What now?

What comes next once you graduate

As you will have noticed (and as I’ve said a couple of times now) I’ve been absent around here for the last month or two. I’ve never pretended to put my blog first or truly committed to a ride or die schedule but I had always been pretty regular with my posts and managed a […]

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I Got It from My Mama…

I know I’ve been very absent around here lately and it’s beyond ironic that my last post was about juggling blogging and uni¬†yet here am I definitely not finding the balance. BUT it’s 3rd year and when it comes to getting my dissertation done and done to a good standard I don’t think I really […]

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Juggling Blogging and University

How to juggle blogging with a full time job/university/school/children

or a full time job/school/children- I reckon the principle is largely the same? (maybe the children one might be a little harder to work around since they’re actual people who can’t be side-lined) As I didn’t start my blog until I was in my second year of uni you’d be forgiven for thinking making time […]

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2017 To-Do List

My 2017 To-Do List

I’m not/ have never been a New Year’s resolutions kinda gal, maybe I know I’m only going to break them and can’t face the disappointment or failure in doing so- but now we’re half way though January and I’ve realised there are a few things I’d like to achieve this year, or even just in […]

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Home Truths from 2016

Things I learned in 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m so sorry for the radio silence on my end but the first week of the year is always manic for me! Who really thought it was a good time for uni deadlines?! A couple of all nighters made sure everything was in on time and now I can get started with […]

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The Perfect Christmas Eve In

A Christmassy Flat Lay

Now, before we start, I just want to put out a little disclaimer that all our ideas of what makes the perfect Christmas eve will be very different- but I thought I’d share my favourite ways to spend the day and feel super Christmassy before the madness begins! BAKE: This one’s more for Christmas Eve […]

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10 Things to Love about Autumn

Things I love about Autumn

Summer is by far my favourite season- and although I love the start of any new season, they all tire eventually, except summer! The light nights give us more hours in the day and there’s something about the sun, as well as the free time that comes with educational holidays that but’s everyone in high […]

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top 10 stationery items on my lust list

This time we’re talking stationery, well… kinda. Kate Spade Stapler Rifle Paper co. Post Card Tombow Brush Pen Paperchase Marble Envelopes Dot Creates Print Kate Spade Tape Dispenser Kate Spade Highlighters kikki.K Mid-Year Planner Kate Spade Pencils Dot Creates ‘Relax and Unwind’ Notepad I know I did a HUGE haul before exams started, but spending […]

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