Zoeva: First Impressions

Zoeva: First Impressions

I have coveted the Zoeva brushes for as long as I can remember (slight exaggeration, maybe for as long as I’ve been blogging?) but I’d never really given their make-up collection a proper look until my sister bought me a couple of their palettes for my birthday waaaaay back in September, but for some reason I haven’t got round to telling you about them until now, so I guess you could call this first & lasting impressions?

The first thing I noticed, much like their brushes, was how gorgeous the packaging is! I have the Rose Golden Blush Palette and the Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Palette and they both came in a sleeve which makes sure the actual palettes stay in tip top condition- a real bonus if you’re taking photos of them, although I guess it’s irrelevant if you aren’t.

If I thought the outside was good, it only gets better!Zoeva Rose Gold Blush Palette Review

The face palette comes with a slightly cool toned contour powder, a white highlight and a more pink toned shimmery shade, which you could use as a highlight or a blush, depending on your skin tone.

All of the shades are super pigmented and the pay off is great on the skin, my favourite of the three is definitely he contour powder- I know there’s constantly talk of contouring being over but I don’t ever see myself leaving it behind, why would u ditch the chance to make your face look even a little more chiselled?

The white highlight is also great, it’s a lot more subtle than some of the others I own- if you’re in need of some serious brightening you could even use it under the whole eye area, the first time I used it I did this by accident not realising it had a shimmer to it & nobody seemed to notice I was sparkling.
Zoeva Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Review

As for the eye shadow palette, it’s a perfect mix of neutrals to take you from day to night! The lighter shades in the palette have been a go to for day time looks of late, while ‘pure’ and ‘soft and sexy’ make great transition shades! Like the face palette, the eye shadows are also really pigmented; ‘sweet and sound’ proved a staple over the Christmas period and I can’t wait to experiment more with the plum shades as I get more confident with my eye make-up! It really is a great all-rounder, with half of the shades being matte and half shimmery it covers all bases!Zoeva Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Review

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype and only buy things that get a lot of attention when there are so many other fab products out there! I’m so glad my sister got me these as I don’t think I’d have tried them otherwise and now I don’t see either of the palettes straying from my collection any time soon, they are such great staples with a luxury feel and a more affordable price tag, what more could you want?!

Tara xo


Zoeva Rose Gold Blush Palette Review

Zoeva Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Review

Zoeva Rose Gold Blush Palette Review

  • Hayley Rubery

    That neutral eyeshadow palette looks SO dreamy – all of the colours look so wearable!

    Hayley xo

    • That’s what I love about it- not a single colour is one that I won’t use!

  • the eyeshadow palette is so pretty!


  • That looks like such a great check palette the brown looks like the perfect bronzer shade.. the eyeshadow palette has some great colours in it love the gioldy shade


    • The contour shade is my current go to- it looks so natural on and blends seamlessly!

  • I love Zoeva’s eyeshadow palette’s! Gorgeous shades x

    Nev | Miss Nev

  • I just got the brushes too. Looking at this and reading how good they are makes me veeeeeery likely to make some impulse purchases…

    • I think I might be doing the same for a brush set soon!

  • Bernadette

    I’ve been seeing lots of people talk about zoeva makeup. At first it didn’t really interest me. None of their makeup really appealed to me but now I am beginning to take interest. They do have quite a interesting makeup range.


    • I love how they have some real staples as well as some brighter palettes and I’ve not heard a bad word said about any of them!

  • I have a few Zoeva brushes and I adore them! I’m still yet to purchase any of their makeup products, though. I’ve had the cocoa blend palette on my wish-list for ages, so I really need to get my hands on it soon!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


    • I’m planning to get some brushes soon, my sister swears by them and they’re all so pretty too! I love the look of the Cocoa Blend palette as well- I definitely think they’re more than worth their price!

  • Samileen

    I love Zoeva as a brand, their brushes are bomb. But their makeup is pretty darn good too. I love their eye shadow palettes. So pretty and well sort out shades.

    Saman || Beautydetour

    • I totally agree, I can’t fault anything with these palettes!

  • I haven’t seen that Naturally Yours palette around that much because people mostly talk about the Cocoa Blend but I think the one you have looks better (for my tastes) anyway. Though I really have my eyes on the Nude Spectrum palette because it looks so beautiful and I think I could get a lot of wear out of it. I haven’t tried any of their makeup before but everyone seems to love it, and their brushes are some of my favourites.


    • yeah the Naturally Yours definitely suits my taste better than the Cocoa Blend too but the Nude Spectrum looks great as well- so many wearable shades in one palette!

  • These photos are stunning! I’ve been wanting to try Zoeva products for as long as I can remember, and I definitely think I should pick one up sometime soon. These colours are so beautiful and neutral.


    Imogen | http://www.faux-silk.com