Initial Reaction

Initial Reaction

Initial, get it? (bu dum…)

I don’t know where it’s come from, but I noticed quite a while ago that I seem to have a thing for Initials. I wish I could show you my entire collection (yes, it is big enough to be called that!) but it’s spread across my family home and my place in London so that’s not meant to be. However, I did pick up a couple of new things this week (^as you may have noticed) as I was passing the ‘new’ Oliver Bonas in York (it isn’t that new but wasn’t there last time I was home so I am allowing myself to call it so seen as it was new to me!)

I was so pleasantly surprised by the shop, it’s soooo much bigger and better than I expected, and than the stores in London! It is on Stonegate, which if you know York you would have probably expected, and is a treasure trove of many different rooms filled with the typical OB goodies and so many other things I hadn’t seen before (hello, baby clothes!).


Ok so now let’s get onto my purchases,

  1. Card Holder; this is actually my second of these as my first one got very shabby so, in the Christmas spirit (who am I kidding?!) I thought I’d treat myself to another
  2. Copper Letter; I have coveted one of these for many months but could never get my hands on a letter T! I ended up settling for wooden letters and vicariously bought my flatmate one for her birthday (I knew she would love it too!) so when I saw one in the store I had to grab it! Quick note, the lovely shop assistant told me they were actually discontinuing the copper initials in favour of gold ones so if you want your own you better act fast, there aren’t many left online but I’m pretty sure they’ll al be out on the shelves.
  3. Large Alphabet Wash Bag; An impulse buy that I’ll never regret! It has a wire frame at the top, which is so handy when packing, and also means it keeps its shape. They also do a slightly smaller cosmetics bag if that’s more up your street!

Just in case you haven’t seen enough; I thought I’d include links to some similar items!

BabygrowPassport holderGold Letter / Make-up bag / Pencil case

Who knows, by the time you read this I may have bought the rest!

Tara xo