Kylie Crème Shadows

Kylie Crème Shadows

I was adamant I wouldn’t buy anything more from Kylie Cosmetics after being a little disappointed by my lip kits (although I have to say that they’ve definitely grown on me since my review) and because of the shipping costs- I thought myself lucky not to have been charged customs the first time round, it seemed normal to get charged another £20 on top of the initial shipping according to many other Kylie Cosmetics reviews I’ve read!

Anyway, the Birthday Collection proved too tempting and whilst I was determined to hold out and stick to my guns, the Crème Shadows were seemingly too good to be missed!

Kylie Cosmetics Creme Shadow in Rose Gold Review and Swatches Kylie Cosmetics Creme Shadow in Copper Review and Swatches

In the pot they look like molten metal- and this transfers onto the skin, for some reason my Rose Gold seemed to be a little lumpy at first glance- as you can see in the photographs whilst the Copper shade looked smooth in comparison however I haven’t noticed any difference in consistency so I’m assuming it was a result of the was it was packed into the pot (?)

One think I did noticed is that there are little clumps in the shadows-You can see it in the swatches and I’ve had it transfer to my lids a couple of times but it’s been easy enough to remove- I’m hoping it was just because they’d dried out a little and that it was just an odd film/crust type thing on top of the shadows and that it wont be a problem running through them!

Kylie Cosmetics Review and Swatches

Other than that, I’ve been really impressed so far. Initially I thought they’d be too pigmented to create everyday looks but I was so wrong! They are so creamy that it makes them super easy to blend out and make more subtle looks or use as a base for powder shadows whilst they’re also super buildable making them great for dramatic looks!

When it comes to cream shadows in general I tend to use my finger to apply them to the lid and then blend out with a brush- and these work perfect used in the same way!

They also have insane staying power- not that I should be admitting to it but I’ve slept with my makeup on, including each of the Crème Shadows, recently and they’ve managed to withstand the night in perfect condition. They can be a little stubborn to remove- due to the pigmentation and glitter- but nothing too out of the ordinary!

Kylie Cosmetics Creme Shadow in Rose Gold Review and Swatches

I am a cream shadow lover and these are a fab addition to my collection- but again I have vowed not to buy anything else from Kylie Cosmetics due to the shipping and customs charges, I was stung hard this time and had to pay £18 customs on them before I could call them mine.

Did you manage to get your hands on anything from the Birthday Collection? I was super tempted by the matte minis but seen as I already had Candy K and Dolce K i just bought the Koko K lip kit instead!

I’d also love to know your thoughts on Kylie Cosmetics in general and your experience with shipping/customs- let me know in the comments below!

Tara xo


Kylie Cosmetics Review and Swatches