ColourPop First Impressions

ColourPop First Impressions

ColourPop First Impressions

ColourPop First Impressions

This has been a difficult post to write and I’ve been working on it for quite a while, I don’t know if it’s because of my unplanned break from blogging that left me out of the flow of things or because it’s not all flattering and I’m used to writing about things I love rather than those that haven’t necessarily impressed. Or maybe I was disillusioned by the £20 customs charge I was burdened with, who knows, but it’s here now! I bought a lot of products so a word of warning, it’s a long post…

ColourPop First Impressions

Left to Right: Ultra Matte Lip in Clueless // Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park // Ultra Blotted Lip in Doozy // Lippie Stick in Parker // Blotted Lip in Drip

ULTRA MATTER LIP IN CLUELESS: Despite supposedly being a dead ringer for the Kylie lip lit in Clueless it is much darker has a much more purple appearance, much heavier than expected and felt tacky for a while until it matted down (the technical term). Once dry it didn’t feel so heavy but it did rest in the cracks of my lips quite a lot, emphasising the dryness. It also balled up quite easily when I rubbed my lips together- perhaps I’m being quite harsh as I was really hoping it would replace my Kylie Candy K liquid lip and it hasn’t come close. I will probably still get some wear out of it but think I’ll have to mix it with a more pinky brown colour to rid the purple undertones.

ULTRA SATIN LIP IN ECHO PARK: This has a mousy formula a little like the Bourjois Rouge Velvet liquid lipsticks and a is much better colour match for the heralded Candy K, although still not exactly a dupe. Transfers much easier than the ultra matte lip but that is to be expected as the satin lip does not fully dry, making it much comfier on the lips and kinder to dry lips as it does not settle into the creases so much. Out of the liquid lips I imagine that this one will be my most used, the not quite matte finish makes it much more wearable for the day time and the shade is definitely my favourite of the three I picked up.

ULTRA BLOTTED LIP IN DOOZY: Very patchy and a much brighter shade than I expected based on my research before I ordered (I stalk Insta and as many blogs as possible looking for swatches). It is labelled a ‘warm rose’ on the website but on me is much more fuchsia/red in colour. Again quite mousy/velvety in texture and is supposed to be medium coverage but you have to layer it up because of the patchiness so it becomes much fuller in coverage. Despite this it doesn’t accentuate dryness like the Ultra Matte Lip and also doesn’t transfer like the Ultra Satin Lip as it dries. I’m really torn here because I think the formula is my favourite however the patchiness is a pain as it takes a lot more work and the shade is just not something I’d gravitate towards.

LIPPIE STICK IN PARKER (MATTE): I can’t put my finger on what it is but there is something slightly off with this shade. I thought it would be similar to MAC’s Velvet Teddy which it just isn’t really- it’s much warmer and far more orange and although the packaging says it’s a matte product there is definitely some sheen. I do like the concept though; with the head being smaller it’s easy to create a neat lip without the need for lip liner and the angle of it- like that of lipstick, means it won’t go wide/flat like lip crayons tend to do, and despite the sheen- or maybe because of the sheen, it would be a great everyday lipstick if I suited the shade a little more.

BLOTTED LIP IN DRIP: My first impression when I swatched this was how sheer it is- although this is less noticeable on the lip so is the colour! It works well when I’ve just put my makeup on and have got foundation on my lips it brings them back to life but aside from this it is quite pointless if I’m completely honest. It is really light so you don’t even notice that it’s on which I guess is a pro but I really don’t see myself reaching for this at all.

ColourPop First Impressions

Left to Right: Super Shock Shadow in So Quiche // Super Shock Shadow in Cornelious

SUPER SHOCK SHADOW IN SO QUICHE (ULTRA-GLITTER): I ordered this as I have a Topshop Chameleon Glow shadow from years ago that I adore and thought this would be pretty similar. The Topshop shadow is almost colourless but is full of yellow/orange/green shimmer that looks fab at festivals over the summer and So Quiche offers almost the same however it has more pigment in the base colour, a beautiful olive green that isn’t too bold and is full of purple and gold glitter for the same holographic/duochrome eye look. I’ve found that f I use my finger to press the shadow onto my lid I get a more of the purple glitter transferring where as if I use a brush I get more of the gold- whether this is universal I don’t know but it’s worth experimenting!

