress shoe. One reviewer said they “loved the feel for long office hours.” Try these women’s orthopedic shoes at your next gathering.

2. Naturalizer Women’s Samantha Pointed Toe Flat

Are you searching for work shoes that will allow you to return to work? These Naturalizer shoes are a great source of options for outfits. They come in narrow, regular, and wide widths and numerous shades.

3. Clarks Women’s Sharon Gracie Penny Loafer. W US

Enhance your look every day with these trendy and stylish loafers available in various styles and colors. You can add a pop of color by choosing the burgundy version or dress it up by wearing those black shoes.

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2 Best Work Shoes For Women With Wide Flat Feet

1. Dansko Women’s Patti Leather Flat

Like most women who spend the entire day working on their feet, Slippers and high heels will not do the trick. While they look elegant and look great on high stilettos, don’t be fooled by the appearance of others, the fact that your feet are screaming for support and less of an angle.

This is where Dansko can help bring relief to thousands of worn-out and damaged feet. This Dansko Women’s Patti Leather Flat has the timeless Dansko design, given an outdoor-inspired, feminine makeover reflecting the Dansko loafer.

In part of the Boulder Collection, this girl brings the wildly popular closed-back pro clog to mind.

Don’t take the casual look of this shoe to deceive you. If you’re looking for good work boots for women, The Celeste Leather Flat is an absolute standout in the crowd of other shoes.

The women’s slip-on shoe features all the best features you would like your shoes to possess, like stain-resistant nubuck uppers supported by a sturdy and durable waterproof membrane that keeps you dry.

2. Alegria Women’s Khloe Slip-On

If you’re thinking of superior convenience from a simple design, you’re likely thinking about women’s slip-on for the Alegria brand.

This well-designed and constructed shoe for modern women is perfect for a long working day.

Who said you couldn’t have a bit of enjoyment with your footwear at work? This is why the comfy Khloe Slip-On is as intriguing as it is practical.

With a clever integration of the most advanced feet technology women could ever come across, this striking slip-on is ideal for sports.

Alongside looking nice on the outside, this unique footwear design is extremely comfortable. The leather uppers are extremely easy to maintain and clean, beginning with the outside.

Women also wear some attractive accessories that help naturally improve their appearance.

As with most amazing shoes, there is nothing better than the cleverly designed breathable lining that allows for the longest-lasting freshness.

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2 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Womens:

1. Under Armour Women’s Jet

We are once again blessed to be able to review the basketball shoes that are suitable for larger feet, but this time, it’s women’s shoes.

The sole is made of 100% rubber, and the tough TPU overlay absorbs every abrasion and damage to ensure that the shoes stay good for the time as you use them with care.

The bigger shaft that extends from mid-top up to the arch prevents it from moving out of the toa’s zone, and even you can utilize it for the rough game and walk around to get control over the basketball.

The molded leather paired with the upper made of textile appears to offer remarkable support and breathability, which aids in keeping the feet dry and free of sticking and is thought of as a factor that can make a person feel uncomfortable.

Heel counters with lock-in support and bootie-type construction maintain the perfect fit to ensure that your feet stay secure and comfortable as you attempt your best to score the mark!

Die-cut EVA sock liners in form offer greater sub foot comfort and support since it is essential for the shoe to perform excellently even amid stress. However hard you run or move across the court, the shoe will not move even an inch.

Also, a larger size of 12 makes the wider shoe for women exclusively by Under Armour, the exclusive brand that makes nothing less than top basketball shoes that are perfect for the daily game!

2. Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose 773

The third item in our top three is the Adidas D Ros Unisex Adult. It’s incredibly spacious as well as extra-wide. It has a very long run which means that even if you cut just half size, it won’t cause any issues. The name says it’s a good choice for women seeking extra wide basketball shoes.

In the upper section the upper portion it’s adorned with high-gloss knit material, which is tough and affordable for its price.

In contrast, the lacing method is taken from a few Jorden designs, which means that those with wider feet can take these on the go.

