Sunday Brunch: Pimlico Fresh

Sunday Brunch: Pimlico Fresh

First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know I’ve been M.I.A for the last week or so but with so many deadlines something had to give (much to my dismay!)

Anyway, I’m BACK and ready to take on 2016!

By now you should all know how much I LOVE eggs (& brunch in general who am I kidding?!) and this place has them every which way, their menu is seriously extra special, penned across the back wall you will definitely be torn over what to order, especially as the counter is also filled with delicious looking salad-y bites!

Just a stones throw away from Victoria station, I find myself at popping into Pimlico Fresh more often than I’d like to admit (think I may be addicted to their juices.. It could be worse!)


Despite being slap bang in the middle of London, once you’re inside it feels like you could be in the middle of a quaint town, even when sat looking out of the window!

Obviously I dragged a friend along with me, totally not comfortable taking pictures of places when I’m by myself, and we were both extremely impressed (knew I would be, I always get serious food envy when I pass by).

I ordered ‘Green eggs and bacon’ (or if you’re Sam I Am that’ll be green eggs and ham!) which consisted of sourdough toast, smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, 2 eggs, bacon AND their homemade pesto- IT WAS AMAZING (and the portion was ma-hoo-sive)


Can you even resist that?! if you look carefully you can just see the bacon peeking out from under the eggs on the left hand side.


Here’s where I run into a problem, I cant remember the name of the dish my friend ordered! I think it may have either been ‘Spanish eggs’ but I could be so wrong, either way it also looked fabulous


The ‘Spanish eggs’ (or whatever it was actually called!) was made up of scrambled eggs, chorizo, feta, spinach and another slice of sourdough toast, I didn’t manage to steal a bite as I was so preoccupied with my own feast but she assured me it was amazing!


Ok I am getting verrry hungry now! I’m not entirely sure the photographs do these any justice, we were sat right below a heat lamp, which cast an unsightly orange glow and I can only apologise for that!

If I haven’t yet persuaded you, whilst we were eating two men passing by stopped in their tracks, came in and ordered the exact same as us!

I even managed to clean my plate, it may have taken me ages but I was not going to be giving up, that’s how good it was!


It only cost me £9.25 and I was full for the rest of the day!


I also picked up a slice of cake (greedy much?) but sadly its looks were deceiving and I would not recommend it! I’m not one to turn my nose up but I couldn’t even grin and bear it, it had to go in the bin!

What’re your favourite brunch spots? I’m forever looking for somewhere new to try!

Tara xo