8 hours in Brighton

8 hours in Brighton

When I moved to London for Uni I thought Brighton would become my second (or third) home. Coming from a seaside town I envisaged many Saturday trips to the beach, and mid-week jaunts when the great English weather blessed us with some fleeting sunshine. Alas, it never happened.

In fact it took until my last week, week 155 of 156 of being a London resident for me to fulfil my ambition and visit the famous town (or is it a city?) and OH MY GOODNESS did I regret all those sunny days I wasted binge watching whatever series I fancied and hiding from the overbearing heat that comes with sunshine and high temperatures in London, why didn’t I flee to the coast for a little sea breeze instead?!

Anyway, seen as I only managed to make the trip once I thought I’d share with you what I managed to fit in and things I’d perhaps do differently next time, or if I had a little longer to explore


Obviously you HAVE to make a trip to the beach, even on the colder than average British summer day it was so beautiful. Being beside the sea is one of the most calming places there is, or so I believe anyway! And as the beach is pebbled you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes covered in sand- although neither do you get to feel the sand between your toes so I guess there’s pros and cons.

A trip to Brighton beach A trip to Brighton Beach

Explore The Lanes/North Laine: While The Lanes are full of cutesy shops and cafes the North Laine is much more quirky, at the time I didn’t fully realise they were two completely different things except for their different vibes. The North Laine is much easier to navigate being on streets that are grid like while The Lanes are like a maze but both are definitely worth a visit. A special mention must go to Photomatic, in the North Laine, a shop dedicated to photo booths! A word from the rise though- they shut quite early, around 5pm, so don’t leave them until the end of the day as you may be disappointed.

Brighton's North LainePhoto booth shop Brighton Photo booth shop Brighton

Visit the pier: It’s just one of those places you have to go! If you’ve ever been to a UK seaside town it’ll all seem very familiar, even to those that don’t have a pier- there’s some charm about it even if it’s probably due a bit of a refurbishment and the gaps in the wooden slats make you fear for your life (or at least the life of your phone!)

Brighton PierA trip to Brighton Pier

Hunt for graffiti: My personal favourite was a wall covered in dogs BUT it was cordoned off so I couldn’t get an up close photo, the walls surrounding the North Laine are covered in a whole host of different murals and definitely worth a look at!


Red Roaster: This was the one place I felt I HAD to have a meal at. My Instagram feed has been covered with people’s brunches over the last few months and it is for sure one of the most ‘instagrammable’ locations I’ve been to. I like to think if I owned a restaurant it would look pretty similar to this, all white, gold, marble and plants! I opted for Eggs Benedict and it was gorgeous, as I’m assured was the avocado, bacon and egg on toast- I could probably eat my breakfast here every day for the rest of the year and be happy!

Brunch at Red Roaster Bruch at Red Roaster, Brighton

Boho Gelato: When I heard they did a carrot cake ice cream I made a beeline, this is a place I wish I lived next door to so that I’d eventually get to try all the flavours without giving myself diabetes. I obviously had the carrot cake- which was everything I had hoped and more- and I also went for the mojito offering, seen as mojito’s are my go to cocktail, and again I was blown away! There are so many ice cream places in Brighton it would be easy just to visit the closest one to where ever you are but I would really suggest you make the extra journey to one of their two shops in The Lanes!

Best Ice Cream in Brighton Best Ice Cream in Brighton

Juice42: We stumbled upon this in The Lanes and after the stodgy  (but 100% worth it) breakfast and the Ice cream I felt like a dose of greens was needed. If I lived in the area it would be on my ‘cafe’s I like to work in’ list- it’s very bright and airy and despite it’s popularity there was only one other person in there when we popped in.

Places to eat in Brighton

The Chilli Pickle: After an early start to get the train from London and a full day of exploring, as well as only one proper meal at RedRoaster, we started to flag at around 5/5:30pm and decided we needed our dinner. Strangely enough, most of the restaurants closed between lunch and dinner and didn’t open again until 6pm- this is something I’ve never really come across before? Anyway, we weren’t sure what we fancied and ended up settling on The Chilli Pickle as we had walked by earlier in the day and it looked (and smelled) good! It is right opposite the library and a patch of faux grass so we just had a little lounge until it opened and were the first ones through the door at 5:55pm prompt. The food was DELICIOUS and to say that we didn’t do any research before visiting nor had we heard about it beforehand I was very impressed- you NEED to go is all I can say!

Places to eat in Brighton Places to eat in Brighton

There were so many other fab cafes/restaurants that we passed and if I could possibly fit more food into my trip I would definitely make a trip to Silo/The Flourpot Bakery/Cafe Coho/Pizzaface/Food for Friends/64° and Terre a Terra just to name a few, honestly Brighton is probably on par with London when it comes to food offerings! If you’re visiting on a Friday there is also a weekly street food market on Queen’s Road, which is well worth a visit!

