Super Seedy Granola Bars

Super seedy granola bar recipe

My go to breakfast is always either porridge or granola- so when I fancied a sweet treat that could also double up as breakfast on the go or an afternoon snack, I thought a Granola bar was the perfect solution! My cupboards are stocked with these ingredients all year round so it was whipped up […]

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Posh Mince Pies

Love ’em or hate ’em they’re a Christmas staple and they aren’t going anywhere fast! I have to admit, all my childhood I DESPISED mince pies, until I came across ones topped with brandy butter and a shortbread star at my local bakery and I’ve been hooked ever since! Since said bakery only exists in […]

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Shortbread Stars

This has to be one of the easiest, simplest recipe’s of all time (you know that’s what I’m all about!) and you will most likely have all the ingredients in your house already! This recipe makes quite a few biscuits so you could always halve it if you wish!  INGREDIENTS; 300g Plain Flour 200g Butter […]

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