Transitional Coats

Transitional Coats

You’re probably bored of me harking on about the weather now but I just can’t get enough of the sun! BUT, it is leaving me in a bit of a sticky situation when it comes to keeping myself at a good temperature.

I look out of the window on a morning and it looks like glorious day, until I step out the front door and I’m hit by a gust of freezing wind or vice versa- It looks pretty glum but then the sun breaks through by lunch and my (faux) fur trimmed coat has got me all flustered. SO, on my hunt for a perfect solution I thought I’d throw together a little guide of what I deem to be the best!

1- The Trench. A cult classic. You can’t really go too wrong with this one. There are so many different lengths, colours and cuts that there really is an option for everyone. I have always been worried about looking frumpy, and definitely a lot older than my years until this year when I found my perfect trench and I’ve barely had it off since!Transitional Jackets for Spring taradaniella

1-Karen Millen // 2-River Island // 3-Burberry // 4-Topshop // 5-Jovonna // 6-Miss Selfridge

2-The Suede Jacket. Currently living on my lust list due to the price point. I could buy and imitation (which is looking increasingly likely) but I’m trying to hold off & find the real deal at an affordable price during the mid-season sales! Suede is so good for keeping you warm whilst not being too heavy and it definitely looks a lot more appropriate than a full winter coat.Transitional Jackets taradaniella

1-Dorothy Perkins // 2-H&M // 3-Mango // 4-Reiss // 5-Topshop // 6-Mango

3- The Sleeveless Coat. Another that hasn’t quite made it into my wardrobe. I’m holding out until it gets that little bit warmer and I can pair it with long sleeve tops without loosing sensation of my fingers. If only the Great British weather would comply with my fashion wants.Transitional Jackets for Spring taradaniella

1-Mango // 2-Topshop // 3-Topshop // 4-Miss Selfridge // 5-Miss Selfridge // 6-River Island

4- The Leather Jacket. Another classic, I think I can quite justifiably say we all own one! I’m on the look out for a coloured one to add to my collection, nothing too crazy maybe a baby pink or dark red/maroon. Much like suede you can count on them to keep you warm whilst not looking like you dressed for winter.Transitional Jackets for Spring taradaniella

1-Esprit // 2-French Connection // 3-Reiss // 4-Topshop // 5-French Connection

5- The Duster. This is my current favourite, so handy to throw on over any outfit, light enough to keep you cool and their shape makes it perfect to wrap close when the wind strikes.Transitional Jackets for Spring taradaniella

1-Boohoo // 2-Boohoo // 3-River Island // 4- River Island // 5-River Island // 6-Topshop

6- The Patterned Jacket. My wardrobe is 99% monochrome, so a patterned jacket always makes its way in during spring to brighten my look a little and make me look a lot less gloomy. (Even if the pattern is also monochrome it’ll still work a treat!)Transitional Jackets for Spring taradaniella

1-H&M // 2-Miss Selfridge // 3-H&M // 4-Boohoo // 5-New Look

7- The Bomber. One jacket that I don’t think I can pull off, much to my dismay! So easy to put over anything and look chic I’m holding out hope that I’ll find one that doesn’t leave me looking like an apple with legs!Transitional Jackets for Spring taradaniella

1- Topshop // 2-New Look // 3-River Island // 4-Mango // 5-Ted Baker

I hope this has helped and jacket woes you are currently suffering with and given you some inspiration for keeping appropriately warm/cool for the upcoming months! I’m just a jacket lover I’m going to make the most of it before t-shirt weather arrives, which should be a while considering it’s now raining cats and dogs outside!

Tara xo