Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Last week one of my sisters came to visit and on a very wet morning we managed to snag ourselves some last minute tickets to the Sky Garden. (Whoop whoop!)

This is somewhere I’ve been meaning to go to ever since I moved to London, 18 months later it finally happened! With their advance booking system, which releases dates up to three weeks in Advance every Monday, I have always found the dates I wanted to visit sold out way before I even realised I wanted to go! Alas, I finally took advantage of their early morning on the door tickets and was duly awarded (I definitely recommend trying this if you don’t manage to get tickets for the day you want- but you need to be quite flexible with timing as they could be for any time during the day!)






Did I say it was a very rainy day yet? Sadly, I think that may have dampened (get it?) our experience somewhat as I was instantly disappointed!

Everyone I know who has visited before has always come back singing it’s praises, but I didn’t get that! The ‘landscaped gardens’ really didn’t feel that special whilst the fog and rain meant the outdoor terrace was closed and the views indoor were lacking- ungrateful of me I know.




We finally found one dry spot for a good photo of Tower Bridge!

We finally found one dry spot for a good photo of Tower Bridge!

I know I probably got unlucky with my visit, and I will definitely be giving the Sky Gardens another chance! I really want to love them. I’m thinking of maybe going one evening- being able to see all the lights (christmas lights!!) would be fab!

Let me know if you’ve been and what you thought! Is it worth going at night or should I wait until summer to go again?

If you want to find out more, visit there wesbite.

Tara xo

  • i’ve never heard of this but it looks lovely! unfortunately i just left london but i’ll definitely keep it in mind for next time 🙂

    • Its definitely worth a trip- especially as it’s free!

  • Wow! Really beautiful ♥

  • Ah I’ve been meaning to check out the Sky Gardens! Thanks for reminding me, your photos are lovely.
    – Emily from

    • I hope you get luckier with the weather than I did! I will definitely be going again come summertime

  • Sarah Pratley

    I went and loved it, but it sounds like you had a pretty horrible day so the views probably weren’t as good… They also do yoga classes in the morning, seeing the sun rise is amazing! x

    • Yeah I’ll definitely go again, everything deserves a second chance!