January in review tara daniella

This last month’s been a bit of a funny one, and definitely a tale of two halves.

I spent the first half of the month back ‘at home’ with my family in a pure state of Christmas hangover. (Side note; currently both London and my family home are home to me, but I will most likely always be talking about Yorkshire when I say home and I will probably call London, London, if you couldn’t care less just skip this bit!). You probably know by now that I’m not one for a New Years Resolution and so there was no ‘New Year, New Me’ but instead a ‘let’s put off reality for as long as possible and pretend it’s still Christmas’ which included my staying up North, away from my ‘adult’ responsibilities back in London.

To be honest, there wasn’t really anything wrong with that and I will most likely do it again. I don’t feel like I get to spend enough time with my family with living so far away! I love spending time with my family and I like to spend as much time as possible with my niece and nephews when I can because they are growing up so fast & I hate it when I get home after a term away and they don’t recognise me, and my sister had a baby boy on NYE so obviously I was going to stick around to see them!

January in review tara daniella

As much as I loved the time I spent away from London, I was desperate to get back. Being on holiday mode meant I didn’t get the kick start to the year I had hoped for. I had three essays due in the first week of the month, which I wrote frantically once everyone else had gone to bed so that I could get them done and not miss out on any activities during the day. As soon as I returned it was straight back into uni & I didn’t have time to focus on much else!

However, as the month wore on, and I managed to screw my head back on properly, I feel like I’ve really made a break through when it comes to thinking about the future and what I want career wise! I always felt silly telling people what I thought I might want to do. I say thought because I’ve had no real experience & I’ve always said that I won’t know until I try it. Now I’ve learnt that if I can’t be confident in it, I can’t expect others to have confidence in my ability to fulfil such roles. So here I am, last week I wrote my first ever cover letter and started applying for internships that really spark my interest and I’m truly excited for what may be in store (fingers crossed, they’re so competitive I might not actually get a place on one!)

I have also found myself slightly addicted to Celebrity Big Brother, and I don’t seem to be the only one. I have NEVER watched it before, always thinking it was the at the lowest ebb of reality TV. I didn’t start from the beginning, and I’m not normally one to join things half way through but all the drama got too much & now I look forward to it every night!

January in review tara daniella

As for the blog, I feel like I have now found my feet, more or less. After almost three months, I have a schedule that I can manage and I’ve got the confidence to share my opinion on beauty items and clothing! This is something I’ve always struggled with as I have a private love of fashion and beauty but, as I don’t have the best skin and I am far from the skinniest person around, I have always been a little embarrassed to share my thoughts.

Through getting to know other bloggers I’ve realised that it’s not necessarily about being an expert. Most people who read what I write will not have perfect skin or the perfect figure either (if you do, please tell me your secrets!).

How was your January?

Tara xo

January in review tara daniella


  • Georgia

    Lovely post, can completely relate to applying for competitive internships and attempting cover letters! I agree that you can never spend enough time with family as well 🙂 xx