2017 To-Do List

2017 To-Do List

I’m not/ have never been a New Year’s resolutions kinda gal, maybe I know I’m only going to break them and can’t face the disappointment or failure in doing so- but now we’re half way though January and I’ve realised there are a few things I’d like to achieve this year, or even just in life in general, and why not jot them down so that I can keep reminding myself?

So, here goes, I guess…

  1. Smile more; I read a lovely poem recently about the contagious nature of smiles and it’s made me determined to spread them as often as I can! Plus, I’m sure it’s a thing that if you smile you end up feeling happy?
  2. Worry Less
  3. Become a Morning Person: This is a MAJOR thing that I’ve been trying to work on, to no avail. For months. I’ve started to think I might just be a night owl but I’m going to put some effort into creating a new routine that makes sure I make the most of my mornings.
  4. Cook More: I’m an avid baker but often neglect proper meals in favour grabbing something that I can quickly warm up or making do with beans on toast- this needs to change!
  5. Let people know I appreciate them more, you never know when you might lose the chance.
  6. Bite the Bullet: I put things off for far too long, worrying it’ll go wrong/ I’ll fail, but then I miss the boat- surely failing is better than not trying at all?
  7. Travel More, or even just exploring more would do! Can you believe I’ve lived in London for nearly three years now and I’ve never even been to Hampstead?
  8. Experiment with my style: my wardrobe doesn’t stray far from monochrome, and whilst I don’t see this changing massively I definitely want to branch out with shapes, textures and accessories
  9. Read More Books
  10. Eat less meat, and dairy: 2016 really opened my eyes to the way the things we eat can affect our bodies, and I’m really going to focus more on what I’m putting into my body this year to see what kind of diet works best for me.

Is there anything you’d like to achieve this year? How have your resolutions gone so far?

Tara xo


My 2017 To-Do List

  • Mandeville Sisters

    Such lovely goals, I need to follow some of these for sure. Especially the smiling more!


    • It’s amazing how contagious a smile can be, not only for others but for ourselves too!

  • I have also got a 2017 resolutions if you want more inspiration on this. https://georgyana.me/ Good luck !

  • I really enjoy reading posts after the new year – there’s so much inspiration and it’s so nice as everyone gets really motivated!

    Love it 🙂


    • It’s just such a definite fresh start and a great way to break with the past- whether the intentions will span out though who knows!

  • sophielaetitia

    Lovely goals! I think all of these are spot on, especially worry less! I need to do that too! xx

    • It’s easier said than done but we will get there eventually!

  • missgetaway

    This is a great to do list. I hope you get to fulfill all your dreams and 2017 will be amazing for you.

    Best, Kerstin | http://www.missgetaway.com/