Beauty in a Flash?

Beauty in a Flash?

Well, that’s maybe what you’d expect from Clarins’ ‘Beauty Flash Balm’, but does it deliver?

As I continue on my quest for perfect skin, I wanted to talk to you about this little wonder!

I have had it for a while, probably close to a year now but I hadn’t yet bothered to share my thoughts as I wasn’t sure I had anything new to say- the reviews out there are so mixed it’s hard to know whether I can add anything, but after a recent twitter chat I was inspired to share my thoughts anyway! Maybe you somehow haven’t stumbled across the product or a review before- if so, where have you been?!

It’s another of those multi-tasking do-gooders, much like my trusty Murad moisturiseryet it’s also the complete opposite! I bought it thinking it was a primer, however I was then told you definitely should not use it every day. It’s more of a hero product to reach for when your skins feeling a bit ‘Meh’ and needs a little boost and it definitely delivers for me.

Clarins' famous beauty flash balm

I use it pretty much the same as I would a normal face moisturiser, just less frequently! I squeeze a little on my fingertips and then smooth it over my skin in sweeping strokes, apparently you shouldn’t rub it too much or I can ball up but I haven’t experienced it yet myself!

If I’m applying make-up on top I usually get started straight away, It sinks in to the skin pretty fast so there’s no need to wait for it to dry.

It’s meant to brighten and tighten the skin and it definitely does brighten- my face looks more refreshed than it does after a weekend of good sleep and I feel like it evens out my skin tone too. Even better, it definitely pro-longs my make-up and keeps it looking fresh all day, however I’m not entirely sure about its tightening claims- how do you even measure that anyway?

For me, the Beauty Flash Balm is a make-up bag staple and something which can always be relied on even though It’s not something I use every week. What’re your trusty skincare staples?

Tara xo


Clarins' famous beauty flash balm