H&M Make-up: First Impressions

Review of H&M make-up

Generally, I’m quite sceptical of beauty lines from high street clothing retailers,- although that could be down to pure ignorance- I tried a couple of the first launches from Topshop but aside from that I’ve largely tried to avoid buying into the hype- the┬áhaunting dreams of Claire’s Lip Smackers are enough to keep my temptation […]

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Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Rosa's Thai Cafe London Review Blog post

Can you believe I’ve never had Thai food before?! (Well, I mean before I visited Rosa’s, obviously- now I’m hooked!) My baby sis is currently making her way around Thailand and the last time we spoke she had just had an amazing Pad Thai- I can’t vouch for how good it was, but having never […]

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My Lush Top 5

A review of the best lush products

Until this year, I’d only ever used their bath bombs, but on my quest to gain control of my skin I have found some real skin saviours! Plus, with the return of the Christmas collection my No.1 product is back in stores so I thought this would be the perfect time to share my five […]

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Gingerbread Cheesecake

A No-Bake Gingerbread Cheesecake Recipe

Now that Halloween and Bonfire night are over we can unapologetically get into Christmas mode, right? In my defence, the Christmas lights on Oxford street were turned on yesterday & I’m pretty sure that marks the beginning of the festive season if nothing else. So, when Wren Kitchens got in touch to ask about my […]

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My favourite items out there to keep you warm during the colder months

There I was, enjoying ‘Sautumer’ (coined by Rosie from The Londoner no less) and then BAM! It’s winter. How did we go from gloriously sunny days to freezing cold wind overnight? I guess that’s the whole point of seasons, and I should count myself lucky that we got the warmer weather for so long- so […]

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10 Things to Love about Autumn

Things I love about Autumn

Summer is by far my favourite season- and although I love the start of any new season, they all tire eventually, except summer! The light nights give us more hours in the day and there’s something about the sun, as well as the free time that comes with educational holidays that but’s everyone in high […]

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Fab Flapjack

Easiest Flapjack Recipe

Now it’s officially Autumn- the weather would still suggest otherwise!- Porridge has made a come back into my daily routine and you know what that means, OATS, and I would be ridiculous if I had an abundance of oats in the house and didn’t make flapjack, right? RIGHT! I know I always say how simple […]

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