Eat Me

No, I don’t expect you to actually eat me, it’s actually the name of a gorgeous little cafe/restaurant I visited recently!

If you’ve read my ‘February in Review‘ post you’ll know I spent a week at home (in Yorkshire) recently. Whilst mostly bogged down with uni work, I managed to break free of the shackles of my laptop for a couple of hours and head out for brunch with my lovely mum.

The cafe is in the quaint (can I call it that?!) seaside town of Scarborough, right opposite the train station!Eat Me Cafe Scarborough Review blog post

Although there were plenty of options on the menu, enough to make all previously life decisions seem easy as pie (no pun intended) we were only there for breakfast and it was rather an eggy affair on our table.

I went with scrambled eggs on granary toast whilst my mum opted for a fried eggs sandwich (rather her than me!).

I also ordered a mango and banana smoothie which I will 100% be trying to create once I get my hands on a blender down here at uni, In classic adult fashion my mum ordered a coffee.Eat Me Cafe Scarborough Review blog post

Whilst I cannot vouch for the fried egg sarnie, I can only assume it was tasty, mum had already covered the thing in HP sauce, sliced it in two and almost demolished it before I even managed to take a photo. I don’t think she got the memo about letting me take pics before we eat- I forgave her and I hope you will too, just think of her as a puppy in training!Eat Me Cafe Scarborough Review blog post Eat Me Cafe Scarborough Review blog post

What I can vouch for however was my scrambled eggs! I don’t know what came over me when I ordered (I’m normally one to go for something more fancy) but since I had them it’s started some kind of obsession. The humble avocado and poached egg breakfast staple has been well and truly replaced.Eat Me Cafe Scarborough Review blog post taradaniella.comEat Me Cafe Scarborough Review blog post taradaniella.comAs the true little piggies we are, at 11am on a wednesday (I’m totally making up the day here, due to my essay delirium I can’t remember when it was) morning we opted for a slice of cake each as our pudding. I took my Caramel and apple cake home for a treat later on whilst my mum ate her Carrot cake there and then-with a little help from yours truly. I hate to say it but she definitely picked better, I wasn’t a fan of the pieces of root ginger in mine.

Tucked up ready for my essay writing all nighter, cake in tow!

Tucked up ready for my essay writing all nighter, cake in tow!

I also need to make a special mention, the chips they serve at Eat Me are in a world of their own. I have been known to visit before solely for this delight. In fact, except for the chips I don’t think I’ve ever ordered the same thing twice- with regularly changing specials I hardly ever even order from the menu.

I think I’ve probably made it sound as if I eat here regularly, oops! I’ve actually only been a handful of times but not once have I been disappointed!

Have you stumbled across any hidden gems recently?

Tara xo