Homeslice Pizza Menu
Chorizo, Salami, Rocket and Parmesan pizza at Homeslice

I think I’m a bit of a pizza snob * gasps*.

Don’t get me wrong, I could demolish a dominos or a classic Pollo ad Astra any day, but I find shop bought pizzas to be a bit soggy, bland and boring and rarely order pizza when I visit a new restaurant.

At Homeslice I had no other choice but to order pizza, and I couldn’t be more happy about it!

The menu’s are pretty straight forward, sticking to 10 staple options, with slight variations at each of their branches, and can be ordered either by the slice at £4 each or as a full 20″ pizza for £20. Pretty straight forward right? It gets even better- the wines come by the bottle but you only have to pay for what you drink!

I wish I could say that, at this point, I’ve tried all the variations on offer but I’m a creature of habit and constantly order the same- Salami, rocket and parmesan- but it’s just so delicious! However, last time I fancied a change and split a 20″ half Caprese and half ‘Braised brisket with pickles on a bbq base” (very adventurous!)

A slice of Salami, Rocket and Parmesan

My beloved Salami, Rocket and Parmesan

Caprese and Beef half and half pizza at Homeslice

An attempt to step out of my comfort zone!

Sadly, the brisket was a faux pas, but the Caprese was so tasty and I’ll definitely be ordering again! For me, Homeslice is a place best visited with a friend or two, preferably who have similar taste to you- so you can get a half and half and share them! (or maybe that’s just me being greedy?)

Not once have we managed to finish a pizza when I’ve been, and definitely not through lack of trying! Maybe that’s a challenge you can take on?

Defeated by the pizza at Homeslicef

Defeated! We were so full we didn’t even bother taking the leftovers home!

What I’m trying to say is that the pizza at Homeslice is insane! It lives up to my pizza standards without a doubt and is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area (or fancy making a special trip!)

Beware- it’s a bit of a messy experience, eating 20″ pizza, with copious amounts of toppings, with your hands can result in a few spills- wearing white probably isn’t the best idea! You better be feeling brave if you’re planning to go on a first date!The pile of napkins we went through

Let me know if you have any other pizza shop recommendations in London that’ll impress a pizza snob (said as a whisper!)

Tara xo