My Most Loved: Brow Products

Brows are something I really struggle with- mine are already pretty full so they don’t need too much product throughout but a few years of over-plucking in the middle has left them needing some TLC in the centre. I’m also blonde, with brows a lot darker than my natural hair colour would dictate, so I […]

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Super Seedy Granola Bars

Super seedy granola bar recipe

My go to breakfast is always either porridge or granola- so when I fancied a sweet treat that could also double up as breakfast on the go or an afternoon snack, I thought a Granola bar was the perfect solution! My cupboards are stocked with these ingredients all year round so it was whipped up […]

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Homemade Nakd Bars

Homemade Larabar Recipe

On my quest to go dairy free, and to battle my addiction to all things chocolate, I have become rather fond of Nakd bars- or Larabars if you’re in the US.  My favourite just so happens to be the most simple of them- Cashew Cookie, comprising of only cashew nuts and dates AND like a […]

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2017 To-Do List

My 2017 To-Do List

I’m not/ have never been a New Year’s resolutions kinda gal, maybe I know I’m only going to break them and can’t face the disappointment or failure in doing so- but now we’re half way though January and I’ve realised there are a few things I’d like to achieve this year, or even just in […]

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Zoeva: First Impressions

Zoeva Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Rose Gold Blush Palette Review

I have coveted the Zoeva brushes for as long as I can remember (slight exaggeration, maybe for as long as I’ve been blogging?) but I’d never really given their make-up collection a proper look until my sister bought me a couple of their palettes for my birthday waaaaay back in September, but for some reason I […]

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Home Truths from 2016

Things I learned in 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m so sorry for the radio silence on my end but the first week of the year is always manic for me! Who really thought it was a good time for uni deadlines?! A couple of all nighters made sure everything was in on time and now I can get started with […]

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Candy Cane Chocolate Bark

festive chocolate bark recipe

Back in summer I posted  a photo of some multi-coloured bark I’d made on Instagram and so many people asked for a post on it but in classic me fashion I never got round to it, so I thought I’d give you a new christmassy version until yellows/pinks/blues are back in again! You can check […]

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