My Favourite Full Coverage Concealers

My Favourite Full Coverage Concealers

This post was going to be ‘my concealer wardrobe’ but then I realised that all the concealers I own do one thing, albeit very well, and that is COVER IT UP. Anything- bags, spots, redness, you name it and I’m pretty sure they can make it disappear (kind of).

These are the all-rounders, the ones who are good at everything. Granted I tend to use them for slightly different reasons, and I could use them all at once if it was a really bad day, but they don’t quite fit into separate, clear cut categories – maybe that’ll come as my collection grows, if I can bear to branch out.

SO, I guess we’ll just be doing this by concealer…

  • Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Eye Concealer: this is the least full coverage of them all and is maybe my favourite- or it would be if I didn’t have such problem skin. Despite the lack of shade range ‘light’ seems to be the perfect shade for me and so many of my friends, yet we are all different shades IRL. It is probably the best for under eyes but I do have one gripe, the applicator. This concealer is way better when you first buy it, as the applicator gets clogged you just don’t get as good a coverage!
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer: at first I hated it, totally didn’t get the hype, but then I realised you have to blend it in ASAP and it works so much better if you use your fingers. It’s super thick in consistency and again, the shade range is limited, but shade 1 works really well for me. It’s a little lighter than my skin tone, so is fab for those places you want to highlight a tiny bit- under the eyes, the middle of the nose and the forehead. It can be a little drying though so I’d maybe steer clear if you suffer with dryness a lot.
  • Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealer: This is the newest addition to my collection, and probably the thickest- I hadn’t heard anything about it but a lovely lady in Space NK suggested it, I wasn’t feeling impulsive so she applied it and I left feeling a little mean but not ready to buy. It got to the end of the day and my under eyes looked so good, she hadn’t even set the concealer but it hadn’t creased and my eyes looked so much brighter! This is the toughest of the lot to blend, like with the Collection 2000, I find using my finger works best and I tend to pat it in under my eyes if I’m needing an extra boots as well as on any particularly angry spots or redness.
  • Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundationnot technically a concealer, in fact not a concealer at all, but when I felt like the girl with the worst acne on earth it was the ONLY thing I could count on to cover it up without making it look 10x worse. I used quite a fluffy but small brush, similar to one you’d use to blend out eye shadow and it masked everything.

What’re your favourite concealers? You probably don’t need ALL of these seen as they’re so similar but right now I wouldn’t sacrifice any! Although the Vichy doesn’t get as much use now I have my breakouts under some degree of control, I thought I should share it in case any of you lovelies are suffering, and I daren’t throw it out just yet in case the acne comes back.

Tara xo


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