One of the best advantages of these wide sneakers is the pronounced cushioning. Thanks to the deep channels, the size 18 basketball shoe wearer is in a position to alter the fit. Their high-tops are comfortable to play with and can match your playing style.

Like you’d expect from an expensive Adidas model, the outsole is made out of rubber components. This means that the traction, for the most part, is acceptable so long as you don’t use it on sand-filled courts.

Additionally, the Adidas Unisex Adult D Ros has a low level of slippage at the heel and adequate grip, which is difficult to come by at this price point.

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Best Indoor Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet/ Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet Womens:

Tommaso Pista – Terra Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoe

If you’re planning on bringing the cycling footwear to class, opt for this top-rated pair by Tommaso Pista. Many thousands of Amazon users have been raving about the shoes’ fit for larger feet.

It also comes with Velcro clasps to adjust the fit to suit your preferences. Additionally, the design comes equipped with SPD and Delta cleats, making it compatible with almost every indoor bicycle, including Peloton bikes.

Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet Womens:

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

EvolvShaman’s shoes for climbing are some of the top climbing shoes for broad feet because of the three straps with hooks and loops that provide a highly flexible fitting.

The versatile shoe is designed for top performance and comfort. It features a pronounced curvature, downturn, and rubber for maximum friction and traction.

Best Mules for Wide Feet Womens:

Amazon Essentials Women’s Buckle Mule

Get your professional look on point. Improve your professional appearance with Amazon Essentials’ women’s buckle mules.

They are stylish enough to wear to the office yet more comfortable than your typical loafer; these come in a wide-sizing size to fit larger feet. The reviews say they are “comfy and stylish.” They can be worn with jeans or trousers.

The Best Crossfit Shoes for Wide Feet Womens:

Topo Athletic Women’s FLI-Lyte 4

Technically, a running shoe, these Topo Fli-Lyte 4s are a great choice for CrossFit due to their large platform, which is close to the ground.

Topo is known for its extra-wide toe boxes with flares, so it’s a top choice for those with broad feet. It comes with an OrthoLite footbed to support the entire sole and an upper made of socks that can keep you cool during most intense exercises.

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Best Sandals for Wide Feet Womens:

Teva Women’s W Hurricane Xlt2 Sport Sandal

Testers have said that Teva’s Hurricane XLT 2 sandals are among the most comfortable sandals for walking. They are designed to accommodate wider feet and have various hook-and-loop closures which can be adjusted to fit the whole foot. Available in a range of retro colors as well as patterns. They provide gentle arch support to promote healthy feet.

Best for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs:

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk – Shoes for Knee Pain

Called Some of the most comfortable shoes for women, The G-Defy Ion walking shoe is available in two sizes, wide and extra-wide. that can accommodate various sizes for feet.

They’re also equipped with orthotics that help treat ailments such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, and heel spurs. The reviews say they “reduce pain in the knees” when standing for extended periods and provide “great support.”

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Wide Feet:

ALTRA Women’s AL0A4QTN Solstice XT Cross Training Shoe

It is the Altra Solstice XT. It is considered one of the top sneakers for training cross for women. The brand is adored by podiatrists and has the distinctive “FootShape toe box” that will fit a wide foot.

The light-weight shoe has been made to handle every sport, from the fitness center to the streets. This upper was upgraded by adding a new rubber cage for added toughness. They are ideal for speed, weightlifting, and everything else in between.

Best Wide Fit Shoes for Women With Arch Support:

Naturalizer Women’s Vera Heeled Sandal

Naturalizer’s True Colors Vera ankle strap sandals provide arch support shoes for women. They will be the star of your wardrobe.

They can be put together with a dress for formal occasions or paired with jeans and a cute t-shirt for a date evening.

Wherever you put them on, they will provide comfort due to the curved insole and the low block heel, which are more stable than stilettos. They are available in a wide fit.

Best Slip-On Sandals for Wide Feet:

Easy Spirit Women’s Taite 2 Sandals

Available in various exciting colors, Easy Spirit’s Taite 2 sandals are the ideal slip-on and-go choice for those with wide feet.

