Christmas Lush Haul 2015

Christmas Lush Haul 2015

Ok, so now we are firmly within advent I am going to share my festive favourites! I really try and resist buying things from the Christmas collection as it is almost guaranteed I will be inundated with them come Christmas day but staying away is harder than it sounds, As a compromise I have restricted myself to just 6 that I have been re-buying so that at least some will still be a surprise!



Real Talk, I don’t know about you but I HATE Lush glitter! I want my bath to be a relaxing heaven, not have to worry about coating my bed sheets, pj’s and anything else I come into contact with, with glitter. This was a real problem this winter because all the bath bombs I was immediately drawn too were covered in the pesky stuff- including the magic wand bubble bars that I am so fond of (cry cry)


DASHING SANTA- apparently named so because his feet dissolve first but I have yet to see proof of that? It’s pretty unassuming as it is but once in the bath it turns the water a bright red colour that was so Christmassy! The smell was fab too- citrusy and uplifting, probably not a bed time bath treat.


STAR DUST- (and dusty it was). This was new this year so I had to try it! I LOVED the smell of this- vanilla is my go to! The surprising centre was great too- I expected this to be more butter ball-esque due to its boring appearance but was I wrong- definitely one to stock up on to last me through to next Christmas.



GOLDEN WONDER- It would seem I’m a stickler for hidden surprises. Despite my distaste of glitter the light shimmer of this is do-able and I reach for it year on year as a real treat! Plus the size makes it excellent value, if you’re not as lazy as me this could definitely fill a few baths if you broke it up.


FATHER CHRISTMAS- To be honest I think I buy this purely because of its festive appearance, and again the surprising centre! (Although I guess none of them are that surprising because I know exactly what’s to come..?) I’m not a major fan of the snow fairy scent but if you are you’ll love this!


BUTTERBEAR- Ok so I feel like I have to put a disclaimer right about here, butterball is my all time favourite bath bomb ever- I like to leave the bath feeling moisturised and CLEAN (something that isn’t possible with many lush bath bombs as they often stain my skin). Naturally then, butterbear is a real hit with me and I actually bulk buy them as they are way cuter than butterball. They’re not the most exciting bath bomb (understatement there) but their benefits are just top notch and you can always throw half of one in with something else if you crave excitement.



YOG NOG- Another newbie this year- I was initially on the fence, the first time I sniffed it I hated it, then I loved it, and both again until I finally just bit the bullet and bought it. I think my indecision was due to the strength of the smell maybe because now it’s a firm favourite. It smells a lot like Laura Mercier Ambre VanillĂ© I think (correct me if I’m wrong) and again is laced with a surprise that my inner child loved!


There you have it, my capsule Christmas collection! Let me know which Lush products you’re loving at the minute and if there’s any I’m really missing out on!

Tara xo