Revision Prep

Revision Prep

Revision Stationery Haul tara daniella

My Uni exam timetable came out this week and the only silver lining I could find was that it meant I NEEDED to go pick up some stationery, right? (Probably not, but I did it anyway)

Lets be real, there’s nothing at all about exams to look forward to, except them ending! So, in my panic I went a little bit wild, do please forgive me- not everything in the photos was bought in one sitting, and the little bits last YEARS. Plus, at least I will be covered for every eventuality…?


I was really happy with the organisers I picked up from Kikki K, hence why I bought two (my mum will be the lucky recipient of one!). I’m making a conscious effort to try and get better organised this time round as I’m over and done with by May 11th (terrifying!) and as they aren’t dated it means I can use them whenever I want- without fear of missing a load of pages because I’m not busy! Plus, they’ll some in handy next year if I haven’t used them all by then.

Revision Stationery Haul tara daniella

Actually, I was really impressed with everything in Kikki K! I picked up a load of inspirational quote packs that I think I’m actually going to frame/ add to pin boards around the house to keep my spirits up. I especially loved the rose gold & white ones, which cost around £1.25 each, and they’d also make great postcards, bargain! And I couldn’t resist the mug- not strictly going to be used for revision purposes but tea is an essential companion!

I also picked up some notepads from Muji, I love their simplicity and they’re such steal!


Revision Stationery Haul tara daniella

Most of the little bits I’ve actually had since last year (call me a hoarder if you want) but I’ve dug them out again in time to get re-started! I find it helpful to pin notes around the house so they catch me off guard & it makes me feel like I’m covering all bases.

I love my list pad, from Sainsburys, I have a couple of others too. It’s so satisfying writing a list at the start of the day and being able to cross things off! Plus it’s magnetic so I can stick them to my lamp/ the fridge/ anywhere else a list pad is needed!


Revision Stationery Haul tara daniella

Even though the exams aren’t until May, I have four essays to hand in between now and then so I’m already a ball of stress! Getting all the cute stationary together has made me feel a little better!

I’m thinking about posting some revision tips later in the month so please let me know if you’d like that/ what your favourite tips are and how you de-stress before exams!

Tara xo

P.S. I was going to put links to everything but I felt that would take an age so I’ll leave a quick list of where everything’s from here:

  • Kikki K- Organisers, Inspiration Board Cards, Mug
  • Paperchase- Ladybird Pins, Maze Pen, Love Heart Paper Clips. Jewel Pen, Jewel Pencil. Flower Pattern Post-it’s, Cute Rubbers
  • W H Smiths- Heart Pins, Flower Shaped Post-it’s, Tab Post-it’s
  • Sainsbury’s- List Notepad, Black Biro’s, Pink/Flower/Stripe Pencils, Miniature Bull-dog Clips, Flower Pins
  • Homesense- Notes/Dream/Create Mini Notebooks
  • Muji- Brown Notepads
  • Good luck with all the essays and exams girl! I know the feels aha! And you are completely allowed to buy as much cute stationery as you want to help you get it all done! (Well I tell myself that anyway, my latest uni stuff haul was ridiculous haha!) Hope you’re feeling calm and in control of it all, you got this!
    Kate 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Kate! I just keep telling myself it’ll all be over soon enough and stationery shopping is definitely a coping mechanism we all need to use more!

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