SUPER SHOCK SHADOW IN CORNELIOUS (MATTE): Now this product I LOVE. I ordered it in the hope that I could run it through my crease to create some definition on days where I didn’t want to wear a full on eye-makeup look and it is perfect! It blends in seamlessly and gives depth to the socket without the need for a lid colour- you can probably create a similar look with bronzer but this is a much softer shade and more of a pinky brown nude.

Have you tried ColourPop before? I’ve read so many mixed reviews but do feel like the lip products are slightly over-hyped but maybe I just didn’t pick the right shades? I’d love to know your thoughts, good and bad!

Tara xo

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  • Soph Cullen

    your photos are gorgeous! Ive never tried anything from colour pop but their products look lovely! xx

    • Thank you so much lovely! They definitely have a great aesthetic!

  • Rachael Shortt (PaleGirlRambli

    I love your photography in this! I’m sorry you found the lip products so disappointing! I have a few lip products, brink and lumiere which are Lippie sticks I LOVE! But I never find myself reaching for the liquid lips..
    I’ve been dying to try their shadows and love the look of the one you got for your crease!
    I do that with the bronzer from my CT film star Bronze and Glow palette when I can’t be bothered with a full eye look and love the effect!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    • Ah I keep meaning to get the film star bronze and glow palette but then something else always catches my eye!

  • Food & Baker

    Loving your photography! Such great photos but it’s a shame about the products though!

    Jessica & James | /

    • Thanks so much! I have managed to use them a couple of times but they definitely aren’t my go to by any means!

  • Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    Great photos! I’ve heard mixed reviews when it comes to colour pop so I’ve never had the balls to try them out myself 😳

    • I wish I’d seen some negative reviews before I ordered, all I ever saw were people singing their praises!

  • Everyone RAVES about Colourpop, but these seem absolutely rubbish! It’s true that you do get what you pay for. I’m glad I’ve not bought from them.

    Alice | Dainty Alice

    • Yeah that’s what I thought which is why I ordered so many as I expected them to be fab! I don’t think I’ll be placing another online order!

  • These are beautiful shades, however I’ve definitely heard a lot of mixed reviews lately about Colourpop products! Thanks for sharing this. I love your photos, though! They make any product look desirable! 😛

    Jaycee |

  • Unexpected custom charges are the worst! I feel like for things like this, so much depends on getting the exact right shade… Which is usually just luck, I feel like :p

    • They are always so unreasonably expensive too! I can’t understand it myself but there should definitely be a better system for customs! Yeah you’re right, buying online full stop is risky- if possible I always go in store!

  • Those customs charges are outrageous!! And I’ve still not yet tried Colourpop, but after this review I think I won’t hurry to do so. Thanks for such a thorough and honest review!


    • I was so excited to try them but they did not live up to the hype, I’d definitely wait until you could try them in person and spend your money elsewhere in the meantime!

  • Rumaanah

    I’ve ordered some Colourpop products before but through Ebay – beats those huge custom charges! I’ve tried the matte shades and not had a problem with them personally but maybe it depends on what shades you order, I have Kae and Limbo, both on the darker end of the spectrum but lovely autumnal colours! The eyeshadows look great though and I’m glad you liked them, not a total bust thankfully. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion xo

    Rumaanah //

    • Ah I didn’t think of that! I think maybe I’ve just tried so many different liquid lips that these aren’t anything special and thus not worth it, especially given the fact they manage to flake all over my teeth/face!

  • Jade Newman

    I’ve heard so many good things about colourpop I will definitely have to make an order from there at some point! Those shades are all so amazing!!xx

    • Me too! Sadly buying online makes it so much harder to judge whether or not the shades are going to suit you and I fell foul!

  • Lydia Wilkins

    I love your photos, but what struck me was how articulate this post was; a lot of Bloggers almost coo over this brand, but you’ve gone into depth and tested each product. Fab post x

    • Thank you so much Lydia! I had only read positive reviews before I purchased so after my experience I thought I had to share it!

  • I keep seeing Colour Pop “popping up” everywhere! Their stuff looks amazing, i love that eyeshadow in So quiche x

    • The eyeshadows have done me so well over the last couple of months I’ve barely put them down!

  • Lauryn Mills

    I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on their products! I think i just need to grab a few things and try them out for myself haha!
    Great post Tara!