My Lush Top 5

A review of the best lush products

Until this year, I’d only ever used their bath bombs, but on my quest to gain control of my skin I have found some real skin saviours! Plus, with the return of the Christmas collection my No.1 product is back in stores so I thought this would be the perfect time to share my five […]

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Origins Original Skin Face Mask

Origins Original Skin 2 in 1 Face Mask and Exfoliator

A couple of weeks ago I popped into Debenhams in search of the Origins GinZing peel off mask (like every other person on the planet?!) alas, it was sold out. I couldn’t walk away empty handed, so settled on the Origins Original Skin Mask, specially formulated for ‘young’ skin and fronted by Madeline Shaw no less- […]

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Kylie Crème Shadows

Kylie Cosmetics Review and Swatches

I was adamant I wouldn’t buy anything more from Kylie Cosmetics after being a little disappointed by my lip kits (although I have to say that they’ve definitely grown on me since my review) and because of the shipping costs- I thought myself lucky not to have been charged customs the first time round, it seemed normal […]

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Laura Mercier ‘Lip Kit’

Laura Mercier Twist and Pout Lip Kit in Nude

If you’re struggling to get hold of Kylie’s, or liquid lipstick aren’t your thing I may have the answer! Say Hello to Laura Mercier’s ‘Twist and Pout’ I’ve been wanting to purchase a Laura Mercier Lip Parfait lipstick for a while- but as I’m more of a mattes fan I’ve held back, until now. I […]

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All Hail the Highlight

Th Balm Mary-Lou vs Hourglass Brilliant Light highlight

This post is so overdue- but I guess summer is the perfect time for wearing a killer highlight? (I mean, I’m an all year round wearer but hey ho!) I thought it would be a GREAT idea to pit my two favorite highlighters, which also happen to be cult classics, against one another. That way, […]

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Benefit Brows

Benefit brow Products on

I have a serious love/hate relationship with my eyebrows and as a blonde I feel like it’s so much harder to commit to a killer brow (am I the only one here?) The new benefit collection peaked my interest at first glance, the packaging alone looked fab and after seeing glimpses of the products I jumped […]

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Pixi Make-up Melting Wipes

Pixi Make-up wipes

This is a review I never saw myself writing- I love nothing more than gushing about my favourite products and those I think others will love, yet sometimes you can’t like a product no matter how much you try! To be honest, I’m lazy with my skincare- I’ve tried many many many different cleansers but […]

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Beauty in a Flash?

Clarins' famous beauty flash balm

Well, that’s maybe what you’d expect from Clarins’ ‘Beauty Flash Balm’, but does it deliver? As I continue on my quest for perfect skin, I wanted to talk to you about this little wonder! I have had it for a while, probably close to a year now but I hadn’t yet bothered to share my […]

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