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Best Shoes for Barbers to Wear 2023:

After a long day at work, every barber wants to feel amazing after spending 10-12 hours on their feet on hard surfaces. It’s impossible, as most shoes don’t have the right features to make this a reality.

It’s why I recommend the best Barbers shoes with shock-absorbing midsoles and padded footbeds. This will ensure that your feet can rest and heal, avoiding any pain.

TOP 10 Best Shoes for Barbers [2023 Reviewed]:

Here are the 10 most-loved shoes for barbers/hairstylists (male and female). Each shoe is unique and comfortable, and they are also durable and long-lasting. They are therefore suitable for barbers.

1. Puma Disc Blaze

This sneaker is unique because it has a disc suspension option, which is an excellent alternative to the old irritating laces. It is easy to put on the shoe and take your time. This sneaker is perfect for those who don’t have the time or don’t like laces.

All you have to do is move the little disc and then relax! This sneaker is quick and simple and enhances comfort. If you walk for a long period, the laces can become loose and cause slips or falls.

Everything that relaxes a barber’s feet is already in the shoe. It is an excellent choice for barbers because of its gripping sole and powerful material. To prevent tripping, the sole is slip-resistant. This shoe is highly recommended for barbers and is an excellent addition to the shoe industry.


The shoes are comfortable and stylish. From 1990 to now, DANSKO has met the needs of its customers with excellent efficiency.

This shoe is a unique combination of style and comfort. For a comfortable position, the sole of this shoe is made from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), which has a triple density.

EVA, a rubber-like material that improves walking and standing for long periods, cushions that make it more comfortable. It has cooling mesh and other features that make it ideal for barbers.

It is resistant to cracks and breaks and won’t harden over the years. It also has built-in anti-microbial socks. This not only keeps your feet dry and cool but also reduces odor. The best quality in any shoe is its contact with the ground.

This show delivers on this point. The shoe provided good support and was firm. The brand does not neglect style or appearance and doesn’t ignore minor details. There are many options for the shoe, including elegant and sophisticated designs.

3. CHRANSON Walking Shoe (good shoes for barbers)

This shoe is the ideal choice for barbers or people with permanent occupations. The shoe is designed to provide comfort and relaxation. This shoe is soft and cushioned to provide comfort.

This shoe is preferred by barbers. The shoe can be used on uneven terrain and is fast. The upper of the shoe is made of fabric that uses synthetic materials and suede. This allows your feet to fit very comfortably.

4. Dunham MEN’S Windsor shoes – New Barbers Choice

Standing for long periods in a shoeless environment is challenging. This shoe will provide you with a dry and comfortable experience.

For a barber, this is a significant advantage. This means that a great haircut is dependent on the barber.

The shoe should be comfortable and supportive. The waterproof lining and leather keep your feet dry. The arch support feature is a great option for people with flat feet.

Arch balance is the foundation of any shoe. It determines our foot position and angle. This shoe has the perfect look and construction.

5. MEPHISTO CAP VERT SLIP-ON (best hairdresser converse shoes)

For those who work in salons and barbers, standing is a regular part of their job. They will appreciate a shoe that is both comfortable and easy to use. Footwear is an essential part of barbering.

This brand excels in creating shoes that are comfortable and easy on the feet. This is a slip-on style. The moccasin shoes feature a soft, attractive design.

The soft and flexible midsole are just a few of the many details. This provides comfort for barbers who work long hours and need to walk a lot.

The company is committed to reliability and durability. Barbers need to take extra care of their feet because they stand for most of the day.

The shoe comes in various elegant and sophisticated colors, including Cordovan shades of black and tan. Comfortable in any weather is made possible by the waterproof 100% leather texture.

This shoe’s outsole is entirely in contact with the ground, making it stable and good at gripping. The inner sole is shock- and moisture repellent.

6. ROCKPORT men’s Footwear (orthopedic shoes for hairstylists)

Standing while working is hard, but it’s not impossible if you’re a barber. A pair of shoes that is both stylish and comfortable is essential for barbers’ feet.

