Juggling Blogging and University

Juggling Blogging and University

or a full time job/school/children- I reckon the principle is largely the same? (maybe the children one might be a little harder to work around since they’re actual people who can’t be side-lined)

As I didn’t start my blog until I was in my second year of uni you’d be forgiven for thinking making time for both was second nature for me- but second and third year are two completely different entities.

Now I’m on the final stretch, with just over two months left, and any time I take away from working on my dissertation makes me feel guilty, but so does not regularly posting on my blog- so it’s a real catch 22.

In an attempt to remind myself that it’s important to find a balance and make time for both- and also time to have a life in between- AND to help other people in my situation, I thought I’d set out my top tips for fitting in blogging when you feel like you really should be doing something else…

  1. Plan ahead: this is probably where I suck the most- I like to write about things as I think of them and blog about whatever is taking my fancy at the minute, my posts are normally written on the day they’re published which means I don’t really have a regular schedule at the minute. BUT I’m going to start setting one day aside a week to write and photograph a few posts so that I know I’ve always got something to publish which I’m sure will take the pressure off a little.
  2. Make use of the time you do have: I’m constantly half writing posts on the notes app on my phone whilst I commute to and from classes or waiting for the bus- you really never know when inspiration will strike and there’s nothing worse than coming to your laptop at the end of the day and forgetting what you wanted to say. I know this is in kinda contradicting no.1 but really they work so well together- if I jot things down when they pop into my head it’ll be so much easier to get multiple posts written in one day!
  3. Schedule you social media: I tend to use and app called ‘Buffer’ and schedule a few for the next day just before I go to bed- I’d do it on the tube but seen as it’s underground I don’t have the internet to make it work. You could even do it whilst you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or for your dinner to cook. With Buffer you can re-buffer old tweets too so it makes it quicker and easier to remind people of your old posts and ensure your timeline isn’t just full of the last one you published. I can’t vouch for any other apps but there are SO MANY there has to be one that works for you.
  4. Bulk take photographs: this will get even easier as the days (and nights/mornings) get lighter and good natural light isn’t as fleeting. AS the days get longer there’ll also be more hours to work with too- sorry sleep! Plus, taking a whole load of photos at once means you don’t have to get all your props out just for one post! I like to take a few that aren’t related to any posts too so that I’ve got them for Instagram if I’m struggling for content.
  5. Use blogging as a break from studying: yes, you still need to get away from your computer at some point, but for me, and I’m sure most bloggers, writing is a hobby, it’s fun and it’s an escape- so why not write a post, or share some love on other blogs, when you’ve read enough historical/political/medical* articles for one day (*delete/change where appropriate)
  6. & finally… Don’t feel obliged to post: the classic quality over quantity. If you’re posting for the sake of it and you don’t love the post, how can you expect any readers to like it either?! We all need to take a step back every now and then and your blog will always be there to come back to once the deadlines have passed.

This is definitely an occasion where I need to take my own advice! How do you keep on top of your blog when it feels like you’ve got no time to spare? I need alllll the tips so keep ’em coming!

Tara xo


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  • I started blogging when I was still a student and I managed to post everyday. Now that I no longer study, I find it difficult to post once a week. LOL. How ironic. Well, as long as there’s balance and you’re motivated to blog, you can totall do both things.


    • It’s funny how we all work so differently! When I was in second year I had no trouble posting but as soon as I had my dissertation to work on I found making time for both and not feeling guilty quite difficult.

  • The Sunday Mode

    Seriously my hat goes off to you, I started my blog when I finished uni because I don’t think I would have been able to juggle the two very well at all. I also completely agree with what you were saying about your second year being different to your third- my third year was insane!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • The step up between second and third year is immense! I thought that as soon as I graduated I’d be back on it but I think because I got out of the routine of posting regularly it’s been much harder to keep to a schedule.

  • Jasmine Watson

    I couldn’t live without buffer and crowdfire for scheduled twitter/insta posts x

    • Honestly Buffer is my saviour! I’ve never tried crowdfire but I’ll have to check it out!

  • I’m just like you when it comes to blogging! I’m a mix of planning ahead and just making use of the time that I have. I recently restarted all my blog posts because they were just too erratic and didn’t really work with each other, so now I just have an ongoing list of post ideas so that when I find a quick second to spare, I can just pick one of them, brainstorm on the topic and then draft the post later!

    Leni | minimizeorganize.com

    • Ah that must have been such a huge task! I want to do a re-design but am afraid I’ll have to re-jig all my posts and it’s putting me off! Hats off to you!

  • Hannah ♤

    Love this!

  • Yiotou_La

    I have a full time job and I started blogging as a hobby and sometimes it’s really hard as I need to be consistent and share posts at least twice a week. I usually plan my posts and prepare them during the weekend and I also take lots of photos during the weekend. Great tips!!


    • I completely understand! And I find that sometimes when you know you’ve got to get it done it can be hard to get going because of the pressure!

  • Joanne

    I totally agree that planning ahead is the best way to keep up with our blogging. And I do find myself also bulk taking photos, it does save a lot of fuss over looking for the best photo to put up. Also why repeatedly clean up the table to make the photo’s setting when you can just use one for multiple posts at once, right?
    Really enjoyed reading this! I’m so in love with your blog, I think it’s gorgeous. You’re welcome to visit mine as well <3 have a good weekend!

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

    • Yes! I make so much mess taking photos I always think I may as well take a few posts worth rather than clean it up just to have to do the same the next day!

  • Raeanne Lydia

    This couldn’t have come at a better time for me! I’ve been swamped with school work (apparently, this semester has been too much for me :/) and have found it hard to keep up with posts. I was in a funk for a couple weeks, but now that I’m back from vacation and had some time to relax, I’m so ready to get into blogging again! Thanks for the tips – I definitely need to start planning posts ahead of time. I have so many drafts too that I haven’t finished *sigh*.

    Rae // http://www.raechic.com

    • I’m glad I could help! At least the half finished drafts will make completing posts a lot quicker for now!

  • I’m not in uni, but these tips are still so helpful since I’m struggling with the balance between GCSE’s and blogging.
    Aleeha xXx

    • I think when you’ve got to work by yourself, like with revision as opposed to being in class all day, it can be a lot more difficult to work efficiently and get everything done! I hope the GCSE’s went well!

  • Yara Mel

    I find it freeing and more inspiring to not force myself to post! And yes, use it to get away from studies is always a good idea 🙂

    Nice post!


    • I swing between just writing when I feel inspired too and then sitting down and forcing myself to get stuff out, I think it all depends how much time you have and what mood you’re in!

  • Abi Street

    It is so hard to balance uni and blogging. When i was at uni, my blog always slipped to the side but you’ve definitely got some fab ideas! x

    Abi | abistreetx

    • It can be difficult to keep it up when there’s so much else going on around you! Thank you lovely!

  • Carla Mirabelli

    This is such a helpful post! I have started my blog during my second year of uni and I am starting to see the struggle. I really need to get better at planning!!

    Carla X carlamirabelli.blogspot.com.au

    • Thanks Carla! I started mine in my second year too and planning ahead really does help, even if it’s just deciding what post to go when and then writing it up last minute I find having some kind of plan makes me more likely to get it done!

  • Angelica Sereda

    Nice tips!