Christmas Decorations on a Budget

Christmas Decorations on a Budget

I feel that by this time of the month even the biggest BAH! Humbug should have put some thought into decorating their home for Christmas!

As I will most certainly be going home sometime very soon, I didn’t want to go crazy on spending and decorating the London flat, but I definitely couldn’t not decorate (Christmas is my thing) so I have scrimped and saved and managed to make my home look fabulous, and here are my top tips & favourite DIYs;


1- Ask around! Older friends and relatives almost always have a surplus of Christmas decorations and I’m sure they’d rather share them then leave them packed away! My mum kindly donated a Christmas tree and a few bundles of lights.

2- Shop around or play the waiting game! I know it’s tempting to grab any Christmas decs you like as soon as you see them but loads of shops have the same, or very similar, decorations at different prices whilst most shops slash their prices come December

3- Visit shop’s you know will be cheap so you aren’t tempted! I snagged a fab advent candle for maybe £2 from Tiger and last year I picked up plenty from the poundshop, where else would you get stocking’s for £1?!- you just have to be careful to pick things that look more expensive than they are- they have a great selection of hanging paper decorations too!

4- Look for free printable artwork and replace photographs for the festive season- you can find loads on pinterest & google or check out this list of 101 free festive printables

5- Scavenge- Ok so this is a little bit more difficult in the city but it is still do-able! Go armed with a bag for life and pick up anything from pinecones to holly & berries and places them around you’re picture frames & in vases



1- Ok so this one isn’t really that crafty- but this year my Christmas tree has been decorated in ribbon bows and star shaped gift tags after a very unsuccessful mad dash around London on a Sunday evening and I’m actually quite in love with it.


2- Use cookie cutters as ornaments! This is obviously perfect for me with my love of baking and an excuse to buy some more festive shapes (WIN WIN). Just tie some pretty yarn or thread around the cutter and hang it on the tree- it really is that simple!

3- Make your own wreath- If you managed to scavenge a good supply of holly that’ll be perfect! You can also pop down to your local garden centre/ Christmas tree salesman and ask for any offcuts of Christmas trees- they’ll usually give you them for free and they’re perfect for wreaths and mantle decorations. If greenery isn’t your thing then you could make one out of parcel bows (tutorial here).

4- Make your own bunting/ paper chains; You could make the bunting with coloured/ Christmassy card and cut out ‘Merry Christmas’ or just simple triangles. You could also get some festive fabric offcuts from your local haberdashers. Paper chains must be the epitome of super easy with card and a stapler you’ll be done in no time! You can even pick up a paper chain kit from most supermarkets.

5- EDIBLE DECORATIONS; think sugar cookie baubles, bow pasta garlands- really the possibilities are endless and you get to bake! You could even make your own snow scene in a mason jar using gingerbread biscuits (or plastic figurines if baking ain’t your thing).

If you’re looking for more DIY ideas check out this Buzzfeed article


This has been a very long post! I hope you’ve got some inspiration if you haven’t finished your Christmas dec’s yet & DIYs/Baking just feel so festive in themselves. Crank up the tunes, get some mulled wine on and get decorating!

Tara xo