They sport an open round-toe design to prevent cramped fingers and comfort and cushioning within the ergonomic footbed. Women’s sandals come with a wide-fitting.

Best Nursing Shoes for Wide Feet:

Alegria Women’s Keli Leather Shoes

Alegria’s to help combat fatigued feet when you are on your feet. They also feature adjustable dual goring so that they can be put in and out at any time and a sole that eases the metatarsal and heel. Available in regular and wide fit and various colors, these are the most stylish nursing shoes that show your style.

Best Fishing Shoes for Wide Feet:

Columbia PFG Women’s Fishing Shoes

If you plan to go on a boat fishing trip that will continue for the whole day long, Columbia PFG Low Drag fishing shoes provide all-day comfort and secure feet on slippery, wet decks.

The outsoles are anti-skid and non-marking, which means they won’t damage the surface of your boat. This fishing footwear is also designed to ward off staining, so you won’t need to remove them before filling your catch.

Columbia PFG marine fishing shoes offer excellent comfort and support when fishing with the cushioning underfoot and the EVA midsole.

However, while they’re not fishing shoes, your feet feel the wind, and the water runs away easily through the water-resistant mesh uppers and leather. They are also light, even in wet conditions.

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Best Wide-Fit Sandals for Standing All Day:

Clarks Women’s Mira Sun Flat Sandal

It isn’t easy to find the best shoes that fit wide feet. However, that’s where Clarks’ Mira Sun sandals are available. Select between a regular or wide-fit, and then use the adjustable straps to achieve the perfect comfort level.

There’s additional padding on the strap for the heel and an insole that is ultra-cushioned so that you can walk and stand comfortably throughout the day.

Best Espadrilles for Wide Feet:

LifeStride Kascade Women’s Slip On

Although sneakers might be the most straightforward shoe category to locate in various sizes, the more niche styles are hard to find in more than width.

This LifeStride Kascade is a wedge sandal available in a wide-sizing version for summer parties. The rounded toe makes it ideal for those with broad feet. Its wedge-shaped heel makes it comfy and is easy to walk in.

Best Women’s Flats for Wide Feet:

Ataiwee Women’s Wide Width Flat Shoes

The Ataiwee flats were made to be a more giving version of the less-than-comfortable flats and loafers you’re used to.

They’re perfect for the office; they’re made in various neutral colors. The comfortable footbed is cushioned with a flexible EVA foam. The flexible design lets you move easily.

Causes of Wide Feet


A few people have wide feet as a result of their birth. When they’re flat-footed, there’s an opportunity that they’ve got large feet.


Ligaments and Tendons tend to relax as we age. As a result, feet become more long and wide.


Overweight people exert more tension on their feet. This results in flattening and pressing their feet.

The body parts, such as those on your feet, will get bigger when you weigh more.

Improper footwear:

The results of studies have shown that 63-72 percent of the population wears shoes that aren’t appropriate to their feet’s width. A shoe with a low price isn’t properly fitted and could fall apart over time can lead to foot deviations.


Pregnant women can develop wider feet because relaxin is a hormone that occurs during pregnancy, which causes ligaments and joints to expand around the feet.

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How To Choose The Best Wide Width Shoes For Women with Wide Feet?

Varying Widths.

Although there is a variety of lengths, many models are not adequate in providing different widths. Buying too-big shoes to allow for the width isn’t a great option. Choose shoes specifically designed for extra-wide, wide, or extra-extra wide sizes.

Wide Toe Shoes.

A wide-width pair of shoes with an elongated toe box isn’t suitable for women with wide feet. Shoes must have extra width around the toes to avoid inward pressure.

This will ensure that the toes aren’t overlapping, and if there’s an ossification of the bone, it will not be damaged more due to insufficient space.

Stretchable Upper.

In broad-width footwear, the stiff upper material can compress your foot and cause friction, particularly on hammertoes or bunions.

Flexible fabrics will mold your shape without putting pressure on your delicate and broad areas.

Width Adjustments.

