My Lush Top 5

My Lush Top 5

A review of the best lush products

A review of the best lush products

Until this year, I’d only ever used their bath bombs, but on my quest to gain control of my skin I have found some real skin saviours! Plus, with the return of the Christmas collection my No.1 product is back in stores so I thought this would be the perfect time to share my five favourite products with you!

  1. Rosy Cheeks– Very similar to the Origins Re-texturising Mask, without the exfoliating aspect, and a fraction of the price. This mask never fails to leave my skim calmed- the rose clay absorbs excess oil without drying the skin, it’s not a huge blemish remedy but more of a mask for regular use to help prevent breakouts. The rose fragrance is minimal and refreshing, it definitely adds to the calming effect.
  2. Ocean Salt- This has really changed my attitude towards exfoliators, it’s a little rough for my face but works wonders for my body- it’s super moisturising thanks to the avocado butter and the subtle lime scent makes me feel like I’m on holiday, I don’t know why- maybe something to do with cocktails?! I also love how it starts as an Ombré white to blue; it just makes it all the more ocean like!
  3. Grease Lightening– My newest purchase and I haven’t been this impressed in a long while. It works best on those under the skin spots which make you feel like you have a bruise and don’t seem to come to a head & it really reduces the inflammation and dries them out so much better than any toothpaste out there yet doesn’t leave skin dry- if that makes any sense?
  4. Ultrabland– I harped on about this at the beginning of the year and it’s a cleanser that’s really stuck around AND I’m still on the same pot! It doesn’t do much for make up removal but has firmly earned it’s place as part of a two step routine, although I’m still trying to find a product which manages to do both at once- let me know if you’ve got any suggestions!
  5. Butterbear– this is my all time, 100%, no competition favourite EVER product from Lush! You will probably know it’s non-festive sibling the Butterball, it’s exactly the same, yet CHEAPER and shaped like the cutest bear you ever did see. I tend to stock up on these in the festive period (& boxing day sales when they get even cheaper!) and use them year round!

I also just want to give a special mention to the Mask of Magnaminty- I’m not using it at the minute as I’ve found it to be a little too drying on my skin but it is the best mask I’ve ever tried for drying out spots from first use. If I thought I’d be able to use even a quarter of the pot before it went out of date I’d buy it just to put on my most problem of areas when they’re really playing up-so this would be great for those of you with oilier blemish prone complexions.

What’re your favourite Lush products?

I’ve got to admit that I haven’t tried many of the products they offer- I always tend to gravitate towards the face mask and bath products, I’d love to know what you thought of their other ranges?

Tara xo


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  • The Ocean Salt sounds really good, it’s one that Iv wanted to try for a while now. Also, if you’re looking for a cleanser that removes both makeup and cleanses your skin, you should give The Body Shop Vitamin E cleanser a go, I rub it all over my face then use a hot muslin cloth to wipe it all off – works really well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Personal Style & Beauty Blog

    • Ooo I definitely will! I’ve been trying their camomile oil cleanser lately and have been impressed, will have to pick up the Vitamin E one next!

  • Salina Khan

    I’ve always enjoyed using Lush products. They never fail to impress me.
    Your selections are really well chosen. I love the Grease Lightening. I purchased one myself a while back and it was amazing! <3
    Much love,

    • I couldn’t believe I’ve never tried it before! It’ll definitely be something I repurchase from now on!

  • I haven’t been to Lush in so long, but these products sound great and now I want to go buy some!

    • My favourite time to pop in is this time of year, they start celebrating Christmas almost as early as me!

  • Rosy Flynn

    I really need to do a Lush haul, I tried Rosy Cheeks ages ago and I’d love to have another go 🙂

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    • It’s a shame I can never get through a whole tub before it expires but it’s so good I just keep buying!

  • Ocean Salt is absolutely wonderful, definitely one of my favourites too. I’ll have to check out Rosy Cheeks it sounds lovely.

    Abigail Alice x

    • It’s definitely my favourite face mask- a true all rounder!

  • Awesome picks, & great photos. 🙂

  • I’m overdue for a Lush visit. Need to pick up a few things and one of those will be that Ocean Salt you mentioned. It should like something that would work great as a body scrub because I love a good salt scrub.

    Ann-Marie |

    • It’s a saviour at this time of year when I’m fake tanning for all the parties! Hope you love it as much as I do!

  • Niamh Neeve

    I have never seen the spot treatment in my lush, looking at al the similar bottle make my eyes go funny and I just immediately gravitate towards the bath bombs! I might have to actually ignore the bath bombs and look for it in my local lush.

    Niamh |

    • I always make a beeline for the bath bombs etc but when I was recommended it by the assistant I had to give it a go and I’m yet to be disappointed! It’s definitely worth looking out for!

  • Catherine Claire

    Must try! These look amaze! xo

    Cathclaire | The Crystal Press

  • Francesca Nelson

    I need to try that butterbear!! sounds so worth it! I swear by Lush skin drink moisturiser its amazing!!!! I also use the coffee mask/scrub I love it!!

  • The Ocean Salt Scrub is one of my fave products from lush aswell