Not that (Ultra)bland

Not that (Ultra)bland

After writing about my troublesome skin in my Mask of Magnaminty review back in January, so many people recommended I try their Ultrabland cleanser, so obviously I went out and bought it, didn’t I?

I did no research before I went, which is very unlike me, and I was shocked to find that Ultrabland was a cream cleanser (I don’t really know what else I was expecting). Also, the pots seemed pretty small, so I grabbed the biggest of the two and tootled off to the tills (congratulating myself for not buying anything else!)

lush ultrabland cleanser review

It is Lush’s best selling and oldest cleanser, based on a classic cold cream it is advertised as ‘simple and very effective’- which when made up of only 10 ingredients, you can’t really argue with.

Honestly, I can’t decide if I really love it. It’s not great at removing make-up at all, although it works, it is no where near as good as the Emma Hardie Balm, and takes 3 cleanses to 100% remove my new favourite foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear.

This being said, I still keep reaching for it, I tend to remove my make-up first, then go in again with Ultrabland and a muslin cloth or a face towel as a second cleanse.

One of my favourite things about Ultrabland is that it doesn’t leave you feeling tight faced and in urgent need of moisturiser, in fact you feel as if you’ve just moisturised, which I hardly ever find with cleansers.

I have been using this morning and night for about 5 weeks now, the results? My redness has reduced considerably, my skin is a lot less dry AND My spots have gotten so much better, but they still exist (cry face).

SO, although I am not 100% sold on Ultrabland, that’s purely because it didn’t live up to my make-up removing expectations. It is undoubtedly a fab cleanser and has worked wonders for my skin. For just £7.50 for 45g/£11.95 for 100g I don’t think you can really go wrong, as I said, I bought the larger pot, and I am not even half way through it yet so a little goes a long way.

It probably won’t be my go to, as it’s so laborious, but it will definitely remain in a prominent spot in my cupboard for when my skin needs some extra TLC, or maybe I’ll give up on using it as a make-up remover and let it be my second cleanser (can you tell I’m indecisive?).

If you have any other recommendations cleanser/ make-up remover wise please let me know! I’m still on the look out for my holy grail product!

Tara xo

  • Georgia

    I love this cleanser! I agree its not the best at removing make up though, so like you I use a make up remover first and then the cleanser 🙂 Great review! xx

    • Thank you Georgia, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  • I’m so tempted to try some LUSH skincare, but every review I read seems a bit too mixed for my liking! Maybe I’ll stick to the bath bits 🙂

    Lilies and Lipbalm

    • I think then natural ingredients can mean they don’t always work as effectively as other product but I absolutely love the Mask of Magnaminty if you’re wanting to try out some skincare!

  • I’m so surprised to hear you didn’t get on that well with Ultrabland for make up removal – I personally find it works amazingly! It’s so weird how mixed products can be. I love Mask of Magnaminty though, good choice!