The Best Foundation?

The Best Foundation?

I know I am SO late to the party with this one, but having bought it some time during my January blues and basically not putting it down since I couldn’t not share my thoughts with you!

estee lauder double wear foundation review

As I said, I was so late buying this so most thing’s I’ve got to say probably won’t be breaking news!

I always knew I would like it, but was forever put off by others saying it was too full coverage, thick, heavy or drying. Now as far as I’m concerned there isn’t really such a thing as too much coverage! I suffer with scarring & a lot of redness on my face so the better (read fuller) the coverage the happier I am, so I’m not sure why this put me off but lo and behold it did.

Naively I thought that nothing was going to beat my Revlon Colorstay, but I’d gotten a bit fed up and some how I had ended up between shades so finally bit the bullet. (I actually went to get colour matched and asked for a sample, ever the cautious one.)

estee lauder double wear foundation review

After the first application I was sold! Normally I’ll have to play around a bit first, try different brushes/sponges, different primers and powders but with Double Wear I’m not sure you could apply it ‘wrong’. I use my real techniques buffer brush and apply it straight to my face, it gives me the fullest, most even coverage I’ve ever had, without looking cakey!

Also, we need to talk about it’s staying power, it claims to be able to withstand 15-hours of wear, obviously I was dubious. Colorstay claims to last ‘up to 24 hours’ but it had always found its way off my face in less than 8, so I expected Double Wear to do the same.  Again, I was wrong, this stuff doesn’t budge, I have slept in it more than once and woken up with it all still intact (pls don’t judge me, I know it’s wrong but with new year & many essay deadlines I’ve had a few all nighters).

Lastly, the choice of shades is INSANE. There are around 30 to choose from, and the shade ‘1N2 ECRU’ is one of the best matches I’ve ever had!


I think it’s safe to say I’m definitely a cheerleader of Double Wear, although it’s staying power does make it a little more difficult to remove. I’m now having to include at least 2 cleanses in my basic routine just to ensure I’ve removed it. Aside from that, there isn’t really anything else I can knock. I don’t find it to be ‘heavy’ at all, and the coverage, advertised as medium & buildable is far fuller than many I’ve tried labelled ‘full coverage’.

Quite simply, it’s fab! Let me know what you thought if you’ve tried it & pleasssse let me know if you think there’s another foundation I need to try! I’m thinking maybe Too Faced ‘Born This Way’?

Tara xo