Chapped Lip Saviours

Chapped Lip Saviours

Despite the weather being pretty mild in London this week, my lips are 100% feeling the effects of winter! I don’t know about you but chapped lips is one of those things that just makes me feel really grotty- plus I have a bad habit of picking/biting at any flaky areas (TMI?) and it’s a recipe for disaster!  To try and put an end to this, I’ve rounded up my fail safe chapped lip saviours to share with you all.


Blistex MedPlus; this is my holy grail of all lip products EVER. It works wonders and, unlike Vaseline, it doesn’t leave your lips with a greasy film over them (you know that feeling like all the air is sticking to your lips and not making it into your mouth/lungs? No? Just me?- well it doesn’t do that). At £2.30  a pop you can’t beat it, I have one in every room of my house, in my car and likely in every handbag!

Eve Lom Kiss Mix; at £16 its definitely more of a splurge than the Blistex but I love it’s minty taste/smell and it leaves a lovely shiny gloss like finish

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Lip Repair; This also comes in a stick which I think I prefer for it’s ease of application but the formula is the same and its a lovely treat when you’re lips are feeling particularly under the weather

Mint Julips; I’m pretty sure there isn’t one person out there who doesn’t love the Lush lip scrubs (feel free to prove me wrong if you can!). I use this a couple of times a week or whenever my lips are particularly flaky- especially If I’m going for a statement lipstick

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream; a make-up bag essential. It has so many uses and I love lathering it over my lips on a night to as a kind of moisturising mask. You can often get this and the lip balm in a set for a bargain so keep your eyes peeled- especially over Christmas!

MAC Prep + Prime Lip; I feel like lip primer is often forgotten by many but it is essential to prevent matte lipsticks from drying out your lips & also to smooth them over before lipstick. Once you’ve tried it you will wonder how you’ve ever coped without it! Plus it makes your lipstick last longer so win win really!

BONUS TIP; DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! I’m a nightmare for this and sometimes get into bed only to realise I haven’t had a drink all day so no wonder my skin suffers!

What’re your favourite lip saviours? I would definitely be lost without at least one lip balm on me at all times!

Tara xo