It is feasible to have a wide foot at the front and narrow heels. Shoes with several adjustable points, like the heel strap and forefoot straps, permit you to alter the size of the wide shoes to fit every shape of your foot.

Arch Support.

Women who have fallen on low arches should wear wide-width shoes with adequate support. Arch support can keep the ankles and feet aligned to lessen pronation.

Cushioned Insole.

The effects of aging and excessive pressure could result in the fat pad at the bottom of your foot shrinking and growing. Insoles with cushioning provide protection and shock absorption to allow for a smoother walk.


The extra depth throughout the shoe is crucial to ensuring your feet are comfortable and creating the perfect pressure-free fitting.

As you increase sizes, your depth will increase in proportion. It is important to have the extra depth for those who have to fit an orthotic custom-made or AFO/brace.

How To Measure The Size Of Your Feet Properly?

Step 1: Find an even or flat surface and lay the paper piece on the floor.

Step 2: Wear socks like those you use for exercising on the tennis court or while walking.

Step 3: Place only one leg on top of the sheet.

Step 4: While putting your weight on your feet, draw a line that runs around the entire outside of your foot. Be sure to keep the pen parallel to the ground as you draw the line.

Step 5: Take a vertical measurement along the tracing. This is the length of your foot.

Step 6: The horizontal measurement should be taken across the largest section of your tracing. The width is what you will find on your feet.

US Size of Women:WideNarrow Average

Effects of Wide Feet:

People with broad feet, including players, might experience various degrees of discomfort. Here are some common symptoms associated with having broad feet:


It’s a painful, bony bump that appears within the toes, typically near the base of the large toe. If the bone or tissue around the joint gets larger, the big toe could tilt towards the second. Around a third of adults in the United States suffer from this condition.


They are tiny pockets of fluid that form around the foot. The cause is usually pressure or friction on the soles, toes, and heels.


Shoes that are too tight put too much pressure on your skin.


Corns are formed at the bottom or toes of the feet because of the constant friction of feet against shoes.


A defect caused by a deformity that makes the toe curl or bends downwards.

Crossover toe:

A condition in which the second toe sways towards that of the large toe. Shoes too tight can cause your second foot to slip and sit on the top of the big one.

Remedies and Treatment for Wide Feet

In the case of severe injuries, doctors will perform foot-narrowing surgery. It is often referred to as”the “Cinderella procedure” this operation removes the entire toe’s knuckle to secure the bones to each other. Surgeons may cut bone, inject an implant, or take out one or two toes in certain instances.

But, you don’t have to invest in surgery immediately. Sometimes, it’s all about wearing the correct footwear to reduce the discomfort and make basketball more enjoyable.


What can I do to tell whether I have a wide foot?

The majority of the time, every shoe manufacturer will have its size charts to determine what kinds of feet are suitable for certain types of shoes.

In addition, some companies use exclusive shoe sizing scales that assist you in determining if their shoes will fit your foot.

How often do you need to replace your walking shoes?

The majority of walking shoes will stay on for 300-500 miles. If they are properly maintained and have better ground conditions, the shoes of some will last up to 1000 miles.

Do you think it is safe to wear running shoes while walking?

Yes, it is. Running shoes offer excellent impact absorption and are light, breathable, and durable. They are therefore ideal for walking in as well as running.

Why do hiking boots need to have wide feet?

It might sound redundant. However, you shouldn’t wear shoes for hiking that are too narrow and uncomfortable for your feet; similarly, you should not use narrow shoes for large feet.

The activity of hiking is strenuous for your feet that put lots of pressure on your feet, so one of the worst things you want is cramped feet while hiking. Your hiking boots must offer the most comfortable regardless of how wide your feet of yours are.

Additionally, your toes can get tight in narrow shoes. However, the chance of blisters, bunions, or discomfort is very high.

Do you think the boot is right for you if you’re aching your toes are reaching the end in the box of your toes?

The boot is correct when your toes have plenty of space to move but not touch your toes’ top. If your toes can get to the end, it’s best to move up by half a size.

Is the loose-fitting of the boot the best choice for wide feet?

