Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas Pyjamas

There’s just something so special about putting on a brand new pair of matching pj’s on Christmas Eve! Also, who doesn’t want to be wearing a cute pyjama set in all those Christmas morning photos? It will definitely look waaaay better than the array of scruffy old t-shirts I usually opt for!

It became a tradition for me (and the rest of my family- matching of course!) years ago and I definitely think you should make it a tradition for you and yours! And to make it even easier I have chosen my favourites for some inspiration!

They can also double up as a great stocking filler to wear on Christmas Day!


1- Next // 2- ASOS // 3- John Lewis


4- Debenhams // 5- H&M // 6- Debenhams


7- Next // 8- H&M // 9- New Look 


10- ASOS

After curating this (that makes it sound a lot harder than it was!) I’ve realised I have yet to get a pair for this year! Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? I can’t believe we are only 3 sleeps away from the big day! The excitement is real- although I think I prefer the build up to the actual day (is that crazy?).

Tara xo