I also thought I’d give a little heads up to those of you chasing the DumDum doughnut- they aren’t that good! Although by the time we stumbled upon the Brighton store they had sold out I had already tried a couple of their offerings from the Shoreditch store and I wouldn’t rush back!


I really wanted to get the most out of my trip photograph wise for some Instagram content (I really should have taken an outfit change!) so photo opportunities were always on my mind and I thought that it would be nice to share my favourite locations with you incase you too wanted to get the all important Instagram!

The Bandstand: so much symmetry, the sea in the background, beautiful architecture- what more could you want in a photograph?

The Grand Bandstand, Brighton

Red Roaster Bathroom: if a selfie is more your style the bathroom at Red Roaster is picture perfect

A trip to Red Roaster, Brighton

The West Pier: who would’ve thought a burnt down structure would look so pretty?

Brighton's burnt pier

Pastel Painted Streets: I know most towns have at least one to offer but it seemed everyone wanted to get in on the action in Brighton! Two of my favourites were Kemp Street and Tidy Street.

Kemp Street Brighton

Have you ever been to Brighton? Do you have any other suggestions for the next time I visit? I’d love to know your favourite spots and any hidden gems! I’m also hoping to make some more UK weekend trips so if there’s somewhere you think I NEED to visit please let me know?

Tara xo


  • Jess △⃒⃘ ⚯͛

    This post is perfection! Genuinely. I have wanted to visit Brighton for as long as I can remember but it being a 3hr car/train ride from us, I’ve found it difficult to commit but honestly, after reading your blog post it is just something I HAVE to do! I’ve made a list of everywhere you mentioned, now I just need to book the train! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 x


    • Ah thank you so much Jess! Honestly I think it’s so worth the journey! My mum travelled down on the train for 6/7 hours after I came back and stayed for a couple of days and hasn’t stopped talking about it since!

  • Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    I’ve only ever been to Brighton once but I loved it so much! I’ve been wanting to go back for such a long time and reading this post mad me want to go back even more 😍

    • I’m desperate to go back too!! I’m sure there’s so much more to discover!

  • Siobhan Macdonald

    I have always wanted to go to Brighton too. Your day out looks amazing. Brighton seems like a really photogenic place. I’m glad you had such a good day out x

    • It honestly is so photogenic, everywhere I turned I wanted to get my camera out!

  • Food & Baker

    We adore Brighton! As Londoners, we’ve taken a few spontaneous trips there, there’s just so much to see and eat like you’ve pointed out! Love yours pics!

    Jessica & James | http://www.foodandbaker.co.uk / http://www.foodandbakertravels.co.uk

    • I’m kicking myself for not making more trips whilst I still lived in London, if/when I move back I’ll definitely visit more regularly!

  • Claire Ray

    I’ve never been to Brighton before but it’s definitely one place I want to visit! I was born and bred in a picturesque seaside town (Whitstable) so Brighton really appeals to me! Loving your pumps by the way, so pretty! X

    • I’m from a not quite so picturesque seaside town (Scarborough) and it’s funny how it still reminded me of home! They pumps were a bargain from MissPap & I think they’re still selling them!

  • Oh my goodness! I’ve never been to Brighton but definitely have to make the trip now. I absolutely loved reading your post 🙂 I’m from Florida but slowly trying to make my way around the UK…I just keep going back to London cause I love it haha

    • I lived in London for the last three years and still haven’t seen/done half of whats on offer so I definitely can’t blame you for returning time and time again but Brighton is so worth the visit if you happen to have a sunny day next time you’re here!

  • Ugh, I love posts like this. It makes me not only want to go visit the place, but feel as though I got experience everything with you. Brighton looks so beautiful and has been on my list of places to travel for a while and this post definitely didn’t help at all.

    I’m glad you had a good time and got to experience some great sights, lovely. Great post. ♡

    • mchi! | mchiblogs*

    • Oh that’s so kind! I hope you get to visit soon!

  • Envy

    My heart skipped a beat when you mentioned graffiti! A blog buddy of mine lives nearby and this post got me so excited for a future meetup in Brighton!

    x Envy

    • There are so many gorgeous murals all over you have to go check them out!

  • Tiara Davis

    Great post and your pictures turned out amazing! I’ve never been to the U.K. before but it looks beautiful.

    • Thank you so much! It’s not all so photogenic but Brighton is definitely up!

  • I looove your photography! I’ve always wanted to visit Brighton because it seems like such a cute, quirky and interesting city, and I’m now desperate to after reading your post! (Not to mention, looking at your meals has now made me hungry even though I just had lunch, haha.)

    Franzi. x // FRANZIZZY

    • All the food was soo amazing! I’ll definitely be going back for that alone!

  • kathycakebread

    I went in 2013 and 2014 I love the arcades and the vibe of Brighton 😎Http://www.glitzandglamourmakeup.co.uk

    • It reminded me of being a child so much playing on the 2p machines, safe to say they are almost just as fun now as they were then!