The BEST Banana Loaf

The BEST Banana Loaf

Banana loaf recipe I could start with a little Gwen Stefani but I have a feeling I’ve already worn that out in previous banana based recipe posts SO it’s gonna have to be put on the shelf for the time being, although I guess it’s a sign of success for her that whenever I think of the yellow fruit (or isn’t it technically a berry?) her lyrics come to mind?

Banana bread is one of those recipes that I constantly go to, whenever I buy bananas I secretly hope I won’t get through them all before they get a little too ripe and have to be made into a cake, I did start freezing the odd one that turned brown in order to have them on hand whenever I fancied some banana bread but unfortunately I’ve not had much look when using the frozen variety- if you have any ideas why or how I can make them work pleaseeee let me know!

Banana bread recipeAnyway, onto the recipe!


  • 100g Butter
  • 150g Caster Sugar
  • 225g Self-Raising Flour
  • 1tsp Baking Powder
  • 2 Eggs
  • 3 Very Ripe Bananas


  1. Preheat your oven to 180Β°/160Β° fan and grease/line a 2lb loaf tin
  2. Mix the butter, sugar, self-raising flour, baking powder and eggs into a bowl and beat together with an electric whisk
  3. Mash the bananas up with a fork and then add to the rest of the batter, mixing until fully incorporated
  4. Pour into the cake tin and then pop into the oven for approx 50minutes until lightly golden and springy to the touch
  5. Leave the loaf in the tin until the tin has cooled and then remove the loaf and place on a wire rack to cool fully

& there you have it! I’m sure you can see why it’s such a favourite of mine now given how simple the recipe is and also how little time it takes to prepare!

Banana loaf recipeI hope you’ve had a fab Monday, now I’m just gonna go make myself another loaf so I’ve got a slice to eat while I watch Bake Off tomorrow night!

Yes, I caved and am watching even on Channel 4 without my beloved Mary Berry! I have to say the adverts are incredibly annoying but aside from that it’s actually remarkably similar to the series that aired on the BBC previously and it’s about the bakers after all, have you been watching? Do you have a favourite yet? I’ve got about 4/5 at the minute and I’m not willing to disclose who, although if you happen to check my twitter at 8pm on Tuesday I’m sure you’ll get a good idea!

I’m considering making Monday recipe posts a regular thing while #GBBO is on, what’re your thoughts? I’d love to know whether that seems like overkill or not…? Let me know! Also give me a heads up if there are any bakes you’d love a recipe for, I’m more than happy to oblige!

Tara xo


  • Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    This sound amazing! I would love on Banana bread if I could. I’ve been experimenting recently and adding a little chocolate to mine it was to die for πŸ’–

    • I love adding white chocolate chips & drizzling some over the top too- so good!

  • Joanna

    Love banana bread!

  • Eva

    OMG this post has reminded me of how much I love banana bread. I’m making this tomorrow. There will be no stopping me! Such a simple recipe! x

    • Ah I hope you enjoyed it Eva, simple is always best!

  • Rumaanah

    I love baking banana bread and this recipe sounds super easy, will try it out next time for sure! I’m always trying out new ones to get the perfect kind haha. Your photos are lovely and I’m seriously craving it now! xo Rumaanah

    • Banana bread is one of those things where you can add so many different extras and it’s still fab! Try blueberries or white choc chips!

  • Claire β˜‰

    Your pictures make this look even more irresistible! I actually don’t like bananas but love banana loaf – but, mine never look as nice as this – you should go on Bake Off haha x

    Claire |

    • That’s so funny but you’re not the only person I know who likes the cake but not the actual fruit- it must be to do with the texture!

  • Jenny L

    I’ve never made banana bread and I keep meaning to! Your pictures make it look so, so tempting. I’ve definitely saved your recipe, because you’ve made it simple and easy! I always have spare bananas that end up going to waste, so this is such a handy recipe to keep on hand!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Jenny x

    • This couldn’t be more perfect if you normally end up throwing them out, it’s also so good toasted with butter for breakfast!

  • This looks SO delicious — it’s almost 11pm here and I’m dying to hop up and make a batch! And I wish I knew how to make it work with frozen bananas…


    • I’m still working on the frozen banana situation, thinking that maybe if you leave them to defrost it might work a little better but I’ll let you know if I’m successful!


    sorry i couldn’t resist following your opening paragraph…

    banana loaf is literally bae. one of my all time favourite recipes! soooo easy and simple to make and tastes incredible slathered in butter (ahem, what diet?!) with a cuppa!

    ahh yes girl, i was also surprisingly impressed with bake off, i could barely tell the difference and it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside regardless of mel and sue not being there anymore. i’m def gonna continue watching…nothing stands in the way of me and cake! haha

    katie. xx

    • Banana bread and butter is actual heaven! Now Dr. Foster has started it’s annoying that it doesn’t finish until 9:15 but I’m enjoying it and the last 15 mins are crucial! Also can’t believe how much Prue sounds like Mary, if you’re only listening they could be the same person!

  • That look absolutely delicious!
    I love banana bread, and now I’m drooling over my keyboard.
    I ‘ll definitely be giving this a go, it looks suspiciously easy (I’m bound to mess up)
    Cora ❀

    • Nooo I promise it is just super simple, there’s no way you could mess up!

  • Lydia Wilkins

    Banana Loaf is one of my favourite things, but I haven’t had any for ages; I’ll have to make it now!

  • This looks so yummie! I’m usually not that big of a fan of banana bread, so I’ll have to try this recipe for sure!

    • That’s such a shame, you could try adding some extras like fruit/berries, dried fruit or chocolate to change it up a bit and detract from the purely banana flavour?

  • I have GOT to try this!! I love banana cake and banana bread soooo much!! Xxx

    • Ah let me know if you do! I’d love to know your thoughts!

  • ShaunaπŸŽƒπŸ‚πŸ

    Wow!! This looks so good. It kinda breaks my heart now that I’m allergic to bananas!

  • This banana loaf is honestly the best I’ve seen – no joke! This cake can often look dark and a bit limp but you’ve made it look really fluffy and tasty! I definitely want to give this a go x

    Alice // The Rose Glow