Glamour Magazine & The End of an Era?

Glamour Magazine & The End of an Era?

I’ve ummed and ahhed over whether to set this post live or not over the last few days as right now it seems like old news but then that seemed like the crux of the issue at hand. In today’s ‘digital age’ you blink & you miss it and I guess that’s potentially the problem with print media- it can’t keep up with the digital age and the news cycle is over before you even know it. Then again, I surely fit into the digital category and here I am talking about old news too…

When I heard the news last Friday (which is now actually two Fridays ago due to my failure to bite the bullet and hit publish) I had literally just bought the latest copy of Glamour, which was entirely made by women, and immediately felt like I needed to talk about it with everyone I knew. In my life the news held as much significance as the birth of a royal baby does, and the fact it was only news worthy for one day didn’t seem enough for me.

That said, even though I bought the last issue ten days ago now I have yet to look inside the cover and I think this is ultimately the problem with print. It’s not that it’s outdated in itself; rather that it isn’t quite so compatible with our everyday lives. It’s contents might be pushing boundaries and covering new ground but the fact that we can buy it and leave it on the side for weeks before reading its pages is a telling tale. When I was at school, and bought each issue without fail, I could sit down and read a magazine cover to cover but this isn’t such an easy feat today- with our phones and lives in general providing constant distractions.

A magazine doesn’t fit into my everyday bag like a book might and it’s lack of rigidity means it gets dog eared, ripped and thus ruined very quickly. Magazines aren’t portable, especially not in the sense that websites are.

Not only are websites much easier to access wherever, whenever, they’re easily searchable and sharable, so when we want to share an article with our friends we can send them the link, rather than rip out the page, not only making them more accessible but also increasing their longevity. When we know we read something but can’t remember where we can do a quick search and have the answer at our fingertips. Where magazines may run similar features every few months- the best red lipsticks/how to get a good night’s sleep/where to buy the perfect white t-shirt- an online outlets can just re-share an old story with the same relevance and a lot less time and effort, adding updates to the original text when necessary. Plus, websites can contain links to products, immediately tracking the impact of their articles as well as  lining their pockets- through affiliate links.

Glamour Magazine End of an Era blog post

But does the falling number in magazine readers mean the end of long-form features and articles? Online content tends to be much much shorter, something we can start and finish in a matter of minutes while we wait for the bus rather than labour over the text with a cup of tea in hand. Or will we see bloggers, online journalists and content creators start to write more hefty pieces in order to bridge the gap? After all, the average length of the YouTube videos in my subscription box has more than doubled over the last couple of years and it would be lying to say that the editorial style of many blog photographs today was not influenced by similar images in magazines, especially ad content.

However, rather than deter me from purchasing magazines, the rise of social media- namely Instagram- has encouraged me to buy them more often. Religiously following the likes of Alessandra Steinherr, Jo Elvin, Sophie Beresiner, Joely Walker, Sarah Jossel and Nadine Baggot, to name a few, has definitely piqued my interest more in what they’re publishing and encouraged me to buy their respective publications.

Ask Alex in Glamour Magazine UK

I imagine I fit the target audience of the new look Glamour down to a T, with an undeniable interest in beauty and a sizable online footprint- reading multiple blog posts and online articles a day, most beauty related but also many on fashion, lifestyle and current affairs, but I am truly gutted to be losing my cherished magazine. Will I buy the biannual beauty journal? Probably, but with out Jo at the helm I’m not sure it will have the same panache so we will have to see.

I sincerely hope that re-formatting of Glamour does not signal the beginning of the end when it comes to women’s print media, although as Glamour was the only magazine I ever really bought and holds one of the largest circulations amongst women’s magazines to this day, it would be naive to think this is a flash in the pan decision rather than a telling tale about the climate surrounding print media.

What’re your thoughts on the re-formatting? Do you regularly buy magazines or do you prefer online content? I’d love to know if you’re excited for the new phase in the life of Glamour or are mourning the loss? Please say I’m not alone hogging the middle ground?

Tara x

The end of Glamour Magazine blog post

  • Hannah Kaye Tindale

    I thought this was a fantastic posts and really brilliant. Im afraid though that print media is going out of fashion because it’s hard in a digital age. I don’t think they’d completely out of fashion though as quite a few will survive, a lot of people prefer having physical copies to hand after all. I suppose it’s a similar question to would printed books go out of fashion when e-readers came out. I hope printed media doesn’t go out of fashion but when it’s up against digital media I don’t know if it can survive.

  • Ciara O’Doherty

    I think its a bold move, but probably a move in the right direction. I’m still in shock that Glamour aren’t going to be doing a monthly mag any more! But then at the same time, it doesn’t surprise me as I don’t go out and buy it every month, but I do read their website much more often. It wouldn’t surprise me if most other magazines took that step over the next year or two! I am going to miss turning the page when traveling on long journeys! I just love a magazine on a plane or a long car journey.

    Ciara |

  • ShaunaKabana

    Wow good topic idea! I was reading a magazine last night and thought wow this is so… old now. With bloggers we can relate to them. And we have content like buzzfeed that makes viral fun articles. I love digital things so I don’t mind everything going online!

  • Lydia Wilkins

    I was so upset on hearing about Glamour; a similar thing happened to Company, and now there’s no website! Jo Elvin is also stepping down as Editor 🙁

  • Eva

    I kinda felt a bit strange when I heard about glamour, because I can’t help but feel that there’s a certain inevitability that this will happen to all print magazines, and eventually, books too. It’s a shame, but I do get why it happens, and I get the up side is that it’s less paper waste! I personally still love to buy the odd print mag, especially vogue, there’s just nothing like flicking through a magazine.

  • It is strange but I guess not that shocking. I think that change is a good thing and we all need to keep moving forward.

  • We don’t have Glamour here so I can’t say anything about that. But I love magazines, even if I have seen and read something already, but it’s just the feeling of turning pages, the smell of it and oooh… I just love it.

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner

  • It’s a shame that Glamour is going to be stopping, I’ve been reading it since my teens but I guess that’s the way things are going now. I just hope there’s an increase in more lengthy, feature-style content online as those were the things I enjoyed reading the most and lifestyle blogs aren’t quite the same.

    Alice | Alice In Wonderlust

  • As someone who is constantly inspired by the magazine world, I do find it a bit of shame that it is now going bi-annually. I think that online media is great because most of it is free and easily accessibly (as you mentioned) but at the same time, I do not feel inspired by this format what-so-ever. I think there is a beauty in holding a print copy and casually flipping through it’s pages- whether you read the articles or just admire the photo’s does wonders for creativity! I think, that so much of our life is online – it’s refreshing to have moments where you can switch off from your phone/ laptop etc… and enjoy some downtime. Lovely post , really enjoyed the read! <3 x

    Imaan |