My go to Gold Smokey Eye(s)

My go to Gold Smokey Eye(s)

‘Eye(s)’ rather than ‘Eye’ as I am the self-proclaimed queen of multi-tasking and have included a whole RANGE of looks for you, all neatly wrapped up in one post!

Now, it’s no secret that I love make-up, but sadly my skills don’t quite match my love just yet, especially as far as eye make-up is concerned! Because of this I tend to opt for simple looks that I know are going to work, and a gold smokey eye is one of them! Using lighter shadows gives me much more room for error and a bit of shimmer hides a multitude of sins!

Plus, I always seem to be in a rush when it comes to getting ready for big events and there’s not much worse than deciding to try a new make-up look only for it to turn into a sludgy mess when you’re already running late and don’t really have time to take it all off and start again?!

Moral of the story? Having staple looks that you love and can rely on is something I deem to be quite important, rather than boring- OK?

So, what’re my staples you ask? If I had to pick one shadow it would be MAC Woodwinked, this gorgeous true gold shade blends out to a more coppery-orange hue and makes a one shadow (kinda)smokey eye possible.

Thankfully, I don’t just have to use one and thus I have a bevy of gold-hued beauties that I swap and change depending on my mood;

For an ‘out out’ look, and the whole ‘Smokey eye’ shebang, I tend to use Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 hour cream shadow in On and On Bronze as a base and then go in with Omega in the crease to add some definition before going over the top, concentrating on the outer corner, with Mulch, a warm brown shimmer shade, before adding Woodwinked to the top for that extra bit of gold sparkle. Adding it just on top to the centre of the lid, rather than blending it out, means that the finished look is far more brown-gold than the coppery gold hue it gives off alone.

Amber Lights is the newest addition to my staple gold quad and is definitely more on the copper end of the spectrum. It is perfect for taking a gold eye to a more orange/red hue, especially when used with cranberry shades. I tend to use it in place of Woodwinked if I fancy a change every now and then or alongside it for the sparkliest of gold/orange eyes that any Kira Kira fan would be proud of.

Because the eye shadows are so shimmery, I take both of my H&M Colour Essence Eye pencils under my bottom lashes and then smudge them out with a dense brush to add to the smokey effect without creating a glitter explosion on the upper half of my face; plus I tend to get watery eyes and the pencil stays put much longer than the shadows would.

Finally, as I have a very unsteady hand and my skills are limited, I use a black gel liner on my water line rather than attempting to line above my lashes as I always seem to make a mess- one day I’ll have the flick nailed but we’re a long long way off right now. I find a gel liner lasts far longer than any pencil I’ve tried and doesn’t leave me with racoon eyes by the end of the night!

BUT, not only do they create the perfect golden smokey eye, they also have plenty of other uses!

If I’m wanting a paired back look, perfect for day On and On Bronze is my holy grail; it is a dirty gold shade that can be built up easily into a full on shimmer or used sparingly to add a little definition to the lid. As it’s a cream shadow it is  super easy to just slap on and can be done with fingers or a brush to the same effect. If I’m wanting a little bit more definition I’ll run MAC Omega through my crease at the same time as blending the cream out to create a little more shading in the socket. If I’m going for a more natural vibe, I’ll just run Omega through the crease by itself on a fluffy brush to create the definition without all the drama; plus it doubles up as the perfect brow shade for me AND a fab contour shade too!

These were some of the first higher end shadows, perhaps even the first, I ever bought and somehow I’ve only hit pan on one so far?! Honestly I think in today’s beauty world MAC has become so underrated; probably after years of it being overrated, but they produce some of my all time favourite products and the quality is so good for the price when you compare them to other mid/high end brands!

Do you tend to rely on a few favourite looks or do you find yourself experimenting when it comes to eye shadows? I’ve recently bought the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette- I say recently, it’s been over a month now, and I am trying my best to get to grips with the olive shade as I LOVE IT SO MUCH! If you’ve got any tips or tricks when it comes to upping your eye shadow/ eyeliner skills please let me know!

Tara x

  • lifeasloismay

    I am loving the photography in this post! I have seen loads of content recently about MAC makeup and have never purchased anything from them – I know, crazy right? I really want to branch out on my brands and try new products. Gold smokey colours are my favourites to mess around with on eye makeup as well.
    Lois x

  • Creative Nails

    These pictures are so pretty, I love the gold colours! I tend to stick with the light browns/gold look as I know that works haha. I’ve done some darker ones with browns shades, but I’m not brave enough to try other colours haha


  • Sophie Wentworth

    Omega is one of my favourite crease colours! I love a bronze/ gold eye look. I find full on black smokey eyes tend to look too harsh on my skin tone. These pictures are so pretty too! x


  • In my head, a smokey eye can only be black/grey but gold must look absolutely amazing! And you’ve got all the equipment to do it! xx corinne

  • Laura Ballamy

    Gold is my absolute go to eye look! I wear it pretty much every day and I really want those products👌🏻 Your photos are so gorgeous 💕💕 x

  • Oh wowww these colours are absolutely beautiful!!! I love a good gold look but I find it takes me ages to make it look nice so I rarely attempt it!! Your photos in this post are so lovely too.

    Sarah | xx

  • Jenny L

    Your photography is stunning! I’m obsessed with the Maybelline cream shadow, the colour is so pretty and definitely a good choice with Christmas approaching. The Paradise mascara you’ve shown in your photos is literally my most favourite mascara I’ve ever used as well! Thank you for sharing a great post lovely ☺️

    Jenny x

  • Sophie

    A gold smokey eye is my absolute favourite look! I always use the original Naked palette but that MAC Woodwinked looks amazing- I may just have to invest!- x

  • Hannah Kaye Tindale

    Your photos are gorgeous and although I never mastered the smokey eye look I think that I’d definitely look into trying again now! x

  • Tea Time With Ciara

    I love your photography! I need to work on my flat lays on my blog! I’m not the best at it!
    I love a gold smokey eye (not that I’m very good at doing it!), but I need to try some of these products!

    Ciara |

  • Love your photos 😍😍😍 just can’t stop watching them👌🏻 Love Smokey eye and I thing this will be amazing for my Christmas makeup look😍

  • I love your photography!, a gold smokey eye is perfect for the festive season!.
    Charlie |

  • Melissa X

    A gold smokey eye is my fave! They always look so classy and are perfect for the festive season!

    I love your photos!! They’re gorgeous!!

    Love, Melissa x

  • Eva

    Ooohhh h&m makeup! I’m glad I read this because I don’t often see much about their makeup on blogs! This is such a pretty collection of colours, defo can’t go wrong with a good old gold smokey eye! I really need to get myself a mac quad as well, I’ve wanted one for ages and have never gotten round to buying one! Love this post! x