Mask of Magnaminty

Mask of Magnaminty

Ever since Christmas I have been fighting a losing battle with my skin. One minute I’ve got crazy cyst style breakouts, the next it’s so dry that my skin is flaking away, often I am suffering both at the same time and my usually soft smooth skin is covered in tiny bumps and is SO puffy. I’ve even been suffering with dry skin under my eyebrows (WTF?!). The worst part though, is that my whole face has felt painful to touch, as if it’s one large bruise or something.

I started a new skincare regime at the beginning of December and was a little worried that may be the culprit but abandoned it for the first 10 days of this month and nothing improved! Maybe it’s the weather or an allergy or the unhealthy food which has been consumed, or maybe even the difference in water between here and London. I don’t know. I do know however, that I need to sort it out so I’ve been searching for something to make some kind of progress!

I have never been much of a face mask fan, purely because I find I always end up making such a mess. I always manage to get product in my hair and on my clothes so find it’s only really practical for me to do them before bed- once I’ve taken my make-up off, and by then I’m generally far too tired.

Anyway, on my quest I decided to buy Lush’s ‘Mask of Magnaminty’. I was initially looking for a moisturising face mask but there were too many to choose from and I had woken up with yet MORE spots (they aren’t just spots, they are a whole other entity!!) so after reading good things about Magnaminty I decided to just buy it and deal with moisturising later.

mask of magnaminty

At first, I didn’t really understand the fuss, it was cooling but that was about it. When I took it off my skin was slightly red but this is pretty normal (I have recently learnt it is VERY sensitive). One review I read said that it shrinks spots by the morning and I woke up disappointed. However, by the time 24 hours had passed I really could see and feel a difference, the spots had definitely shrunk (they’re on there way out!) and my skin felt a lot more balanced, the dry patches remain but aren’t flaky and my skin feels a lot less oily in the T-zone.

mask of magnaminty

In the spirit of the New Year, I am going to try my hardest to use this mask at least once a week. I really think it’ll help keep breakouts to a minimum and make my combination skin a lot less polarised. The fact this mask is available in a self-preserving formula is even better as it lasts around 4/5 months so if I don’t manage to use it regularly it’ll be gone in that time anyway!

mask of magnaminty

I’m still on the lookout for skin saviours for allllll my issues, so let me know if you have any suggestions!

Tara xo

  • That’s so good that it’s self preserving. My skin seems similar to yours, really dry under the eyebrows and oily in the T-zone and normal everywhere else. I’ve never tried any Lush products but since it’s my birthday next month I might just do a little shopping.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    • Until the last couple of weeks I didn’t ever even think about the skin under my eyebrows! This was the first non-bath product I’ve tried and I’ve been very impressed. It is definitely worth buying!

  • I adore this mask, it’s saving my skin right now from the same problems as you. Paired with Ultrabland, also by Lush, my skin is definitely seeing better days!

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

    • Ooo I will have to go and check Ultrabland out then! Thanks for the reccomendation

  • I am glad the mask is working for you! I have yet to try any lush products, but I have heard great thing about their products! Will make a note to go order some products, lol!


    • I definitely recommend it if you’re thinking of buying some Lush products!


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