All Hail the Highlight

All Hail the Highlight

Hourglass Brilliant Light Highlighter Review The Balm Mary Lou Highlighter Review

This post is so overdue- but I guess summer is the perfect time for wearing a killer highlight? (I mean, I’m an all year round wearer but hey ho!)

I thought it would be a GREAT idea to pit my two favorite highlighters, which also happen to be cult classics, against one another. That way, if you’re stuck between which to buy hopefully you’ll settle on one!

Also, I KNOW you may be wondering why a Becca highlight (Champagne pop more specifically) doesn’t feature- simple answer is that I sadly do not own any/it!

So, The Balm vs Hourglass

As you can see, both shades are very similar. I’ve got the Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer and Hourglass’ Brilliant Light. This, you could say is where the major similarities end.

Th Balm Mary Lou vs Hourglass Brilliant Light highlight

Left- The Balm Mary-Lou, Right- Hourglass Brilliant Light

Mary-Lou is far more pigmented than it’s hourglass counterpart-whether this is good/bad depends on what you’re looking for- Brilliant light is definitely the more subtle of the two.

That being said, it is also a lot more powdery and can have a considerable amount of fall-out, making it a little (very little) harder to work with!

I also find that the Hourglass product is a little chunkier- more glittery than shimmery in comparison to Mary-Lou

Hourglass Brilliant Light Highlighter ReviewThe Balm Mary Lou Highlighter Review

Packaging wise I think it’s pretty safe to say Hourglass comes out on top, although it has the price tag to match!

In all honesty, I reach for Mary-Lou more than any other highlight I own. Yes, it may not be the subtlest highlight out there but I like that, and with a light hand and a couple of swipes you’re sorted. However, I tend to find people comment more on my highlight when I’m wearing the Hourglass product so perhaps it’s not as subtle as it seems when you hit the right light?

Do you own either of the highlights? What’re your thoughts?

Also, if there’s any other highlight you think I’m missing out on and need IMMEDIATELY please let me know, I have a few haunting my wishlist as we speak!

Tara xo


The Balm Mary Lou Highlighter Review Hourglass Brilliant Light Highlighter Review

  • I own all of The Balm Highlighters and they are my favorite! I actually have Champagne Pop, and while I love it, when I’m looking for a visible in the dark highlight, Mary Lou is what I reach for. Great post!

    • I recently got my hands on the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Face Palette and have to say I still prefer Mary Lou to Champagne Pop- great minds think alike hey!