La Mer, Worth The Hype? Or the Money?

La Mer, Worth The Hype? Or the Money?

La Mer Worth The Hype

La Mer Worth The Hype

When I saw the La Mer Glossybox popping up in my favourite bloggers Instagram posts I HAD to have it- I signed up to the waiting list and waited patiently for the 20th to roll round. There I was at 8:30 ready and waiting for the email I was told to expect first thing with my exclusive link to access the pre-sale at 9am, when it got to quarter past and I still hadn’t had an email I was definitely disappointed- so many people were tweeting about getting their hands on one and I still hadn’t had my link! Thankfully, it came through soon after and I did manage to get one of the 2000 boxes to try.

Normally, I probably wouldn’t share such a scene setting story for you but when the box arrived I went searching the Glossybox UK twitter for the box’s hashtag (#LaMerGlossybox) and their feed was full of people complaining that they hadn’t got a box and that it was a joke. I don’t know how many people will agree/disagree with me but if I managed to get one around 9:15 I don’t really understand why others didn’t get there first if they really wanted one! After trying to get my hands on Yeezys for my brother twice this month-I failed both times- I really can’t see anything to complain about when stock is still around after 15/20 minutes. I was annoyed that the email didn’t get to me until after the sale had gone live, and I really feel for those who didn’t receive the email until it was too late, but if you didn’t sign up for pre-sale or left it until after 10am to try and buy one you can only blame yourself!

OK, rant over.

For those of you who are still around- let’s get on to the actual box!

La Mer is a brand I’ve always admired but never saw myself buying- the price tag is just so so so far out of my reach, so the idea of getting to sample 6 products for £40 was one I didn’t want to miss!

La Mer Worth The Hype

So what was inside?

  • La Mer Revitalising Hydrating Serum: I have a strong love for serums, I think I’d probably go as far as saying that I’ve not tried one that I don’t like so I kinda knew this was going to be a hit! The serum itself is a lot more liquid-y than most I’ve tried and it takes a good 3 pumps to get enough for my full face although I guess in a full size that might just be a single pump…. it makes my skin feel instantly soft and smoothed over as well as super hydrated- everything you want in a serum, right?
  • Crème De La Mer Moisturising Cream: At first I thought this was super thick and that it definitely wouldn’t be a product I’d use daily but then I read the info sheet and found out I’d been using it ALL WRONG. You’re meant to warm it up between your fingers until it goes translucent and then pat it on- like you would with an oil I guess. Since the change in application tactic I haven’t really changed my opinion that much. It’s still pretty heavy, so I’ve only been using it on a night, my skin has been a lot more hydrated since using but I think it’s a product that I’ll use when I’m really in need of a boost rather than every day.
  • La Mer Cleansing Micellar Water: I’m honestly not a fan of micellar waters at all, I gave this a go and it did remove my eye make-up with ease, although I found it did sting my eye area a little. I assume it’s just as good as all the other micellar waters out there so unless you’re feeling super spendy I’d probably go for a more affordable option.
  • La Mer Intensive Revitalising Mask: As soon as it’s applied to the skin it has an instant cooling effect that lasted for the whole 8 minutes it was on. Once I washed it off I couldn’t really see any dramatic results- my skin did feel hydrated and a lot more supple but I couldn’t say if that’s down to the mask itself or all the other products- that’s the only problem with trying so many new things at once!
  • La Mer Treatment Lotion: supposedly a miracle product described as ‘liquid energy’- I’m not sure if it lives up to that name but it definitely evened my skin tone and texture- making a great base for other products/make-up
  • La Mer Eye Concentrate: This was the product I was most excited about as lately my under eye area has been in real need of a boost and my normal eye cream isn’t cutting it. It smelt really fresh and, like the revitalising mask, it had a cooling effect once applied to the skin- it sunk in much faster than other eye creams I’ve tried, perhaps because it’s a lot thinner, and I have been reaching for this every might since the box landed on my doorstep and my eye area does look (and feel) a lot more hydrated and less bumpy.

Did you manage to get your hands on the collaboration? or are you already a firm fan of La Mer? OR maybe it’s just never something that’s appealed to you?

I haven’t been disappointed with any of these products, and in fact I’d definitely jump at the chance to get my hands on a full size eye concentrate and the hydrating serum but as it stands there is no way I can justify the expense and I’m not sure I ever could!