ROCKPORT’s shoe business can meet all of your needs. This brand makes footwear that is specially designed for those with foot injuries or pains. The company produces shoes that are more comfortable and relaxing.

The shoe features a removable EVA footpad as well as an EVA outsole that can be removed. Although the outsole is synthetic, the shoe’s overall design uses 100% leather.

You can add a tongue and collar to the shoe for extra comfort. This shoe is ideal for men with knee or ankle irritation. This shoe is comfortable and supportive and can be worn all day.

Its soft, padded collar is very comfortable. For those who stand most like barbers, a firm grip on the ground and arch support are essential. Its elegant design can be adapted to any environment. There are many styles to choose from when it comes to shoes.

7. Hush Puppies men’s Leverage slip-on (Most comfortable shoes for hairstylists)

This brand doesn’t need an introduction. Name alone is enough to attract buyers. Because it values comfort and chic style in its shoes. Hush puppies is a trusted brand that makes shoes that are durable and comfortable. Shoes are essential for barbers and hairdressers as they must stand while doing their job.

The Comfort zone is the main focus of this slip-on Leverage shoe. The slip-on shoe is made of waterproof leather.

The seam is also water and moisture-resistant. The shoe is designed to keep the barber’s foot cool and dry. It has soft, relaxing pads on the inner side. The EVA cushioning has been designed to absorb sweat and dampness from the feet in all weather conditions.

Gel heels provide extra comfort. This brand is an intelligent choice for barber work. To ensure the safety of your foot, the Surgeons shoe reviews have arch support made of soft material.

The soft cushioning and footbed protect against scratches and abrasion. It is an excellent addition to any footwear, as your feet can become sensitive.


This brand is well-known and highly respected. This shoe is an excellent choice for barbers and hairstylists. This shoe’s upper is made from leather, durable, and very attractive to the eyes. The upper sole of Timberland shoes is made with leather.

It is hand-stitched to the midsole and then joined to the outsole. The shoe features full-length EVA and cushioning for protection and comfort. An extra Poron foam lining is added to the forefoot. This shoe’s sloe is extremely slip-resistant and gripping.

It has a unique 360-degree lacing system that makes it easy to fit. Simply spiral the laces and attach the front lining. Both the sole and the upper provide a firm grip in each step. The barber’s feet are supported by a soft, comfortable cushion that provides support while standing.

9. Eco men’s fusion slip-on loafers

This brand is ideal for barbers and other people who do a steady job. Comfort features are a crucial feature of the shoe. The slip-on shoe is comfortable and easy to wear for a long time. We all know that barbers must stand for long periods while they work.

This can lead to foot problems and sweaty feet. The shoe’s antimicrobial properties are a big plus. AGION antimicrobial is used to treat the foam.

This helps control germs, infection, and foot odor. The foam regulates airflow. The foam is surrounded by vegetable-tanned leather and foamy foam.

The shoe’s outer sole is made of polyurethane, despite the regular rubber material. This increases the shoe’s durability and longevity. The best material for gripping is polyurethane. This prevents barbers from sliding on the wet floor.

This shoe is made for barbers and other men who work in a standing position. This shoe is known for its durability, comfort, style, and antimicrobial pads that repel odors.

While some shoes may be stylish, others are more comfortable. However, antibacterial properties and coziness are rare in shoes.

10. Filling pieces mid top sneaker

A barber doesn’t need a chair, as long as he’s working. He only needs a sharp razor and comfortable shoes. Barbers need to feel comfortable on their feet. One can become tired from long and constant standing.

This shoe is comfortable and provides a soothing feeling. This sneaker’s color has also been considered. This sneaker’s black color prevents it from being stained. Its main features are comfort and style. The sneaker is ideal for barbers who want to look fashionable at work.

