Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Rosa's Thai Cafe London Review Blog post

Can you believe I’ve never had Thai food before?! (Well, I mean before I visited Rosa’s, obviously- now I’m hooked!) My baby sis is currently making her way around Thailand and the last time we spoke she had just had an amazing Pad Thai- I can’t vouch for how good it was, but having never […]

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Forest on the Roof, Selfridges

A visit to Selfridges' Forest on the Roof

I know today probably isn’t the day to talk about rooftop dining/drinking- looking outside my window it could definitely be mid-November- BUT, during last week’s **heat wave** I was determined to make the most of what London has to offer and headed to Selfridges’ ‘Forest on the Roof’. I have been meaning to visit Selfridges […]

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Pizzas at Homeslice London

I think I’m a bit of a pizza snob * gasps*. Don’t get me wrong, I could demolish a dominos or a classic Pollo ad Astra any day, but I find shop bought pizzas to be a bit soggy, bland and boring and rarely order pizza when I visit a new restaurant. At Homeslice I had […]

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Cutter and Squidge

Biskies at Cutter and Squidge, Soho

I’ve been eyeing up this cutesy little cake shop for a while, famous for their biskies, and jumped at the opportunity to make a trip recently after a not too fabulous exam. Post-exam is undoubtedly one of the most necessary times for a treat (if I do say so myself!), especially when it hasn’t gone […]

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DF Mexico

If there’s one thing London is lacking it’s good Mexican restaurants & this makes me sad. DF Mexico has definitely alleviated my woes of late after I stumbled upon it earlier this month! The brain child of Thomasina Miers, top chef & creator of Wahaca, I initially had low expectations as the latter has never […]

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Sunday Brunch: Granger & Co.

Ok, so technically this wasn’t a Sunday but I’m pretty sure the experience would be the same?! After Easter my sister came back down to London for a couple of days and naturally I had a brunch spot planned for every morning. Unfortunately, we didn’t managed to make it out the flat in time, shame […]

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Eat Me

No, I don’t expect you to actually eat me, it’s actually the name of a gorgeous little cafe/restaurant I visited recently! If you’ve read my ‘February in Review‘ post you’ll know I spent a week at home (in Yorkshire) recently. Whilst mostly bogged down with uni work, I managed to break free of the shackles […]

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Sunday Brunch: Franze and Evans

After all the excitement of Columbia Road on Sunday we worked up quite an appetite! There were a host of pretty little cafe’s surrounding the stalls but we were in search of something a little more substantial (EGGS) and a little less busy (after battling the crowds between the flowers we needed some personal space!) […]

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Perfect Porridge

  After a very indulgent weekend, the fridge was empty and I fancied something a little healthier than our usual brunch go-to… Dun Dun Dun I finally got to go get porridge at 26 Grains! I hesitate to say this but porridge is definitely one of my favourite meals. If I had been goldilocks I […]

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