Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This isn’t your typical gift guide as I thought I’d not only give you some product recommendations BUT also share some ideas with you, to spark your imagination and give something more personal!

  1. Flower Subscription– Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? And what’s better than a one off bouquet on Mother’s day? That’s right, a regular delivery of fresh flowers. Bloom & Wilde have always had my heart, but there are plenty of options out there with different frequencies & price tags.
  2. Afternoon Tea– you could book a spot at a local hotel/restaurant or even attempt to put on a spread at home. Which mum doesn’t love a good cup of tea and a catch up with their child?
  3. Baked Goods– if Afternoon Tea seems a little too much, why not try your hand at baking something? Both my Cookies & Brownies are super easy, or you could bake this granola if lent has got you *trying* to give up the sweet stuff.
  4. Tickets to a museum/ play– Lets be real, most of the things we would normally buy our parents they can get themselves, so why not make it a bit more special and invest in an experience rather than another set of bath products?
  5. Tokens– e.g. ‘a day out shopping’ // ‘ A three course meal cooked by me’ // ‘A foot massage’ (ew). When I first heard this idea a few years ago I thought it was genius, a way to spread out your gift as much as you mum wants & make it personal based on what they like to do. It’s even better if you include a few things your mum knows you don’t like doing that much to save for when she really needs a pick me up!

So that’s it, if none of these tickle your fancy and you want to buy a more generic gift then I have also rounded up some suggestions for you!

Sanctuary Gift Set // Ted Baker Gift Set // Bloom & Wild Flowers // Ugg Slippers // ‘Home is where Mum is’ Mug // To-Do List Notepad // Chloe Perfume Gift Set // Silk Eye Mask // One Line A Day 5 Year Journal // ‘Home is where Mum is’ print

Do you celebrate mother’s day? If so, what’re your plans this year?

Tara xo