Forest on the Roof, Selfridges

Forest on the Roof, Selfridges

Cocktails at Selfridges Forest on the Roof

I know today probably isn’t the day to talk about rooftop dining/drinking- looking outside my window it could definitely be mid-November- BUT, during last week’s **heat wave** I was determined to make the most of what London has to offer and headed to Selfridges’ ‘Forest on the Roof’.

I have been meaning to visit Selfridges rooftop since I came to live in London but somehow it’s never happened- so I had 0 expectations. Heading in it was beautiful, branches and flowers lined the walls, as did mini hanging mirrors and fairy lights making it all very pretty- but once out on the rooftop I was a little disappointed- only a tiny proportion was outside, ‘The Terrace’, with the rest under a clear canopy/marquee structure. Luckily I managed to nab a table outside so didn’t let it dampen my spirits!

Cocktails at Selfridges Forest on the Roof

I ordered ‘The Gardner’, made up of Vodka, Midori, mango juice, matcha tea powder, and fennel which looked as much like a green juice as it did a cocktail and tasted fab, whilst my friend ordered the ‘Water Mellow’ – Gin, Aperol, Noilly Prat, watermellon juice and homemade citrus syrup– which looked delicious, but I’m not a fan of watermelon so can’t vouch for it’s taste!

Dinner and Drinks at Selfridges Dinner and Drinks at Selfridges

We both ordered the Caesar Salad, and, just in case that didn’t hit the spot, we got a portion of chips to share, they both went down a treat! I’d definitely pop up again for the salad alone and when it comes to a dish as common as Caesar salad that’s an achievement.

All in all, we both really enjoyed our evening, but next time I will do things a little differently! I should try to be more organised if nothing else! The beach huts looked fab to sit in, but were occupied well before I arrived, and the restaurant definitely has a much better offering when it comes to the menu selections however the wait time was much longer to match.

I guess having the option for drinks and snacks outside makes for a quicker turn around, or is great if you’re after a pit stop mid-shop, but the experience would have been even better had we been able to choose from the full menu- of both cocktails and food. After all, sitting in a marquee kinda defeats the point of visiting a rooftop, no?

Have you visited any of Selfridges’ rooftop offerings? I can’t wait to visit again once it gets it’s winter dress up!

Tara xo