Seeing Stripes

Seeing Stripes

Seeing stripes, striped clothing tara daniella

I cannot believe it is already February! Where is the time going, I know they say that as you get older the years past faster and faster but as this rate they will be going by in the click of a finger by the time I’m 40! (On another note, I took a Buzzfeed quiz this am, along the lines of ‘Can we guess your age from the way you answer these “would you rather” questions in pictures?’ & I got aged 40- safe to say I am not happy about that!)

Anyway, welcome to my wardrobe…seeing stripes, my wardrobe, tara daniella

Notice anything? Monochrome dominance aside, I own a lot of striped garments- I’m even sat here wearing a striped jumper as I write this!

Seeing stripes, striped clothing tara daniella

Clockwise from top left: Brandy Melville // Warehouse // M&S (similar)

Throughout the majority of my early teens, I never dared touch a horizontally striped top after once reading they were unflattering. I was already self-conscious enough without making myself look even wider! I’m not sure where I read it but It was perhaps one of the most misguided pieces of information I feel I’ve ever read! STRIPES SUIT EVERYONE!

So it may be the case that width of the stripes have different effects on the body, I definitely prefer the look of slimmer/thinner stripes, but I can’t say that thicker stripes are unflattering with any conviction. I’m still the proud owner of many different widths! So long as the top fits well you will always look fab! (hello, can we all just remember THAT Topshop dress, worn by January Jones, Queen B, Sophie Turner, Margot Robbie, Alex Jones and ME to name a few- proving that stripes can be universally flattering!)

No matter what colour, a striped tee always looks chic! Obviously black, white and navy are my go to, but I think that says more about my wardrobe than the stripy tops themselves.Seeing stripes, striped clothing tara daniella

For me, a striped top is just as essential as an LBD, if not more, they go with everything and can be so easily dressed up or down!

Add a blazer and a pencil skirt and wear to a meeting, pair with ripped jeans and converse for a laid back weekend vibe.

Want to wear clashing prints but a little bit scared? Add a stripy shirt!

You can almost pass a stripe off as a neutral, there really isn’t much (anything?) that a stripe does not work with! The much heralded pinafore dress of late is almost always worn over a stripy tee, as it a classic leather skirt. AND it is trans-seasonal, the Breton stripe has been around forever & I’m not surprised. I would say a striped top is an investment piece but you can pick them up for next to nothing so there is no need to invest!

In my opinion you just can’t go wrong!

What’re your wardrobe staples?

Tara xo