Sunday Brunch: Granger & Co.

Sunday Brunch: Granger & Co.

Ok, so technically this wasn’t a Sunday but I’m pretty sure the experience would be the same?!

After Easter my sister came back down to London for a couple of days and naturally I had a brunch spot planned for every morning. Unfortunately, we didn’t managed to make it out the flat in time, shame on us, I know.

By hook or by crook I knew I was going to get at least one proper brunch, My Old Dutch was all well and good on one “morning” but I’m more of an egg gal. Luckily, Granger & Co made it much easier than I had anticipated.

Granger and co brunch review taradaniella

Nestled between Kings Cross and St. Pancras it’s quite literally a stones throw away from both stations yet being outside of them makes it so much more enjoyable than grabbing a pre-train meal from a station vendor- especially if you’re blessed with a sunny day like us!

We opted to sit outside, over heating from lugging out suitcases on the tube & eager to make the most of the Sun (We were proven right by the hailstones that welcomed us back into York)

On to the main event, I’d already set my heart on eggs so scrambled was as natural choice- although I was tempted by so many other options! My sister is the polar opposite, hates eggs, so went for the ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter.

Granger and co brunch review taradaniella

Granger and co brunch review taradaniella

Once we started & realised how yummy our meals were we regretted not getting some fruit/granola on the side- I’m sure they’re also delicious.

Mid way through I remembered I’d seen a homemade lemonade on the menu & couldn’t possibly leave without giving it a try. There’s just something about homemade lemonade that I can’t resist! It was delicious, definitely in my top 3!

Granger and co brunch review taradaniella

I almost ordered another round before realising we needed to leave for the train. Next time I’m going to go luggage free so I can have a look inside, the baked goods on the menu definitely took my fancy for another day!

It’s so easy to grab food as a necessity, especially when you’re travelling, that it’s nice to take some time to enjoy a ‘knife and fork’ meal and make an occasion of it!

Let me know if you’ve got any other brunch suggestions? I’m always on the look out for somewhere new- I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of scrambled eggs!

Tara xo


Granger and co brunch review taradaniella

  • This looks absolutely delicious! I think I would have gone for the same thing as you, I like sweet things but I’d still pick savoury over sweet any time. There is nothing better than enjoying your breakfast outside. xx

  • Ahh, so you went for the infamous hotcakes and the scrambled eggs 😉 I tried their eggs before but had to have it dairy free (lol how boring am i bc lactose intolerant). This time round, we tried their lunch menu and it wasn’t too bad! The Clerkenwell Granger & Co had quite nice interior too and overall, I thought, while it was good, was definitely a bit pricier than expected!

    Cherie | sinonym

    • I’m trying to cut dairy out of my diet but it’s proving far too hard! ( or maybe I’m just lacking in will power..) I’ve never tried their lunch menu but from the sounds of it I’m best of sticking with brunch!

  • helena

    this looks so yummy, i love scrambled egg and this has made me really want some! I have never heard of hot cakes before though but they look so yummy!

    • From what I could tell they’re more or less a pancake! Definitely delicious!

  • I love scrambled eggs too, it’s so cool how their eggs turned out all whipped like that 🙂 i work near the Clerkenwell Granger and we sometimes go here for breakfast and lunch.

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  • Lydia Daley

    I’ve never seen such perfect, moussey scrambled eggs! The lemonade looks delicious too, if they sold that and the honeycomb butter through supermarkets or online, I would be snapping some up for sure!