Your feet are broad doesn’t mean your feet should feel sloppy in the boot. A pair of good boots for broad feet must be of the right size, have a generous toe box and a snug fit to your heel. The wider construction of shoes shouldn’t compromise the support of your heel or ankle.

What is the most important feature of boots suitable for broad feet?

For wide feet, hiking shoes must be wider in the front and box than the heel. This particular design can provide effective ankle safety. A wide toe box helps adjust the position of your toes, enhancing your overall ease of walking.

Which Nike Shoes Are Best For Wide Feet?
What Brand Of Shoes Run Wide?

New Balance, Prince, Asics, Nike, and Skechers focus on wide feet. Shoes with arches that are well-designed and wide shoes designed specifically for tennis players.

Why Are Wide Shoes Better For Tennis?

Shoes that are narrow or squeezed could cut blood circulation between the toes and feet. This can cause serious and painful foot pain.

Wide shoes permit blood flow and provide support to the feet. So, wider shoes are highly advised.

Why Get Water Shoes?

Water shoes offer excellent breathability and dry fast and provide an excellent grip on slippery surfaces. They are made to be submerged for extended periods.

This is a great feature for parties at the pool and kayaking and water sports. Water shoes are an excellent accessory for water-lovers.

Are Water Shoes Comfortable?

Water shoes are extremely light and flexible. They are also breathable. They’re also quick-drying and waterproof.

Some water shoes offer the sensation of wearing only socks. They’re extremely comfortable.

Should You Wear Water Shoes in The Ocean?

Yes. Water shoes can withstand saltwater as well as sand from the beach. If they become wet, they dry very quickly. Additionally, water shoes are light and comfortable—an excellent choice for a trip to the beach.

Should Water Shoes Be Tight or Loose?

The shoes must be comfortable but not too tight or loose. The ideal situation is the shoes are comfortable for your feet. This means how long your feet are to the sole of your shoe. If you’re somewhere between, I suggest dropping half a size.

Are Water Shoes for Wide Feet More Expensive?

No. Certain shoemakers specialize in making shoes specifically for large feet. There are water shoes for broad feet for the same price as water shoes for regular feet. Scroll up to view the topwater shoes for wide feet for an affordable price.

How long will the waterproof shoes of a person last?

A high-quality pair of waterproof shoes may last between 8 and 12 months, particularly when you care for them with care. If you don’t use them often, you can see up to 5 years of wear from them.

Do water shoes help keep sand out?

Certain water shoes keep the sand away. Should this be something you require in a water shoe, search for a pair of shoes with fabric wraps completely around your feet with no breaks or gaps?

Does Nike Make Wide Basketball Shoes?

Yes. Being one of the biggest companies around the Earth, Nike carries shoes that are wide and extra wide.

Are Adidas Basketball Shoes Good for Wide Feet?

Although there aren’t all Adidas footwear is suitable for people with wide feet, certain models do work. It’s all in the sizing and also the style you’re picking.

Do Any Basketball Shoes Come in Wide?

There are numerous basketball shoes available in wide sizes, especially those from larger brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.

Is Kyrie 7 Good for Wide Feet?

The Kyrie 7s, despite having numerous beneficial features, aren’t the most comfortable wide-footed shoes available.

Is Lebron 18 Good for Wide Feet?

Yes. This Lebron 18 is a solid shoe, which is perfect for people with broad feet.

How Much You Can Expect To Spend On Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

The top basketball shoes are priced between $120-and $200; however, if you’re operating in a tight price range, you can get an excellent pair for between $60 and $100.

Can Players With Narrow Feet Wear Basketball Shoes Intended For Those With Wider Feet?

There aren’t any shoes for basketball specifically made for people who have broad feet. Therefore it’s dependent on the type of shoe and size of the foot.

A few players with small feet aren’t opposed to basketball shoes that have a wider size, but other players are uncomfortable.

Are High-Cut Shoes Better For Wide Feet?

High-cut footwear is generally heavier than low- or medium-cut shoes and therefore has an increased chance of being wider. But, some low- or medium-cut footwear comes with a wider fit.

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