StarSkin Behind the Scenes Balancing Sheet Mask

StarSkin Behind the Scenes Balancing Sheet Mask

StarSkin Sheet Mask Review Blog

StarSkin Sheet Mask Review Blog

I was so late to the sheet mask party it’s unreal! As much as I love a little pamper session, regularly using face masks is something I have never really done. In my attempt to change this, and help combat my skin woes, I’ve stocked up on many many face masks in the last few months- the first of which was the Origins Re-texturising mask and the second addition was my FIRST EVER SHEET MASK, the StarSkin Behind the Scenes Bio Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask– a mouthful if nothing else!

With a name so long it had to be good, right?!

I had thought that sheet masks were generally for moisturising and that was about it, but this StarSkin mask put that to bed. It is specifically designed for blemish prone skin and those suffering from redness, visible pores and blackheads.

In the packet is a sheet mask made of an odd jelly-like material, bio-cellulose?, not paper/cotton like I had expected, with another two layers on either side which you remove before applying the mask.

When applied, it has an instant cooling effect- which can be increased if you pop the mask in the fridge for 10 minutes before applying. I left it on for 20 minutes, after this time there wasn’t much product left on my skin but as directed I massaged what I could into my face. It felt a little tacky but sunk in really fast. My blemishes looked less angry and my skin felt a little tight but not dry- which can often happen after blemish combatting face masks.

The next day my skin felt great- moisturise and supple and although the mask did not help to prevent new spots appearing the next day, it definitely reduced those I already had. I suppose with regular use- the packet suggests twice a week- it would help combat breakouts. Sadly, at £8.50 a mask, it is not a product I will be using multiple times a week so I will not be able to put that to the test but will be re-purchasing when I fancy a skin treat. I’ve spotted them on ASOS so as soon as they offer a discount I’ll be stocking up on a few!

Have you tried any of the StarSkin Bio Cellulose masks? How did they compare to other sheet masks?

Tara xo


StarSkin Sheet Mask Review Blog

  • Oh these masks sound great! I still haven’t got around to trying sheet masks but they sound like fun so I might buy a few of these.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    • They’re just so much easier than a generic face mask when it comes to application & removal- it’s win win when you find one that battles your skin problems!

  • I’ve read so many posts about how amazing these are. It’s a shame that they’re so expensive. I’ve just ordered a pack of Tony Moly ones from Amazon, can’t wait until they arrive!

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    • I got a pack of Tony Moly ones from Amazon too last month and am currently in the process of testing them out! They’re proving pretty good so far and are so well priced, I’d love to know what you think once you’ve tried them!

  • I’ve never tried a sheet mask before. Will have to check these out! x

    • They’re super easy and fuss free, definitely worth a try!

  • A sheet mask that helps those suffering from redness, visible pores, and blackheads? What?! I need this in my life haha

    • Who would have thought it?! I was sceptical but I do think it helps- especially if you have combination skin as then it’s never too drying!