Origins Original Skin Face Mask

Origins Original Skin Face Mask

A couple of weeks ago I popped into Debenhams in search of the Origins GinZing peel off mask (like every other person on the planet?!) alas, it was sold out. I couldn’t walk away empty handed, so settled on the Origins Original Skin Mask, specially formulated for ‘young’ skin and fronted by Madeline Shaw no less- as far as consolation prizes go I was feeling pretty happy.

Honestly, when I bought the mask I wasn’t really in need of it-or so I thought- all summer my skin was the best it ever has been! I’d cut out dairy and with a minimal skincare routine involving make-up wipes (oops!) and the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate I didn’t breakout for close to three months- this all came crashing down during the last week of August and I was more than happy to have this mask on hand!



It’s a two-in one product (you know how much I love those!) combining a rose clay based face mask with a gentle jojoba bead exfoliator- a perfect tag team to re-texturize the skin. Being rose clay it is slightly gentler than a generic clay mask, which I find to be a little too drying, yet it still works wonders for absorbing excess oil.

After applying to clean, dry skin you leave it for 10-15 minutes to dry and then splash with water, loosening the mask and allowing you to exfoliate with the jojoba beads, massaging in circular motions until the majority of the mask has melted from your face- I tend to find this doesn’t completely remove the mask so use a face cloth to be sure I’m squeaky clean.

Although I haven’t noticed a reduction in the size of my breakouts after multiple uses, it has definitely helped to balance my skin and calm the dryness I was experiencing- and this is something I did see from the very first use!

Because of the exfoliating aspect it can be a little harsh on my active breakouts- perhaps why it hasn’t helped to reduce them- but once they’ve calmed down I think it’s going to be a fab at preventing more by keeping both excess oil and dryness at bay!

What’re your favourite products for dealing with unwanted breakouts and combination skin? Please let me know- I’m getting so fed up of my current state!

Tara xo