Cut Price Cosmetics, Too Good To Be True?

Cut Price Cosmetics, Too Good To Be True?

Discount beauty products, too good to be true?

Discount beauty products, too good to be true?I’m very much the bargain hunter when it comes to making purchases- if I’m buying something from a brand that I know is sold in multiple places I will always have a quick check to see if anyone is selling the item at a lower price and will almost always chose a store that offers student discount over those that don’t, even the 10% saving goes a long way!

Even when I’m re-stocking on products I love and trust I look for the best offer, the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer is a classic example, it’s generally always on some kind of promotion so I pop into Boots and Superdrug when I’m coming to the end of the tube and will check Feel Unique too to see which one I’m best buying from!

I also ALWAYS ask for a sample of a new foundation first, even when I’ve been colour matched, not only does it allow you to check the shade in natural light and all over your face at a later date but it provides a couple of extra days worth of wear and will ensure you actually like the formula before you open the full bottle and render it non-returnable!

Having said this, I don’t think I’d ever buy from cut price websites that I don’t know/trust and I would never buy from an online website I hadn’t heard of before, especially when it comes to branded beauty products. Neither would I buy from re-sale websites like Ebay and Depop when it comes to cosmetics, by the time you’ve got the products it’s generally too late, or far too much hassle, to get your money back.

However, every rule has it’s exceptions right?

I have lived in near York for most of my life and in the Designer Outlet there is a discount cosmetics store- ‘The Cosmetics Company Store’. It has always been quite hit and miss but kept me in constant supply of my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear for much cheaper than I could find anywhere else. On my latest trip home I found the store had moved and, to my surprise, had got a whole lot bigger and better; adding the likes of Tom Ford, The Estee edit and GlamGlow to its shelves alongside Origins, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox and many many more brands.

Are discount beauty products ever worth buying?

Little did I know their outlet at Bicester Village held even more hidden gems- Aerin, Jo Malone and Darphin just to name a few! I popped in a couple of weeks ago and managed to snag myself a MAC Amber Lights for £7 (down from £10), a Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamon 30ml fragrance for £33 (RRP £44), a new bottle of Double Wear for £22.75 (RRP £32.50) and the Darphin Lumiere Essential Serum for £41.25 (instead of £55)

So, the moral of the story?

A) If you are buying discounted stock only buy from places you trust, as opposed to ones that you’ve never heard of/can’t verify

B) Generally, if it looks to good to be true it probably is, except when you can get your hands on it and confirm that yes, there is always an exception to the rule.

ALSO, how do people buy things at first glance?! Even if it’s a kinda impulse buy I generally check online to see if I can get it cheaper elsewhere and have a quick look at reviews.

Where do you stand on discounted cosmetics? Have you ever bought any beauty products from discount stores, online or in person? I’d love to know if there are any other outlets you trust!

Tara xo


Discount beauty products, too good to be true?

  • Bicester is amazing for discounts! I purchased a Vivienne Westwood watch there for less than £100 it was a bargain – the double wear sounds amazingly discounted too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    • Sadly I didn’t manage to pick anything else up for myself but it’s still a lovely day out anyway!

  • Yassss, I am so on board for any bargain hunting post! Getting a good deal can never be sniffed at hehe! I mostly see reduced price makeup in TKMAXX and often it’s all bashed up and has been swatched on a zillion different people’s dirty hands, ick! Buying from a trusted retailer is excellent advice! I live quite close to Bicester village and don’t visit nearly enough!

    Abbey 😘

    • I’ve never found anything in T.K. Maxx! If I lived closer to Bicester I’d be there all the time!

  • Rachael Shortt (PaleGirlRambli

    Ohhh I love bargain hunting and love the sound of that shop!! I’ll have to visit York! Can’t believe they have such incredible brands!
    I worked in TK Maxx so I always got discounted makeup straight from the delivery before it went on the shelves and everyone swatched it!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    • I don’t know where these magical TK Maxx shops are because the one’s I’ve visited have never had good stock!

  • Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    You have to love a good bargain! I’m always on the hunt for them 💖

    • Me too! If I can get something cheaper I always will!

  • Zara

    I usually get a lot of discounted makeup in TK Maxx however will only buy it if the packaging looks in good condition. However nail varnish is kind of my one exception and will never pay full price for brands like OPI and Nails Inc. In fact, today in Boots I got an Essie polish for £2.50!! Bargain! 😀 xo

    • Ah yeah with nail varnish it’s always on offer somewhere it’s hardly ever worth paying full price!

  • The only place ive found on the highstreet so far where I live for discounted make up is TK Maxx, but theres a good website online called save on make up which ive used a few times for discounted prices.

    Heather xox ||

    • Ah I’ll have to check that out, thanks for the tip!

  • Ohh I wish I had a shop like that near where I lived, the only place sort of similar is TK Maxx and they can be so hit and miss- they can have loads of amazing stuff at once (Too Faced, for example!) and then go months with nothing but rubbish.

    • Oh my I never expected them to have things like Too Faced! The only brand I’ve seen in mine is NARS and it’s usually bashed to pieces!

  • Food & Baker

    How amazing! Haven’t come across a ship like this before but it’s so good for someone who’d buy make up a lot!

    Jessica & James | /

    • Honestly it makes buying higher end products so much easier!

  • I always search for my favorite items cheaper. I will literally check like 5 websites to see if sales are going on when I need to restock. I’ve been to one of these stores in Wales and was impressed. I don’t understand how they do it but I love it; especially because Double Wear is my fave!!!

    • That’s me down to a T! And I’m the same with Double Wear it’s my one and only foundation so I’m so glad I can always get it for cheaper!

  • I also like to compare prices to get the best deals, and that shop you are talking about seems great! I also like to look in TK Maxx as they usually have some interesting bits, especially when it comes to nail polish 🙂


    • I am so bad at painting my own nails I never really buy nail polish but will have to have a look next time I’m in!

  • I’m awful for buying things on impulse if it’s a bargain and I really shouldn’t! I totally get that you have to trust where you’re buying from xxx

    • I think when there are so many savvy people able to make fakes it’s too risky to buy from an unknown site!

  • I love a good bargain but I’m the same, I could never buy from an untrusted website. Bicester sounds amazing though, this adds even more reason to my need to go there! Great post xx

    • Honestly it can seem like such a waste when you don’t buy anything from Bicester but I can always count on getting something from The Cosmetics Company so it really makes up for it when the other shops are no good!

  • That’s a treat! We surely don’t have anything like it from where I am.