If you have any fab hydrating eye cream/serum recommendations that aren’t so super expensive then please let me know…

Tara xo


La Mer Worth The Hype

  • I am not really a fan of subscription boxes. I had a subscription once but was always disappointed. However, this box looks really really nice! A like a really cool bargain! I have never used La Mer before but this would be the occasion. xx C&K

    • I think I’ve never taken out a subscription because there’s always something that’s a little disappointing- at least with this I knew exactly what I was getting when I ordered!

  • Lolita “Lolitambonita” Bonita

    I cant buy into subscription boxes as I dont like the uncertainty that comes along with it! This one seemed super pricy too. The products look lush though x
    Lola Mia //

    • I’m the same, I love the idea of a subscription box but feel like they’re often not worth the money. This one wasn’t that expensive when you consider a single La Mer product normally costs over £100!

  • Lindsay Murrell

    I wish I had known about this! I would have for sure tried to get my hands on one! I’ve always been so intrigued by the brand but it’s so pricey! This seems like such a good bargain :)!

    L xo

    • I’m so glad I managed to get one! I’m not sure if it’s satisfied my curiosity about the brand though as now I’m desperate for the full sized eye cream and serum but could never justify the cost!

  • Not dived into the world of subscription boxes – mainly because I don’t have the money! i’ve not heard of La Mer before, but the products look lovely! x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

    • They’re absolutely stunning- I only wish I could justify the price tag of the full sized products!

    • They’re absolutely stunning- I only wish I could justify the price tag of the full sized products!

  • Chloe

    Hi, I’ve not tried a subscription box before as always worried about what I will get. Glad you enjoyed yours despite the difficulties getting it, Chloe #TeacupClub

    • I’m the same- I’d hate not knowing what was landing on my doorstep and ending up with duplicates/products I wouldn’t use!

  • If you could get the sample box again, would you?
    I’m one of those people who is afraid of spending a lot of money on beauty products in case they don’t work, but this kind of thing I would probably consider.

    • I’d never thought of that but I guess it’s the best way to judge if it was worth it and yeah I think I would get it again! After having it a little longer I’ve found uses for everything except the micellar water!

  • Jodie.Mitch

    I so badly wanted this but I was in a meeting when it went on sale 😭 But I agree that it’s SO expensive, I don’t know if I could ever actually buy anything 😩

    • That’s such a shame! Even though I loved the eye cream and the serum I still don’t think I could ever spend that amount on a single beauty product!

  • Sheridan Grady

    This box looks amazing!! So jealous! I would love to try some of their products x

    • I’m so glad I got the opportunity, don’t see myself ever buying the full sized products though because of the £££

  • Like you, La Mer is so out of my budget! Love the sound of the eye cream x

    Everything But The Kitchen

    • I’m starting to worry about the day it runs out now but at least I know there are good eye creams out there for me, I’ve just got to find one with a kinder price point!

  • Emma

    The eye concentrate is irritatingly good but I’m equally struggling to justify the £150 for a full size. Totally agree with the first part of this post- I signed up for the pre-sale and when my email didn’t come through at 9am I logged on to the Glossybox website and purchased from there. Some of the comments being left on Twitter/Instagram were so rude and, as you say, if you want something you may have to put in a little effort to get it! x

    Emma |

    • Yeah I don’t see myself justifying it- I think it’s one of those things I’ll forever lust after though! I’m hoping I’ll find a good, cheaper alternative!

  • I’ve been using Aveda’s hydration lotion and wedding eye mask cream recently and am really impressed with them as much as I was with these La Mer bits, the hydration lotion has a lot of the same ingredients as well! I actually purchased the soft cream after trying this box as I found the original so lovely but hated the annoying rub it between your fingers! X

    • Ooo I’ll have to try both of them when these samples run out, hopefully the eye mask cream will fill the void!

  • My heart skipped a beat when I saw this post because 1. I was really curious to see if La Mer is worth the hype because I’ve been seeing it more and more lately as well, and 2. I didn’t want to be tempted if it was worth the hype and the money haha! I’m glad you enjoyed the products because the box is still pretty pricey, but you get a good amount of samples to try so that’s always amazing. I’m definitely tempted, but oh man that price tag…
    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    • Even after falling in love with a couple of the products I still don’t think I will buy the full sized, they’re just so crazily priced!

  • I was so tempted to get this! It sounds like the eye cream was a hit, it is worth purchasing just to sample the products and see how they compare to more affordable brands 🙂

    X Emma |

    • Yeah I’m so glad I got to try them out at a fraction of the normal cost! Now I’ve just got to make them last as long as possible!