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These are the must-have features for the best shoes for barbers:


Cushioned footbeds and shock-absorbing midsoles

After a long day at work, every barber wants to feel good after being on their feet for 10-12 hours straight.

It’s not possible, as many shoes don’t have the right features to make this reality a reality.

It is my recommendation that you get shoes with shock-absorbing midsoles and cushioned footbeds. This will ensure your feet can rest and heal properly and avoid any pain.

Get Shoes Made For You

Most barbers will choose to wear running shoes without considering other options.

Because of this, I recommend that sport shoes be checked for all attributes, regardless of whether they are considered sporty. They will stand for long periods standing on their feet thanks to the support and ergonomic features.


Reliable Materials & Construction Methods

Barbers are constantly complaining about the low quality of shoes in today’s marketplace. Let me tell you, they are correct!

Today, many manufacturers locate their manufacturing facilities in countries that cannot provide high quality and save money.

I want to make sure the shoes I am about to buy have suitable quality materials (e.g., it is essential to ensure that your boots last a few years by using reliable construction methods and leather).

How To Know the Best Shoes for Barbers?

If you are curious about my selection of the best barber shoes, I have a detailed explanation of each in the next section of the article.

Comfort Test

What I felt was comfort and convenience.

It may seem simple, but it’s the truth. By testing shoes in a barbershop for several weeks, you can ensure the boots have the right attributes to provide you with a consistent and great experience when wearing them.

Durability Test

To determine the durability of the shoes, I tested them by beating every pair of shoes at the barbershop over a period of months, without stopping to check if the boots had remained in their original condition.

If they didn’t, I would toss them out. But if they did, I would classify them as “durable”.

Benefits of the Best Shoes for Barbers

Say no to pain!

I was very happy with my experience with any of these shoes. They guaranteed that I would not feel any pain in my feet thanks to their amazing comfort and ergonomic features.

Take a look at the Part.

You want to look good at the barbershop while being comfortable.

Avoid All Frustrations

It is easy to find a pair of good-looking running shoes and bring it to the barbershop. But are they going to withstand the rigorous use that barbers place on them?

It’s difficult to answer the question above if you don’t even begin to wear the shoes.

The good news about the list of the best shoes for barbers is that they will last a few more years.

Barber Shoes Maintenance

It is very simple to maintain a pair of shoes. This ensures that they last many years.

To make sure the shoes sparkle clean, I first wipe them with a damp cloth. Then I let them dry and rest.

Next, I apply a thin layer of leather conditioner to the shoes if made from leather. Finally, I rub the product into the shoes with another dry cloth until it is fully absorbed.

The shoes were allowed to dry in a warm and dry environment for three to five hours. That’s it! The shoes will be as new as ever!

Most FAQs about Best Shoes for Barbers:

Can barbers wear sandals?

People don’t realize how razor-sharp the hairs can be. They can easily puncture your feet and cause injury. Hairs can also get stuck and grow inwards.

If you work in a salon, flip-flops are not allowed.

Are barber shoes waterproof?

The boots have a contemporary look due to their low block heel and faux fur collar lining. They’re also fully waterproof so you can face any day. You’ll still be a fashion star with subtle Barbour details like Weather Comfort emboss and a plaid drag tab.

How do I take care of my barber shoes?

First, I clean the shoes with a damp cloth as often as necessary to ensure clean and shining. I let them dry and rest.

After that, I apply a thin layer of leather conditioner to the shoes and then rub it with a dry cloth until it is fully absorbed.

Finally, I let the shoes air dry in a warm and dry environment for three to five hours. That’s it! The shoes will be as good as new ones!

Conclusion [Shoes For Hairstylists]

Nearly all barbers complain about the poor quality of today’s shoes. Let me be entirely fair: they are correct!

Today, many producers locate their manufacturing offices in countries that are not primarily concerned with quality but also want to save money.

It is because of this that I make sure that Barbers’ best shoes have the right attributes. This is how you ensure they are comfortable to wear for many years.

You can check other models here.

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