DF Mexico

DF Mexico

IMG_1432If there’s one thing London is lacking it’s good Mexican restaurants & this makes me sad. DF Mexico has definitely alleviated my woes of late after I stumbled upon it earlier this month!

The brain child of Thomasina Miers, top chef & creator of Wahaca, I initially had low expectations as the latter has never blown me away (I could be ordering the wrong things but often prefer the cocktails to the meals I choose!) After a little insta-stalking I couldn’t resist a visit. Tex-Mex burritos are one of my guilty pleasures & the photo’s I saw made it impossible for me not to try one for myself!


First off, we got sat on a green table which although pretty cool wasn’t conducive to my Instagram theme so I was a little heartbroken. High-maintenance me aside, there wasn’t anything else I can actually complain about.

It was kinda like a Mexican version of Nando’s (I hate myself for saying this as it was so much better than the infamous chicken shop but in a similar vein you pay first, buy a drink & fill/refill yourself and also get a side with your meal at a discount price, if you so wish.)

Feeling a little greedy, my sis and I went for 2 sharing sides and a main each!

I ordered a pulled pork burrito & Cera went for a Chicken torta (a burger to you and me!) with some chilli con carne fries & tortilla chips with guacamole to share! I feel like I have to point out how thrilled we were with the guac, only the day before we’d ordered a similar side elsewhere and had barely a thimble to share yet at DF Mexico we couldn’t even finish our portion- and that’s saying something!

IMG_1450 IMG_1460IMG_1462

My pork burrito didn’t disappoint & I was slightly envious of my sisters burger type concoction! The star of the show however was definitely the ‘Carne Con Chile Fries’- I’l be going back for these alone!


Another thing that didn’t disappoint was the portion sizes- they were HUGE! We definitely could have done without both sides/ maybe should have invited more people to come with us!

100% defeated by our Mexican feast!

100% defeated by our Mexican feast

If you know of any other Mexican gems in the capital please clue me in! If not, I have a feeling DF Mexico may become a regular haunt of mine.

Tara xo