I’m back again to tell you all about the last month in my shoes! Once again, February was an odd month of two distinct halves. I’m beginning to wonder if this will always be the case? While I’m not living at my family home but also not owning my own place for a long while, I’m starting to feel like I wont have a true ‘home’ any time soon so I my desire to flit between the two will remain strong.

Also, I know I’m 20, but I do not feel 100% ready to deal with all of life’s woes, and sometimes there’s nothing better than going back to your parents to be looked after and get some much needed R & R.

I don’t know what it is about London, but even when I’m doing nothing I’m doing something, if you get me? (Probably not, but even on my days off I’m working or running errands or doing something else which doesn’t give me a proper break.) Basically, life in London has been all work and no play recently¬†so to switch off and chill out I have had to get back to Yorkshire. Whether that’s because of the influence my family has on me or the fresh air of the North I’ll never know.

So, much like January, I spent a couple of weeks with my family last month. Firstly we went skiing in Austria during my younger siblings half term, followed by a further week at home during my reading week at Uni. Although the second week was spent in a great deal of isolation as I had to submit three essays on the Friday, I very much enjoyed the holiday we spent together. With one sister missing it occurred to me that I probably don’t have many, if any, full family holidays¬†left now, so I was sure to cherish it as much as possible.Skiing holiday in Austria february in review taradaniella.com

Skiing holiday in Austria february in review taradaniella.com

Isn’t it weird how you find your family the most irritating thing growing up and then suddenly, you reach an age/turning point and realise how amazing they are!

Aside from the family time, which consisted of too much food, to much wine, and far too much time spent falling down the slopes, I’ve been working on getting my life where I want it to be. Blogging has opened my eyes to so many amazing women who I can truly call role models, building their own lives and careers. They have really encouraged me to put in more groundwork on my career, even if I’m not 100% sure what I want it to be yet. I started to act on my wishes for the future and have some exciting things coming up in the next month or so as far as future Tara is concerned. I also had my first invitation to an event courtesy of my blog, which was extremely exciting, even though I was unable to attend!

This post has got very long and very rambly (is that a word idk?) and I’m not even sure if it makes any sense to anyone but me, but I’ll no doubt share it anyway so you can continue to get an insight into my life and how my brain works!

I really hope you had a good February, with Pancake Day & Valentines/Galentines there were definitely some things to look forward to! And with Easter at the end of this month who can complain?! Bring on the Chocolate!

Tara xo

Skiing holiday in Austria february in review taradaniella.com