Holiday Bark

Holiday Bark



If your house is anything like mine right now, you will be drowning in chocolate, biscuits and various other sweet treats! With the New Year fast approaching (& new years resolutions kicking in) you probably want to get rid of most of them!

I always find that after Boxing Day, visitors are a lot less willing to indulge in standard biscuits and chocolate’s, but who can resist a homemade treat?! (Not me- or any of my siblings- so I’m taking that as a good enough sample!)

I made a couple of different versions but the principle is the same, gather all the chocolate you can find- raid the selection boxes, tree chocolates and all the plain choc Quality Streets/Roses/Hero’s/Celebrations (no favouritism here!) as well as any other snacks (I used candy canes, dried cranberries, shortbread and cashew nuts) and then we can begin!





1- Put each of the toppings (e.g. candy canes, dried cranberries etc.) into a separate food bag and break into pieces by hitting with a rolling pin, then set aside

2- Place whatever chocolate you have found in a heatproof bowl, broken into smaller pieces if necessary, and then melt slowly over a bain-marie (place the bowl over a pan of simmering water)

3- Line a baking tray with parchment, then pour the melted chocolate onto the sheet and spread around with a spatula (nothing fancy, not too thin so it’s transparent and as thick as you wish!)

4- Sprinkle over your toppings! If you think they may be a bit lose, press down lightly to make sure there is as much contact with the chocolate.

5- Refrigerate for at least an hour or until the chocolate is completely solid again and then use a sharp knife to cut into irregular shards! (Our house is so hot I ended up storing the bark in the fridge as it melted after 10 mins at ‘room temp’- it certainly was NOT room temperature!)





This lasted a matter of hours, and that was whilst it was out of sight in the fridge so I dread to think how quickly it would have gone if I’d been able to leave it on the side! I guess this means that everyone liked it? & I don’t have to eat all the chocolate myself now (like that would be difficult…)

I hope you had a fab Christmas & Happy New Year!

Tara xo