10 Things to Love about Autumn

10 Things to Love about Autumn

Summer is by far my favourite season- and although I love the start of any new season, they all tire eventually, except summer! The light nights give us more hours in the day and there’s something about the sun, as well as the free time that comes with educational holidays that but’s everyone in high spirits. But, alas it has come to an end, and although we managed to enjoy some cracking weather throughout September the nights are already drawing in and it won’t be long before we’re battling the wind and the rain!

Things I love about Autumn

In the interest of looking on the positive side and finding the silver lining, I thought I’d make a list of my favourite things the season has to offer!

  1. Wearing all black is universally acceptable- and you don’t face the prospect of over heating
  2. You can finally get a good nights sleep without turning into a sweaty mess
  3. You can buy a new coat, new boots, new scarfs, gloves, hats- the list is endless!
  4. It’s the season of festivities- Halloween and Bonfire night both fall in autumn and give us plenty of things to look forward to, plus Christmas is just around the corner!
  6. It’s socially acceptable to spend the whole day inside- and every Saturday night, who want’s to go out in the rain anyway?
  7. BATHS- I get far too agitated if I take a long bath during summer, I can last maybe 20 minutes tops, when the weather cools though there’s nothing more comforting than a nice long soak after battling the elements!
  8. Treats- Drinking Hot Chocolate aged 21 at a meeting suddenly becomes acceptable, the shops are filled with sharing boxes of chocolate and with no summer body to worry about ordering pudding is a sure thing
  9. More Pamper time- this one kinda goes with it being acceptable to stay indoors 24/7 but the colder weather also has a HUGE impact on my skin so extra pamper time is practically a necessity…. (are you convinced?)
  10. Berry Lips- need I say more? Although I am partial to a brown-y pink, there’s something extra special about a berry shade at this time of year, it is weird if I say it just feels right?

I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons to look forward to, if you’re a lover of autumn please let me know your favourite things- the longer the list the better, once the clocks go back I’m going to need a constant reminder of why to stay positive!

Tara xo


P.S. It’s October 3rd, HAPPY MEAN GIRLS DAY! 

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