The Perfect Christmas Eve In

The Perfect Christmas Eve In

Now, before we start, I just want to put out a little disclaimer that all our ideas of what makes the perfect Christmas eve will be very different- but I thought I’d share my favourite ways to spend the day and feel super Christmassy before the madness begins!

  1. BAKE: This one’s more for Christmas Eve day, but there’s nothing much more comforting that homemade sweet treats! We usually have a low-key get together with family and friends on Christmas Eve where we have some food and drinks so I’ll definitely be baking for that! You can check out my festive recipes by clicking of the food tab!
  2. Don a new pair of festive pj’s: getting matching pyjama’s to wear on Christmas Morning has become a semi-tradition in our house (some time’s pyjamas, often onesies, and even a Christmas jumper on one occasion). Much like new sheets, new pyjamas make the idea of going to bed much more appealing, and they’ll look fab in any photographs (or home videos *cringe*) while you open your pressies in the morning!
  3. Watch a festive film: I have a few favourites, but The Holiday is definitely at the top of the list, closely followed by Elf. This year I’m looking forward to watching We’re Going On A Bear Hunt with my niece and nephews at 7:30pm on Channel 4- I always try save my favourite films for as late in December as possible so it’s extra special.
  4. Wrap some presents: I’m fully aware most people will have finished their wrapping by now but for some reason I always save it till Christmas Eve- this probably has something to do with my last minute shopping BUT it never fails to make me super excited! Plus, it’s generally my mum’s presents that are left to be wrapped so I rope my siblings in and we all do it together.
  5. SPRINKLE REINDEER DUST ON THE DRIVE with the kids if you have any in your family- or by yourself, I may be 21 this year but this is one of my favourite traditions and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

What’re your favourite things to do on Christmas Eve?

Tara xo


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